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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Recap Show | The Queen’s Justice

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Game of Thrones ‘The Queen’s Justice’ Recap LIVE on Sunday, July 23, 2017


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The “Snow-It-Alls” Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) are back to break down everything from episode 3 of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, “The Queen’s Justice”.

The guys discuss the events of the episode, speculate about potential ramifications for the future and take your questions LIVE.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. See you next week for episode 4, “The Spoils of War” next Sunday night.

  • Jonathan Krause


  • Johnny

    Bran Stark is so full of tact!

    • Natrone Beans

      I guess theon wasn’t the only voyeur that night

  • Phillip Marshall

    I miss the chat room for this… Great show though…

  • Jonathan Krause

    Is bran just going to be high all the time now?

    • RUSH MAN

      He reminded me of a neckbeard trying to pick up a girl at a bar by telling her he’s been to mystical places and can see the future.

      • Johnny

        He sounded like Howard Wolowitz from the first seasons of The Big Bang Theory. Creepy as hell.

  • Andrew Sk

    Tyrion is not the war commander his record suggests he is. No, wait a minute, he got knocked out at the battle with the Vale tribesmen and got smacked in the face at Blackwater. yikes, bud.

    • John Johnson

      Jorah is and may help in many ways as soon as he gets back to Dragonstone.

  • Steve Klemetti

    Cersei will pay back Iron Bank with Tyrell money and she was expecting that.

  • Andrew Sk

    All the queens were visited (even Yara). Ellaria, Sansa, Olenna, Dany, Cersei, Yara. Who got justice though?

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      Cercei. Justice for Myrcella.


    Facebook is terrible go back to YouTube please :[ I have to wait for this to end in order to watch it because I dont have FB..

    • Jesus

      I completely agree! I wanted to comment this after the premiere but thought that it wouldn’t be received well. I wish he would go back to YouTube because everyone can access it easily and it’s easier to use. Facebook live sucks for the live feed updates too! However, I’m sure Rob has a reason for switching to Facebook live (hopefully) so if it works best for him then I don’t mind as much because I guess I’ll survive haha.

    • Talkin Hockey

      I like Google Hangouts as if I am 5 min late, I can just skip to the start. With FB I have to wait till the end, or miss the first 5 min. Also for FB and the live feed updates, the tech issues seem higher. They need to fix a few things before its a platform I’d prefer. The questions is nice, but not enough to outweigh the negatives. BTW great recap tonight guys.

  • Evenstar C

    Daenerys is just going to send the dragons now to burn the Lanister army

  • NatalieKuchik

    Melisandre gave the premonition her and The Spider will die in Westeros. Melisandre most likely by Arya, but how does Varys lose his life?

  • Sarah Eitel

    Fight crazy with dragon fire!

  • Sarah Eitel

    Those molding books/scrolls have to have important info, right?

    • Jesus

      That was my first thought. “You were expecting a reward?” Sam is probably being rewarded with the information he came for.

      • TrentC

        I thought the same. The Arch Maester is giving him something more than just a copy/paste exercise. He sees Sam’s talent for gleaning and collecting useful info.

  • HomerBrannon1

    I don’t think Tyrion is a wartime consigliere.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      There are insufficient like buttons to indicate how much this made me laugh.

      • HomerBrannon1

        Thank you 😀

        • Brendan Fitzpatrick

          It’s a Andalian message. Olenna Tyrell sleeps with the Fishes. hehehe.

  • Erik Slaby

    There were quite a few mentions of Jon not being a Stark. Thoughts on that and how do you think everyone will react once they find out who his parents are?

  • SaraMadridista

    So we are going to build up Cersei so we can see Dane win more epic?
    I mean so far Cersei have been one step ahead, I mean a spy should be there, no way, a spy isnt.
    it is Tyrion episode, finally we are back to seeing smart, snarky Tyrion.
    LADY OLENNA deserved better, despite fact she had to serve that last bit of tea before dying, but she really deserved better.

    I think queen justice is Cersei, I mean who else get justice but her for her kid dying, idk.
    Bran, what a …., I mean out of all memories, he chose to remind Sansa of that, plus: was little finger high on something when he spoke to Sansa? I didnt understand this scene.
    Also, my opinion might be unpopular, but I am not digging Euron as villian, Ramsay and Joffery were special, he isnt filing their shoe. I mean you can get the back story of Ramsay being a bastard, that Joffery is kid with issues, but Euron is just too much even for game of thrones.

  • Yark Narf

    Great podcast as always.
    – Disagreed with criticisms of the Jon/Dany scene. I thought it was excellent and realistic. How can Dany claim the throne if nobody will bend the knee? Why would Jon become King of the North only to then immediately capitulate? Happy agreement between the two would make no sense when circumstances put them at odds.
    – Disagreed with criticisms of the Tyrion voice-over battle. I thought it offered a nice view into how Tyrion’s “perfect” plan was supposed to happen -vs- how it actually did happen. Besides, if Casterly Rock is besieged there will be another battle at it’s walls very soon. If there is to be two Casterly Rock battles, they both need to unique. This was unique and allows for a more standard battle scene w/o being repetitious.
    – Looks like Jorah is A-Ok now. We should expect everything will be more the usual TV tropes, and standard plot solutions. I figure that means he will die saving Dany and have some husky and heroic final words. I figure that means Theon will go to rescue Yara, and other stuff will be more obvious. I wish that wasn’t the case but D&D clearly use “on the nose” plot devices more than GRRM. After all, they had Mellisandre describe Jon and Dany as “Ice and Fire” this week – So on the nose! – it’s like those writers that actually say the movie title in the dialog 🙂
    – Best episode of season 7 so far IMHO despite that some of the scenes frustrated by purposefully not giving the viewer what they want (yet) with regard to Dany/Jon, epic Unsullied battles, etc.

