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Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Recap Show | Dragonstone – 7/16/17

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Recap Podcast of Dragonstone, airing on HBO on July 16th, 2017

The white ravens have arrived! Rob CesterninoΒ (@robcesternino)Β is joined by Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) to break down everything from episode 1 of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, “Dragonstone”.

The guys discuss the events of the episode, speculate about potential ramifications for the future and take your questions LIVE following the much anticipated season 7 premiere.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. See you next week for episode 2 next Sunday night.

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  • Paul

    For a season with only 7 episodes did anyone else find this one a tad slow?

    Seemed like there was about 25 minutes of substance (Arya & the Freys, Jon’s meeting, and Dany landing). The rest was really drawn out.

    • o4ka47

      They are setting up the board, don’t worry a lot of stuff will happen this season.

  • o4ka47

    I can’t wait for the episode when Sam’s story line is first topic of discussion because you know it is coming, he is going to find something important in one of those books.

  • o4ka47

    I really liked the chandelier in the citadel that reflects the sunlight into mirrors that reflect it in different directions to illuminate the library. Neat!

  • o4ka47

    Bran Stark least interesting story line again.

  • BeetlePimp

    Great opening but the rest of the episode was a snooze.

  • BeetlePimp

    How many epic scenes do we need of Danny at the end of episodes?
    – Danny walks into fire. Epic scene.
    – Danny breaks off wizard’s chains. Epic scene.
    – Danny frees some slaves. Epic scene.
    – Danny rides a dragon. Epic scene.
    – Danny frees some more slaves. Epic scene.
    – Danny walks out of a different fire. Epic scene
    – Danny rides a dragon some more. Epic scene.
    – Danny sails on a boat. Epic scene.
    – Danny walks into a castle. Epic scene.

    We get it! Can’t you at least show the giant white walkers at the end of the episode for misdirection? There hasn’t been a winners edit more on the nose than this one. Should have contacted the Survivor editors beforehand imo.

    • Austin

      I believe we are being misdirected and Danni will not sit on the throne at the end. She is very important, but I don’t think things are going to end well for her.

  • Steve Davis

    Notice the dagger on a page in the book that Sam skimmed over? It was that the same dagger that was used to try to kill Bran back in Season 1 that Littlefinger lost to Tyrion I believe. Then Ned had it in King’s Landing which I suppose went back to Littlefinger after Ned died. Perhaps that will have a role in the War to come. I believe it was shown in Arya’s possession in one of the EW photoshoots this season.

  • Ori Kohav

    Hi Rob and Stephen. Great to have you 2 on GoT as well (nothing against Josh, though).

    I have 2 comments:
    1) I don’t think it would be wise for Arya to try to rally the Freys against the Lannisters, because that feast was right after they celebrated a victory with them, solidifying an alliance, so if their leader would suddenly call to turn on that alliance, that would be a serious red flag. I doubt Arya had any excuse to it in mind.
    2) One missing character I’d be glad to see again this season is Kinvara, a high-ranking leader in the faith of the “Lord of the Light”. She was seen in episode 5 of season 6, giving Tyrion and Varys a very intimidating lecture. (and yes, her actress being Ania Bukstein, a famous Israeli actress, is a big part of why I want her back)

  • TrentC

    The Sam work montage scene brought back memories of a certain Survivor season set in the Amazon. It was one step away from being accompanied by music.

    Overall I liked the opening episode. Where are we now and how did we get here table setting episode. Focusing on The Hound was a curious choice, with particular attention to one minor event from his past. Not a complaint, but surely he’s done worse things and is this a signpost to demonstrate he has a conscious now? More nice guy stuff and it’s a boot edit for sure.

    Minor complaints. The Ed Sheeran singing moment was cute, but it took me out of the world seeing a pop star from our world. And while the line was awesome, Arya sitting with Lannister soldiers saying – I’m going to kill the queen, seemed a little too on the nose for the cool badass she’s become.

  • Wardaniel99

    are you no longer posting these on youtube?

  • Yark Narf

    Great podcast πŸ˜‰ I agree that the premier did a good job. Touching every arc in one single episode after those finale cliffhangers is a heavy lift.
    It left them little choice but to hit things on the nose.
    I hope the rest of the dialog this season isn’t as much straight-up plain spoken exposition, but I see the need for it here.
    It’s not at the top for premiers for me but ranks well. I feel good about the episode 3 and 4 slots coming up. They seem to be setting up some cool things.

