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The 4th Annual Thrones | Game of Thrones Season 7 Awards

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Honoring Excellence in Achievement for Season 7 of Game of Thrones

Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler attempt to predict the outcome of your votes at the 4th Annual Throner awards.  This season Jon Reed joins Rob and Josh to announce the winners at the Throners.




  • patti renshaw

    I want you guys to go back to season 5 episodes 4 Sansa in the crypt with little finger. in my own humble opinion I think little finger knew all along Robert rebellion was based on a lie . He hinted this to Sansa he had observed rahghaer giving the blue roses to llyana after he won the tournament he knew way back then they both were in love with each other & Robert had no idea llyana cheated on him with rahghaer & ran off to dorne together she got married secretly & got pregnant. tell me your thoughts on this please

  • Caitlin Ash

    Re: spoilers vs no spoilers in the Rewatch Podcast… I vote spoilers all the way. 5-10 minutes of spoiler free isn’t going to do anything for the people who haven’t watched the series before, and will just be kind of annoying for the people who have watched it, which I feel like will be the majority.

  • Megan

    Spoilers all the way for the rewatch podcast! As someone who was spoiled for most of GoT including the Red Wedding because I didn’t watch when it aired, I feel like most people understand if there are spoilers all the way.

  • TrentC

    Curious about the seven minutes of non spoiler talk. The moment you even start to vaguely describe the episode, we’re going into spoiler-land. It’s a little strange for a listener who’s never watched the show to seek out and listen to an episode by episode recap podcast, no? Not a big deal either way, but I think the time could be used for a better purpose.

    Loved the Throners this year! The format having Jon as the announcer and Rob n Josh predicting the category outcomes was fun I thought.

    And Rob gets my personal thanks for the early Grey Worm comment and for adding the Ed Sheeran choice in one of the categories.

  • TheTimelessOne

    Don’t do non spoiler its just stupid and pointless at this point in time. if ppl havn’t watched got by now prob it doesn’t matter that much. most of the ppl have watched and want full spoiler rewatch. Also a really arya vs brianne is better fight scene then euron’s attack on the greyjoy fleet. who votes for this thing ? blinded stark fans?

    • belinda

      I voted for the arya vs brienne fight, not because i’m a fan of the starks, but that I’ve found all the spectacles of the big battles this season had been hollow – basically just spectacles, because the show thinks every viewers just wants to see FIRE! DRAGONS! ICE ZOMBIES! ICE DRAGONS! and not mind the poor writing for the other stuff. So Arya vs Brienne was like the leftover choice really, in terms of picking something worthy.

  • Lance Davis

    Euron Greyjoy was snubbed in the ‘Best Fight Category’! He did the whole GoT audience a solid and took out the Sand Snakes.

  • J-me not Hi-me

    I am totally the somebody who one cares about Edd of the Night’s Watch.


  • Mona

    The captured zombie was definitely best new character on the show for sure. He was different from ALL the other basic zombies on the show with some terrific sack/box acting and his chained up charge at Cersei was classic stuff. I think he was sadly overlooked 🙁