    (Don’t like FB and I’m reluctant to watch live there, but still do)

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Oh I totally agree with you that the Jon/Dany scene was a great scene that did a fantastic job of both revealing the two characters and showing their mutual distrust. Their agreement at the end of the episode is clearly a great first step towards a functional relationship. The pacing was perfect! I was just saying that the fanboy in me is so eager for JON & DANY ON DRAGONS!!! that it’s hard to watch. Of course, drawing out that anticipation is part of why the drama works so well!

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    A few Bran thoughts. 1. He definitely wants to talk to Jon about his Mother, and that’s why he asks. 2. He totally knows, if he knows Everything, that Littlefinger tried to have him killed in S1 and blame it on Tyrion. that’s not gonna go well. 3. I see Bran’s superpower almost like a parallel or mirror of how Superman hears all voices of people calling for help, in his head, all the time, at once. That’s how time, and space and events are in his head, when he’s in the Weirwood-TreeterNet. He’s overcome with noise and voice and feelings of all things and time and places thorughout history. It’s gotta be incredibly overwhelming for him, and makes sense why he’s so Emotionless. He Has to be, otherwise he’d go insane.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      i forgot, Joffrey sent the assassain after Bran, not LF, but LF used it to his advantage to try to pin the blame on Tyrion, saying he lost that dagger to Tyrion in a bet. Still, shady af.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Kept waiting for, and have been hammering the theory that Sam would give Jorah his Family’s Greatsword when he left. I gotta admit, i was pretty sad last night, when it didn’t happen. I really thought i was right about that one.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Maybe Jorah will run back like “oops I forgot something anybody got a great sword?”

    • J-me not Hi-me

      They said they hoped to meet again. Fingers crossed. 🙂 SOMEONE who knows how to wield a sword needs to use Heartsbane against the White Walkers.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    How much will the reveal that it was Lady Olenna who killed Joffrey really matter? I don’t think Jaime ever believed that Tyrion was responsible, and like y’all pointed out the fact that he killed Tywin and joined up with Dany would make him the enemy anyway. The only thing I can maybe (hopefully) forsee coming out is that Jaime realizes how many bad things that have happened are entirely Cersei’s fault. If she doesn’t insist that Tyrion is guilty and arrange to have him framed, Oberyn doesn’t die, which means Myrcella doesn’t die. And, if you go back further, if Cersei doesn’t arrange for Robert to die, all three of her children are likely still alive. Maybe Jaime, like Dany, will realize that Lady Olenna is always right.

    Or maybe there just wanted to let her go ontop as a baddass. I greatly appreciate that we didn’t have to watch her die.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      Cercei wont care, in my opinion. As Stephen and Rob said last night, he still killed Tywin, so it ultimately doesn’t matter wether or not he killed Joff. Jaime for sure will think differently about it though.

    • TrentC

      I think the Lady Olenna admission did help Jaime with absolute confirmation that Tyrion had nothing to do with it.

      My prediction is that Jaime will slowly come to realize how depraved Cersei is and he may do something positive and unexpected that goes against the evil that Cersei is (and will become). Last episode heroic dying in the process sort of action..

  • Thomas Forsey

    If Qyburn’s crossbows work, was it a missed opportunity not to cast Coach in his role?

    • TrentC

      Who has operated a gigantic dragon-killing crossbow???

      Coach – I have.

  • TrentC

    Loved this episode and of course the commentary from Lord Commander Cesternino and Ser Stephen of House Pancake.

    A few thoughts. How come Melisandre doesn’t tell everyone she brought Jon back to life? Wouldn’t that be a positive feather in her cap?

    Regarding the comments remembered from years ago, I’m currently rewatching the series and rereading the books. There are at least two instances in the past when someone refers to Sansa and implies she will become a lot more than the nice girl she appears. Sansa confirms that making a comment about spending time with Cersei and learning. Big heel turn coming or just no-nonsense Sansa leading an army?

    Bran is the next lord of Winterfell by birthright and he’s going to give up the position as he has Raven-things to do? Like most people, I don’t understand his creepy choice of memories when reuniting with Sansa.

    Enjoyed Littlefinger’s quantum mechanics advice. He’s helped a lot people die since day one. I expect we’ll see an even darker version if Sansa rebukes or betrays him, which is likely.

    I believe Jaime used the poison on Lady Olenna because his internal code wouldn’t let him cut or stab a woman. I think we’ll see a kinder and more just side of Jaime, before his role is over in this series.