  • patti renshaw

    Arya stark is a badass bitch! the north remembers ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄

  • Austin

    Jon’s move was the opposite of Robb’s move. Robb killed Karstark which caused him to lose houses and men in his army. Had Robb forgave Karstark or kept him prisoner like Cat said he wouldn’t have lost all those soldiers. By forgiving them Jon gained more loyal soldiers.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      I hadn’t considered that, that’s a decent theory/guess. I can see it, makes sense.

  • patti renshaw

    Arya got the voice mimicking from the gift of having the many face god it comes with that power @rob cesternino @stephenfishbach

  • TrentC

    *sings along with Sheeran’s latest catchy tune*

    …When we watched the sunset over the castle on the hill

    Hey, wait a minute now

  • Asher Forrester

    That Wight Giant was the biggest WTF OMG Moment for me! All great to see more giants after the loss of both Wun Wun and Hodor last season – but the thought of them as undead wights is extremely terrifying to me! O.o However….this does potentially raise an even more potentially menacing question!!! If giants and horses and even skeletons are able to come back to life as wights – does this mean ALL potential creatures of the Westerosi World have the possibility to be risen from the dead? Does this mean the Night’s King has the power to bring a dead Dragon or a fossilized dragon back as a wight too? Is this what is meant by the term “Ice Dragon” that I see floating about in the universe? God help us all if that is true~!!! Speaking of a counter force against the Stormborn Dragons – That could be IT!! I see a coming Battle of the Dragons on the horizon!!!!

    OR…..somehow one of Dany’s Dragons gets killed this season….and is risen from the dead as a weapon against this seemingly undefeatable Targaryen Force!!?? Would that be how Dany falls – by her own children?

    • TrentC

      Dragon-Wight? That turns against Dany?

      Shut the front door man…that’s a horrible thought.

      • Asher Forrester

        I’m sure what you meant to say was: “Shut the Hodor!” right? xDD

        Imagine the possibility of a Wight Drogon!!! @[email protected] We might as well just burn ourselves now and get it over with!! LOL

        The only problem I see with that theory is HOW THE HELL are they going to KILL A DRAGON??? Does the Night King have a secret power we have yet to witness? That would be very convenient if that were the case!! right? So it might be a BIG stretch to believe that could possibly happen!

        That’s why I’m thinking it could be the resurrection of a previous Targaryen Dragon that died a gazillion years back….and that’s the main reason why the White Walker Army is marching south!! The nemesis of an Undead Wight Dragon fighting against the forces of Dany’s Fire-breathing Dragons would also bring the Battle of Ice and Fire to a new level of epic proportions, right??!!!! >___< Anyways….you can tell I really want the Battle of the Dragons to become a reality!!! xD

        • TrentC

          Previous post corrected πŸ™‚

          So the Night King turns one of the dragons into a Wight. I suspect this makes the dragon susceptible to fire now. The other dragons roast his ass because they know he’s acting weird?

          It really is coming down to a song of ice and fire isn’t it? Even if Jon and company find a ton of dragonglass, they still need to wield the weapons against thousands of White Walkers.

          No, this thing is coming down to something much larger than hand to hand combat and two queens battling for a throne.

          • Asher Forrester

            Plus who knows what the Wight Dragon is gonna breathe – I have a feeling it’s probably not gonna be as simple as just Ice~ It may be combined with some sort of magical power that will have the potential to be even more powerful than Dany’s Fire breathing dragons – meaning fire is gonna do nothing to the Wight Dragon!

            That’s possibly why Dany will need all 3 of her Dragons! She cannot afford to lose any of them…cos maybe the only way to defeat a Wight Dragon is the combined power of ALL 3 of her children – hence the myth of the 3 headed dragon coming to life???? How cool will that be? Three Heads versus one Undead Head….LOL

            It’s all playing out magnificently in my head right now!!! Hehe.

          • TrentC

            How about Dany transforms into a mythical creature (partially naked of course) and roasts the Night King? The dragon and Targaryen legends have always been linked closely…

          • Asher Forrester

            Like how the Night King was created?

            Maybe…..that’s what Leaf and The Children are planning to counteract the mistake they made by creating such an Evil incarnate?

            With the combined power of Bran the Three-Eyed Raven and the mythical powers of The Children….who knows….your theory might just come true! >_<

            We could potentially have our own version of The Night's Queen? Or what's the antithesis of "Night"? The "Daylight" Queen? The "Light's" Queen?? hmmmmm….

