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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Finale Recap | The Dragon & The Wolf

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Game of Thrones ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ Recap LIVE on Sunday, August 27, 2017


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Stephen “The Bachfish” Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) are back in action this week to break down everything from the jam-packed 80-minute season 7 finale of HBO’s hit fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, “The Dragon and the Wolf”.

The guys discuss the events of the episode, speculate about potential ramifications for the future and take your questions LIVE.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. Thanks for joining us this season! Keep checking for all our upcoming podcasts covering Game of Thrones and so much more!

  • Stephen Fishbach

    Thanks again to everybody who listened and commented all season long!

    • TrentC

      Big thanks right back at you, Ser Cesternino, and Maester Wigler for the multi-coverage podcasts.

      The Unsullied Masses

    • sooo good !

    • SaraMadridista

      Your podcasts have been more enjoyable than show itself, good job xD

    • XmanIce

      Great season of podcasts! Very fun to listen too (except for the time jump complaining).

    • CamPT

      Thanks for providing the illuminating and entertaining podcasts. You guys killed it with a Valyrian steel dagger.

  • belinda

    …And this is why Sansa wins survivor: heroes vs healers vs hustlers and Littlefinger is undateable.

    • belinda

      But other than that….so, basically all that happened with Tyrion’s plan of calling truce with Cersei is that in order to get a wight they gave the white walkers a dragon to which to destroy the wall with, and they are still facing them with the exact number of allies and armies (but down a dragon), except with a mistaken belief that Cersei’s army will come help.

      I’m sorry, but Tyrion appears to be absolutely dreadful and horrible hand material here.

      • Stephen Fishbach

        Great call. Worst plan ever.

        • belinda

          Tyrion’s been Charlie Browning it all season long.

      • xkrang

        Tyrion was always terrible in that, you didn’t pay attention.

        • belinda

          He did fine as Joffrey’s hand, in spite of Joffrey being a terrible king. Tywin, a character known for his ruthlessness, but also his pragmatism, personally appointed him to be hand after Joffrey haphazardly executed Ned (thus him realizing that Cersei cannot control her kid), knowing that Tyrion will do a better job.

          So no, Tyrion was not always terrible at being hand.

  • Natrone Beans


  • SaraMadridista

    I am not sure at this point, this show is even GOT if not for Cersei.

  • Austin

    So if Jon’s real name is Aegon does that mean Euron will end up killing him? When Sam was in the Citadel one of the maesters said there was a prophesy stating that the drowned god would rise up and destroy Aegon the conqueror. Jon is obviously Aegon and since the drowned god is the god of the iron islands I suppose the most likely candidate would be Euron Greyjoy.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Interesting. It could also be Theon! (Would be especially poignant after that brotherly moment….)

      • Austin

        That’s true i did think about it. I just wonder what would have to go down to get to that point.

  • Officer Christine

    Great season, Rob and Stephen!

    Random thoughts:

    Can Jon ride the ice dragon since technically he died and is a Targaryen?

    Littlefinger deserved more Moon Door. His death was anticlimactic. Arya’s other murders were more spectacular.

    Doesn’t breaking the wall by melting rock and rapidly cooling it produce more dragonglass (obsidian)?

    • XmanIce

      I like your thought about whether Jon can ride the ice dragon! That would be so great!

  • Abel.garcia


    I would like to speculate on who is the night king and I believe it’s Rhaegar Targaryen. There have been some underlying themes that may contribute to my spec. like broken heart of Rhaegar from the death of his wife, the war of the 5 kings based on a lie. I don’t really want to go in depth with that.

    If it’s true we may be in for a surprise like the Night King helping Danny and Jon Snow to beat Cersi. Like motto chanted at the end of season 7 says “the lone wolf dies, while the pack survives.” We see Cersi alienating everyone while Danny and Jon building packs with all the other kingdoms including the Wildings.

    • TrentC

      I believe Rhaegar died during Robert’s Rebellion which was less than 50 years ago from the current time.

