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Game of Thrones Re-Watch | Season 4, Ep #7: Mockingbird

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Rob Cesternino and Josh Wigler continue “Winter Was Here” with a Rewatch of the “Game of Thrones” Season 4, Episode 7 “Mockingbird”

Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) launch their official Game of Thrones rewatch podcast, called Winter Was Here, in which they will look back on every single episode of the HBO series, week by week.


  • SaraMadridista

    Littlefinger had a weakness that is Kat Stark which meant Sansa, but to think that his plot was sloppy when he need bran to travel to past to get him is laughable to me, just because the show went into different route than how it originally start where everything politics dont matter anymore, doesnt mean littlefinger was sloppy.

    GOT with littlefinger is a different show than with zombies and dragons, littlefinger is one of the reasons why this show was fun before it get took over by the storyline of Jon and dragons.

    • TheTimelessOne

      Yep already commented this and Josh doesn’t seem to get it. Just because he got killed by all seeing Bran with cheats for all the things he did and otherwise was covered and no1 knew about the things he did. He judges everything littlefinger did as a mistake just cuz he got killed in the end. And not to mention that the character would have left Winterfell already after so many warrning signs with Jon threatening him, seeing Arya fight. Sansa warning him that she trained with faceless man and he is from Braavos, Bran repeating Chaos is Ladder but the writers are getting sloppy and generally everyone says the quality of the writing has gone down and only the battles/visuals are better.
      And i agree with you that is when the show was fun watching Littlefinger, Varys and Tyrion plot and have great dialog and monologues. Now all of those 3 characters are sidelined. Those were my 3 out of 5 fav characters and now last 2-3 seasons they are useless and invisible. That’s why i hated S7 so much. Varys had like 3 lines all season, Littlefinger winterfell plot was terrible, Only thing Tyrion did was make worried faces when Dany did something questionable and all his war planning was terrible and lost every battle.

      • SaraMadridista

        Littlefinger wasnt even on Arya’s list, that how much he was good at planning things behind scene.

        I know I said this many times, but it is so annoying how every podcast, the same thing get repeated littlefinger was sloppy, every storyline get sloppy in last seasons including littlefinger, I agree season 7 was bad, some episodes had laughable plots too, as you take Tyrion for person he is in the season ignoring how sloppy his storyline get, how bad he was in planning Dane’s battles, why cant you take Littlefinger as character he was pre show getting just sloppy.

        Sansa and Cersei are there to save to day for me at least

  • TrentC

    I will remember this podcast one year from now.

    Much love from the cheap seats in the comment section,

  • CamPT

    I liked George Lazenby! Well, ok he was an unmemorable Bond but On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was a stellar film.

    Love how Craster’s voice is transferring from person to person, much like an evil ghost or some nefarious alien. Littlefinger is an excellent choice, however I too lament his story arc from now on.

  • Lance Davis

    Timothy Dalton + George Lazenby two of the most underrated Bonds of ALL-TIME!