          • Asher Forrester

            OMG!! I’m seeing “The Battle of the Royals” coming on the horizon~!! xDDD

          • TrentC

            I believe Leaf was blown away by the White Walkers (see what I did there πŸ™‚

            It’s a good theory thinking the Children of the Forest understand they’ve created something bad and need to correct their action. I think tho, if Dany does undertake some sort of strange transformation, it may be on her own. Something to do with her drogan..erm pardon me, her dragon blood. She’s been engulfed in flames twice now, definitely something unnatural already going on there.

            Antithesis could be named the Flaming Female, the Sun Queen, or my favorite – The Dragon Hottie with the Killer Body.

          • Asher Forrester

            Right! I totally forgot that even happened….it’s been so long….all I remember is Hodor’s demise!! Still can’t believe that happened~~ T^T

            Do you think it could be her dragons that transform her into the “Sun Queen”? She gave birth to them through fire…now they give birth to her new form by breathing fire upon her?

            I really like Dany being transformed into the antithesis of the Night King!! Also now that we know Resurrection is possible in this world….maybe Dany needs to be resurrected somehow to transform? Could Jon Snow somehow play a role in that? Could he be the one to sacrifice himself to save Dany and resurrect her as the Sun Queen? That’s how they defeat the Night King and all the Wights and White Walkers? Just the thought of that is giving me chills…..LOL

          • TrentC

            Or she could just drown because no one taught her to swim…

            You bring up so many interesting questions. One thing I suspect…we will see Hodor again and it will be heartbreaking because someone is going to have to kill him.

            Dany turning into the Sun Queen and facing off against The Night King would be great to see…almost as good as seeing Ed Sheeran getting his throat ripped out by Nymeria πŸ™‚

          • Asher Forrester

            Yeah….so that’s how she dies for Jon Snow to resurrect her!! The combination of Snow and Stormborn is gonna be beyond EPIC!

            I’d even predict we will see more than just Hodor!! That could be our heart-breaking episode of the season – where we see returning familiar faces as Wights….and they have to be killed all over again and again and again!!

            LOL….almost! Nothing’s gonna top Nymeria ripping Ed Sheeran’s throat!! xDDD Can’t wait for next episode already…..gonna be real sad and disappointed if my prophecy doesn’t come true!! T_T

  • Henry Muto

    Couldn’t find the live podcast last night. Kept checking but never showed up for me.

  • Asher Forrester

    I thought along the same lines as Stephen when Arya said she was heading South to kill the Queen! What better plan than to disguise herself as Jaime Lannister to lure in Cersei and get her revenge? That would fulfill many fan theories out there of her dying by the hands of her brother! Although it would be pretty on the nose if the that does happen. I feel like that would be what Arya plans to do…..but knowing GoT something’s gonna go wrong….and maybe she could potentially be a witness to somebody else killing Cersei ie. the real Jamie Lannister? xDD

    Don’t know about anybody else….but I caught a little bit of foreshadowing in the Euron Greyjoy scene with Queen Cersei when they were talking about Euron murdering his own brother… which he replied:
    “You should try it, feels wonderful.” and immediately the camera focuses on Jamie and Cersei in the same shot giving each other weird glances….LOL

    Will it be Siblings murdering each other this season? If so, who will kill first? Or is this just the writers toying with us – the viewers expectations? Just like what they are doing to us in this episode with Arya and her Revenge Quest!? xDD

    Speaking of Arya: (potential spoilers from the previews of episode 2, if you don’t wanna be spoiled….you should stop reading now!!)

    Did anybody catch a possible Nymeria sighting? Will next episode finally be the reunion we were all waiting for since episode 2 of season 1? If so… do you guys think it will happen?

    My theory is that the Queen’s guards she was hanging out with in the premiere with Ed Sheeran might somehow turn on her…she then becomes in danger from them all….and Nymeria swoops in to save the day – ripping on all the guards and Ed Sheeran himself!! Yes I predict we will get to see Ed Sheeran get eaten or torn to pieces by a direwolf next episode and that it how he gets sent off – what a way to go, huh? If I had the opportunity to guest star, that’s exactly how I would want to go out – getting ripped to shreds by a direwolf~~ My dream come true!! LOL #LivingThe GoTDream

    • TrentC

      Arya disguised as Jaime and then killing Cersei, would fulfill the prophecy in a sneaky sort of way and would be great to see. And lol! at the Ed Sheeran arc.

