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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 5 Recap | Eastwatch

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Game of Thrones ‘Eastwatch’ Recap LIVE on Sunday, August 13, 2017


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) is reunited with “The Bachfish” himself, Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) to break down all the action from episode 5 of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, “Eastwatch”.

The guys discuss the events of the episode, speculate about potential ramifications for the future and take your questions LIVE.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. See you next Sunday night for episode 6!

  • Ray Carter

    yeah why doesnt dany just fly over eastwatch to see the army?

    • Dave Czech

      why would she do it? she believes that there is an army but her problem is an army in the south

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        Why risk a Dragon to do it, when you can send Ravens by Bran, which is what they did.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      She said she can’t take her army North when Cersei could attack in the South at any time. And Drogon is half of the army right now. 🙂

    • TrentC

      That’s what I thought too. She has a great scouting method and doesn’t have to engage every land force she sees. Fly around for a couple of hours, GPS map the areas and get on back home.

  • Phillip Marshall

    The heir is first in line of succession. That person’s kids are the next in line before it goes back to brother and sister. John is the legitimate heir but since the family was defeated militarily, the throne has to be taken back that way. As it stands right now, Gendry would be the legitimate king just in terms of succession.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      But since Rhaegar died before becoming king, wouldn’t Aerys’s next child be next in line before it would settle on Rhaegar’s child?

      • TarafromLI

        King Edward III of England’s heir, Edward the Black Prince, died before his father. The Black Prince’s son, Richard, became King Richard II at 10 years of age following his grandfather’s death. If Rhaegar had a legitimate heir prior to his death, his heir (Jon Snow) would inherit the throne before any of Rhaegar’s siblings.

        • Dave Czech

          but Jon wants to be in North, so Daeny would be queen of westeros, she won’t bend the knee because Jon didn’t bend the knee too.

          • Brendan Fitzpatrick

            The Succession issue is why it makes so much sense for them to Bend the Knees to eachother and just get married already.

          • TrentC

            Did you catch that little wistful sigh from Dany when Jon was leaving? She just about blew it…

      • Kolohe

        and to use another real world UK example, if Charles passes away before his mum does, the next in line becomes William (and then after that, William&Kate’s two kids), not any of Charles’ brothers.

  • Andrew Sk

    Do we know if Rob and Stephen read the Disqus/ comments live, or if they only read facebook now?

  • yukonr

    where are the rest of the Brotherhood? how is it only the three of them?

    • Dave Czech

      they are in Eastwatch

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Right? Maybe they got lost along the way?

  • Dave Czech

    Gendry is also Targaryen, they are cousins with Jon Snow, his great-grandmother was Rhaelle Targaryen, sister of king who was mad king’s father

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Hahahahaha – so true, it’s like in WWI when basically every monarch in Europe was related to each other.

  • Dave Czech

    Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark did same thing like Daeny, they offered losers of the war bend the knee or die (or go to wall)

  • Dave Czech

    stephen, there are no blacksmiths in whorehouses, i think there aren’t so much blacksmiths in King’s Landing

  • Dave Czech

    i don’t understand why people don’t understand time jumps, it’s in every movie, every tv series, even in GRRM’s books people use teleport. And even now Dragonstone and KL is pretty close, it’s like from Long Island to Jersey. There’s nothing exciting about sailing, we don’t need all season people travel.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      I think it’s less about not understanding them than it is about being frustrated by them. Part of what sets the GOT universe apart from a lot of other fantasy is that it’s so thoroughly grounded in realism and logistics. Recently though, the more that it becomes unmoored from realism, it can feel a little frustrating, not just bc of the nit-picking but also bc it seems to be betraying some of this universe’s foundational logic. I mean GRRM spends an entire chapter just documenting Sansa walking down a mountain from the Eyrie, and for the most part the TV show has done a good job of capturing that while streamlining some of the more excessive examples. (Fortunately, no episode of TV spent with Sansa walking down a mountain, or Briennew wandering the river lands)

      It bothers me less when it’s just TV convenience for getting characters from one place to another, and more when it’s cliffhangers that have a trivial resolution – for example, Arya getting completely eviscerated by the waif and only needing a bowl of soup to recover last season, or Jamie drowning by a horde of Dothraki and then just swimming a bit downstream this episode.