    Voice over explanation of the battle was fine and it figures into this comment. Not a complaint, but did anyone else feel like they were giving us too much in this episode? lol! We’re used to them parsing out character movements at a snail’s pace. Last night felt like three movies combined into one in terms of how much happened.

    Is Arya heading north or south and can Bran see her?

    • Asher Forrester

      The seed has been planted by Lady Olenna; Queen of Thorns! Do not underestimate it, cos remember what’s most dangerous about a beautiful rose? Its thorns!! >_< Yikes! I wonder what will happen when the seed slowly sprouts into a stunning yet destructive rose?!? xD

      I'm devastated we lost the Queen of Thorns….but if there was any way for her to go out – that final scene was as EPIC as it gets!! The Lannisters especially Cersei was not gonna get rid of her that easily!

      I also don't think Bran is the Bran we knew and loved anymore! He's in there somewhere, but a much stronger power and force that is the Three Eyed Raven have for certain taken over! I think that's also what made that reunion scene with Sansa especially devastating to watch! T^T All the Stark kids have changed so drastically that not all the reunions are going to be what we all want them to be! I also think he chose that particular horrid memory to tell Sansa in order to prove to her that he's not lying or crazy!! With that said though – Bran is still extremely creepy to the point where he seems completely out of touch with not only reality but his emotions too!! LOL

      Also, now that Bran knows absolutely everything – does that means he knows that Littlefinger was the one that started this entire chain of events which lead to their whole family's destruction?? If so…will he tell Sansa….and will Sansa be the one to take down Littlefinger? Boy….I can't wait to see how all this unfolds….and I can't believe there is only 4 episodes left!! O_o

      • TrentC

        Yes 34 year old Bran has certainly changed. We have to think that his sight is selective, even being the Three eyed Raven. If he can see every event both past and future, there’s no way he’d be sane.

        You bring up a good point about Littlefinger. If/when people find out his role in past murders, they will string him up for sure.

        I’m in the middle of something cool with rewatching the series and re-reading the books. Each time the current episode has referred to something from the past, I’ve been fortunate enough to just see it or read about it. Example – The first time Arya, Gendry and Hot Pie stop at an Inn, Arya says – I don’t drink ale. Fast forward to current times and she’s sitting at the same Inn, slamming down cups of ale.

        Speaking of which, I think it’s about time we see Gendry and Brienne again. And White Walkin Hodor!

    • Agent__Zigzag

      Love that Ser Stephen of House Pancake line. Really funny!

  • Austin

    Jamie tries to be an honorable man when he can. It doesn’t surprise me that he wanted to let Lady Ollena off easy. Jamie would see no honor or justice in torturing and killing her the was Cersei did. Lady Ollena is an old and respected person. I’m guessing not many people would appreciate seeing someone like her suffer.

  • CamPT

    Great podcast once again guys. Love the infectious enthusiasm.

    Cersei getting the upper hand is opening the door for Jon to be the battle commander that Daenerys is missing. Of course Jorah coming back could also fill this void.

  • TrentC

    Going to re-tweet from the episode 2 deep dive comments. Yark Narf was the creator; from Bran to Jon – “Hey Jon. I’m alive. lol. @ castle black. Hows your Aunt Daenerys doin? (oops spoiler). Let’s talk.”

    After I laughed, this made me think. Bran is the only person who knows that Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Even if Lyanna and Rhaegar married in secret, she was betrothed to Robert and he was married to Elia. Jon’s birthright would be muddled at best.

    Best case scenario Bran tells Jon. And then Jon tells Dany that he’s actually next in line to be the true ruler of Westoros by birthright. (sons follow fathers before sisters of kings can ascend). Dany will never step aside based on this flimsy information. There’s simply no proof other than a vision from a strange boy named Bran.

    So then, in terms of who is in command over who, this R+L=J information doesn’t really matter. Yet the TV series made a point of showing us Bran’s flashback to the Tower of Joy where Ned is asked by a dying Lyanna to keep the secret of Jon’s true lineage.

    Brings me to a point…if the R+L=J information means nothing relating to who the true heir to the Iron Throne is, does it actually pertain to something else? As in…Jon has Targaryen blood, therefore mystical Targaryen powers? Is he more fire than ice?

  • TrentC

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the Stark children were all in one room and gave honest updates of their lives?

    Jon – I became Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and died once.
    Bran – I became the Three eyed Raven and can see the future.
    Arya – I can change my appearance better than any mummer. And oh yeah, I became an excellent assassin too.
    Sansa – I have hidden leadership abilities, and despise all highborn men that would take me into their beds.

    Ned and Cat would be proud.

  • SaraMadridista

    There is something about this season that am not particularly fan off, maybe the pace, maybe the dialogue, maybe am not actually rooting for Dane as I thought I would.
    I hope am not only one feeling this way. Lol

  • Agent__Zigzag

    Rob love the Snow it All’s line. Really funny! Fell behind on watching S7 GOT & listening to recap, feedback, deep dive podcasts. Gonna catch up over the summer. And looking forward to hearing whole series rewatch podcast series. Thanks so much for all that you & Nicole do for all of us! I’m incredibly grateful.