      I just started re-watching the series again from season one. There are a lot of comments that act as total foreshadowing to events that happen four and five seasons later. Such a well done show from the start.

      • Asher Forrester

        You heard my Ed Sheeran prophecy here first!!! Prepare yourself to be called in as my witness next week when it all becomes reality~ >__<

        It also does help when you have 5 books already written for you to plan out all the foreshadowing of events you know are coming seasons down the road….right? xD

        • TrentC

          Yes and we should give them props the other way, for building the show around the books, without giving us a scene by scene duplication. The first five or so episodes do come pretty close to the book events, right down to some lines.

          You made me think…now that the show has eclipsed the books by let’s say, a half season or so, do you think Martin will write based on what’s already happened on the TV show? Talk about backwards inception.

          • Asher Forrester

            Oh yeah….I’m taking nothing away from the creators who adapted the books into a TV Show that is now completely its own beast!! But having 5 books already written to the last detail of events – it does help with foreshadowing events that’s to come 4 or 5 seasons down the road…right?

            Judging from how Martin likes to write – I’m thinking he’s going to change up quite a few things. I’ve heard he even changes what he’s already got planned to write when a fan theory correctly predicts what could happen – that’s probably one of the reasons why Book 6 is taking forever to complete! LOL So….I don’t think the TV Show will be any different for him! Martin has confirmed Hodor’s backstory to be a spoiler for the Book series…but I think that’s the only one confirmed by Martin himself….everything else can be changed drastically! Which I think it will….and it already has! And I think I do prefer it that way~ To think that we’d get 2 completely different endings to the GoT Saga is just music to my ears! Martin can completely focus on his vision and end it the way he wants to… we also get to see the vision of 2 Super Fans Dan & David play out their predictions on how they think the show could end for the world to see!! How awesome is that, right?

          • TrentC

            For sure, the writers/showrunner/producers have done an excellent job with the adaptation.

            Yes it’s going to be interesting to see which way Martin goes with his next book…if there’s going to be a next book lol! It would be jarring (for me) however, if the TV series goes one way and Martin goes against it with certain plot points.

            eg Character A dies on the show, yet becomes pivotal to the book plot and lives. I’m reading the books for a second time, while simultaneously doing my first rewatch. I don’t often read or watch things twice…a testament to the material methinks.

            And yes, all that happens within this universe is awesome πŸ™‚

          • Asher Forrester

            With the way things are turning out – it may be impossible for both the show and the books to go on the same path. I mean…it makes sense for Martin to keep his ending for the Book Saga to himself….and not have the show reveal his vision…otherwise what would be the point of even reading the books after, right?

            Plus I feel the creators after 6 seasons have proven themselves and earned the right to create their own vision for the series! I feel it’s only fitting for them to end it how they wanna end it – and it makes sense for them to wanna do that – so they don’t spoil the books for the book fans….and they get the creative freedom to do what they want for the show….and for the fans of the TV Show! This way you satisfy both book and TV fans, instead of spoiling it for one or the other! You agree? >_<

            Also since Martin possibly doesn't even know himself how he's gonna end the Saga….he may have an idea and a rough draft….but it's not set in stone and anything can still change!! Unless Martin share the same brain with both David & Dan – it's kind of impossible for all 3 of them to come up with the same ending for the series! xD

          • TrentC

            Just so.

            * I agree with your postulations and surmising.

  • CamPT

    I’m just wondering if you guys are purposefully not giving anything away? From pre-season shots we know what Euron is going to do and we know the fate of Jorah.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Yes, I’ve completely avoided all spoilers for the season, so I have no idea of what you speak. And I’d love to keep it that way! (Until, of course, it happens on the show itself). I really enjoy speculating without the advance knowledge.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I feel like they’re definitely setting up the Wall to come down this season. TWO different people this episode referred to it as this impenetrable force.

    • Asher Forrester

      Yeah…just like Dany’s seemingly undefeatable Army…and her in your face “Winner’s Edit” !!! xD

    • Stephen Fishbach

      I imagine it as a finale moment.

  • Natrone Beans

    welcome to the scripted television world stephen! Great job as always by the both of you.

    • Stephen Fishbach

      Thank you so much! I was v nervous.