      • Argh exactly. This is becoming jarring to me. In the Wheel of Time (that OTHER fantasy series that started in the Nineties and took decades to finish) the author at least came up with a reasonable way to explain things like this away (rediscovering magical techniques that allowed them to travel faster and heal more easily). It’s too bad such things can’t be worked into this series as well. If they’re implying some time jumps are happening here a throwaway dialogue line might at least address that’s the explanation. Even if that’s the case how do they expect that Cersei is going to just sit around and wait while they take all the time to sail up north, hunt down a WW, and then take all the time to sail back…

        That being said for now I’m just going to grin and bear it since we’re moving the story along and there are some satisfying developments occurring. Ending a series like this in a way that is satisfying is extremely difficult (see Lost) so I’m willing to give them some leeway.

  • SaraMadridista

    So Jon Snow couldnt like divert to winterfell and say hi to Arya? hmmmm.
    Tyrion plans are the weirdest this season, am not getting how they are like yeah, let’s go to eastwatch and capture a whitewalker and show it to Cersei, like Cersei would even care if there is white walkers to start with and wont align herself with Night King if she can.

    Fanfiction, Cersei have a kid and he is an Imp too.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      That’s my fanfiction scenario, too, Sara.

    • Yeah for a long time now I’ve been thinking Cersei is going to still be alive at the end of the series but will have lost everything she loved. But after this episode I’m SURE that kid is going to be an Imp and that’s the only loved one she’ll have left when all is said and done.

  • SamMuray

    Was there a history between Jorah and Thoros? They seemed to know each other.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      Jorah mentions Thoros being at the siege on Pyke, after which Jorah was knighted.

      • TrentC

        There’s a lot of backstory references to Thoros in both the book and TV versions of GoT.

        Sounds like the dude was a badass before becoming Beric’s back to life rescue buddy.

  • TrentC

    I thought the you’d still be rowing comment was a little too on the nose. It does show the writers do pay attention to the fanbase.

    Overall I liked the episode, and am ashamed I haven’t listened to the podcast yet. Really liked seeing Sam pack up his alembics and beakers to go on the road with Gilly and Craster Jr.

    *Observation – Everyone is talking about Creepy Bran. How about Creepy Ayra? She never blinks when talking to someone in her recent scenes.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Right? Like if Davos actually said that to Gendry, it would make zero sense. “Wait why would you think I’d still be rowing 4 years later? Just bc the last time you saw me I was rowing?”

  • Dan C

    I feel like all you two did was go location to location trying to find as many flaws in the show as you could. Rob especially.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I think Sam is going to Winterfell. It contains the only other people who he knows understand the White Walker threat.

  • KaleG

    Rob/Stephen/Josh – how do you think Dany will/would react when she finds out that Jon actually did take a knife to the heart? They’ve alluded to the fact that this will come out at some point but unsure if this will be a positive or negative for how she views him.

  • TheTimelessOne

    Do you people realize that all of king’s landing is in hostage situation with all the wildfire beneath ? When ppl suggest just go to king’s landing and win. -.-

    • TheTimelessOne

      also read up on primogeniture succession and ull see how the line of succession works and it does matter if he is bastard targeryan or legit.

      • TheTimelessOne

        How is littlefinger in front of arya? are u kidding me Rob he has been the best political schemer and plotter in the continent and has years of experience and u think that arya who had 2 years training and clearly has no sense of how things go and she is hothead u think she should be smarter then him?

  • Asher Forrester

    Any predictions on familiar faces we may encounter amongst the Dead Army next episode? Hodor maybe?

    Plus, does any one think that one of the wights Jon’s squad brings back is going to be one of their own? Or would that be way too disrespectful?

    • TrentC

      You know I think we’re going to see Hodor. I planted that flag right after his final episode. And he’s going to appear in front of someone who knew him well…Starks or Meera methinks..

      • Asher Forrester

        I do think Hodor’s appearance will be most emotional with Bran….so maybe we won’t see him just yet…..unless…….Jon encounters Hodor next episode with Bran watching through the eyes of a raven? Seeing Hodor die for a second time and there’s nothing you can do to help – now that would be devastating for sure!! Makes me teary-eyed again just thinking about it…. T^T

  • Varys could betray Dany for Love of country or Love of the people… a stretch but hey, prophecies are vague and like stretches.