      On a flashback, they said the Night King was created from one of the First Men, who lived thousands of years ago. Leaf, one of the Children of the Forest, was there when he was made.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I definitely thought Tyrion lurking outside of Dany’s bedroom was weird and I’m not sure wtf it was about. Here are three theories:

    1) Tyrion is in love with Dany, so his reaction was “Man, that sucks.”

    2) He was concerned about the political implications. There are several things that aren’t great politically about Dany and Jon getting together. a) She could start making decisions based on feelings rather than the best possible political strategy. b) Rulers don’t really get to marry for love. Jon’s already an ally, so she might politically need to marry someone else to create an alliance. c) If things don’t work out does Jon stop being an ally?

    3) Littlefinger’s death means that someone else has to step up as the shadow-lurker, and Tyrion drew the short straw.

    • TrentC

      I was thinking the same thing regarding either 1 or 2 above. He’s either in love with her or feels that the two leaders shouldn’t get into bed with each other.

      Tyrion drew the short straw? 🙂

      • J-me not Hi-me

        Ha! Oh man, no pun intended.

        • TrentC

          Yes if Tyrion heard that comment he may be a little offended and may not get over it..


  • Trish

    Great season of GOT Recaps! Thanks so much. I have a couple of thoughts/observations.

    1. You guys seemed to think Sam dropped the ball by not immediately realizing that Jon must be a Targaryen, and maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think Sam knows who Jon’s mother is, so hearing about a secret marriage of Lyanna Stark and Raegar Targaryan wouldn’t make him think of Jon at all. I’m giving Bran lots of slack because he’s still learning how to be the Three-Eyed Raven.

    2. Here’s how I’m choosing to believe things went down at Winterfell. I don’t think it was a long-con by the girls. The creepy-scary conversation between Sansa and Arya was legit. Then Littlefinger had his talk with Sansa about his “little game” when trying to figure out someone’s motives. Well, Sansa took some time to think, applied his logic to *his* motivations, and figured it out. She and Arya began to talk, and Bran filled in some blanks, finally! I think it was a thing of beauty for Littlefinger to be taken down by 3 of his victims, ones he thought he had wrapped around his finger. I think it is Sansa reaching her full power. Together, she and Arya are a formidable force.

    • XmanIce

      That’s what I believe also. Bran finally made himself useful. I don’t think I needed to see the conversation take place between the 3 of them. It would have taken away from the scene of Little Finger having the tables turned on him.

  • xkrang

    Rob and Stephen, you were wrong, Rhaegar Targaryen was already married! So why would Bran expect that he was married with Lyanna too? That makes no sense guys.

  • xkrang

    Tyrion fell in love with Dany, it’s obvious. He or Varys will betray her.

    • XmanIce

      Tyrion had to know he had zero chance with Dany. Especially after his string of failed plans.

      • J-me not Hi-me

        It’s like Jaime says, “We don’t get to choose who we love.”

  • xkrang

    So if witch says that Dany can’t have children, it could be wrong. So why everybody say that Cersei will be killed by his brother? Because another witch said? That’s inconsistency. If Dany would have child, it will because of GRR Martin, not because D&D.

  • xkrang

    Show’s Littlefinger was more clever and better character than book’s Littlefinger. If you read books, you would be probably disappointed.

  • xkrang

    Brienne was there because she represented North from Winterfell, Sansa didn’t know that Jon would go there.

  • Barbarella

    Great shows, thanks a lot. Makes the actual show live the whole week.

    Question: do you think there will be a time jump in the last season? With Cersei and Dany potentially pregnant … how would they show both/either child as an adult?

    Observation: If they were to conquer Kings Landing before going north, wouldn’t that leave it open to be taken back by some rogue soldiers if not enough defence left behind?

    Also think Littlefinger had to go first, he had no connections outside of Winterfell. Apart from (maybe) Robyn, there was no one who would miss him. Everyone else had connections in other parts of the country.