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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 6 Recap | Beyond the Wall

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Game of Thrones ‘Beyond the Wall’ Recap LIVE on Sunday, August 20, 2017


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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Stephen “The Bachfish” Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) are back in action this week to break down all the chilling events from episode 6 of season 7 of HBO’s hit fantasy drama ‘Game of Thrones’, “Beyond the Wall”.

The guys discuss the events of the episode, speculate about potential ramifications for the future and take your questions LIVE.

Please feel free to leave your comments/questions/feedback in the comments section below, or tweet us using the hashtag #PSRecaps. See you next Sunday night for episode 7!

  • BearMustaine

    Does the show want us to HATE Jon or what…he’s as dumb as a box of dragon glass! He was actually running away from his get away Dragon to go kill random wights…gawd…just die Jon!

    • Germán Martínez Alonso

      He was actually protecting Drogon from the wights, making time for everyone else to climb on him. He’s not dumb, he’s hero. Actually, Daenerys would say he is dumb, because he’s a hero.

      • BearMustaine

        He’s dumb…he was actively running towards the wights and was putting Drogon in even more danger by stalling…Dany was forced to leave him or that white walker would have taken another shot.

        • TrentC

          Dumb is Dany for not turning Drogon’s head and yelling Dracaris after the Night King took out her first dragon.

          The Night King can repress fire as he walks by, but I don’t know about that much fire…

          • BearMustaine

            So much dumb happened, it hard to pin point whos dumb was the worst…going beyond the wall in the first place..duhh dumb!
            but that moment where Jon was wasting time being a stupid martyr and putting Drogon in even more danger…just frustrating.

          • TrentC

            It’s hard for me to critique this show because I enjoy it so much. Yes the entire – Let’s travel hundreds of miles to get a bit of proof (that may be ignored regardless) seemed foolhardy at best.

            But it’s their plan and I guess we have to respect the decisions, good and bad.

            I liked Tyrion – Do nothing! lol!

  • Ray Carter

    jon has to be the hero all the time

  • KylesGSeraphim

    Can we please only refer the late Viserion to a “White Flyer”?

  • 2thingsRinfinite

    Ugh….. Facebook live again. I’d love to watch live but this is the only platform I can’t watch live on. Boo!!!!!!!!! DOWN WITH FACEBOOK!!!

    • XmanIce

      I don’t like Facebook live either. I don’t know why they switched from you tube live.

  • Ray Carter

    knights king not attacking kings landing next week too soon next season rob

  • Claire

    As much as I love this episode, there’s really a lot of stupidity going on and maybe the number one of them all is the plan to take a single wight..not realizing the price for one wight is one dragon.

  • MustardCannon

    So now (not) Danny’s vision of the iron throne coveted in snow makes sense. Ice dragon gonna freeze kings landing to the ground!! ❄❄

  • TrentC

    Had the same thought as Rob, enjoyed the Magnificent Seven banter and could watch hours of it. I thought it was Tormund’s boot episode and he lived to fight again another day. And romance Brienne.

    For such an epic episode I have epic complaints.

    Gendry runs to the Wall, Jon takes a cab and who almost dies?
    Didn’t like the text to Dany and the quick response time.
    Why didn’t Dany roast the Night King?
    The chains, omg those huge chains.

    As Rob and Stephen pointed out – Why didn’t they just send a dragon for the original pick up mission?

    Arya understands how evil the Lannisters are. She also knows Sansa wrote that letter six years ago under duress and had nothing to do with their father’s death. Yet Arya feels the need to totally creep out and threaten Sansa? Feels like a large Aras and Vytas stretch. Also Middlefinger is trying to promote The Battle of the Sisters. Total waste.

    Complaints aside, it feels like they’re almost giving us too much in episodes like this. I didn’t expect to see all three dragons and the White Walker army battle this early.

    Turning the dragon into an undead ally for the Night King was brilliant and I didn’t see that coming. I’m divided on this episode. Some great scenes and dialogue, along with some questionable logic of the fantasy sort.

    • sad7287

      It’s like the showrunners worked backwards in the episode. They wanted to give the Night’s King a dragon and they needed to figure out a way to get them in a situation where that could happen. It was all nonsensical storytelling as they should have have ravens with them for starters, in case the plan went to hell. Yes I agree with Dany, but she is and has always been stubborn. Even though she walked into flames twice, and has dragons of her own, she still doesn’t believe what is going on beyond the wall. So in her mind, why is she going to fly north and risk her life and her dragons for someone else’s sake, when that person won’t bend the knee to help you. It’s frustrating as a viewer because BOTH of them are frustrating.

      • TrentC

        Yes I’m usually fine with the internal reasoning of the characters. I enjoy it when a character does something unexpected (or something I don’t like), which is kind of the bread and butter of Game of Thrones.

        It was the logistics after decisions were made that took me out of the show immersion. Dany’s quick response, the large chains out of nowhere, Arya’s apparent life threatening anger at Sansa that really doesn’t have much weight behind it.

        As you mention, when actions seem to be displayed that are only a device to reach Event A, it exposes the writers. Not a deal breaker by any means, I just expect more from this show.

  • belinda

    I feel bad for saying this, but this episode was … not good. Like TWD levels of convolution and plot devicey ness. Feels like for the most part, this season’s showing all the flaws. Am not optimistic about next week or next season after seeing what D&D is capable of sans books.

    • sad7287

      Yea they are really showing that they can’t handle filling time with intricate storytelling. I think that’s another reason why they jump all over the place and transition unnecessarily. They made a mess out of what’s going on in Winterfell, and really forced it down our throats this episode because they couldn’t figure out what to do between scenes beyond the wall.

  • yukonr

    I agree Cersi might not die next ep. But Both her Brothers will be there to set up the prophecy for a end of the season cliffhanger

    i also think the Hound had the best lines this ep. i liked the one where Gendry was talking about the Red Woman and how she stripped him and tied him to a bed and the hound was replied “that doesn’t sound so bad” (paraphrasing), and the “this ones died 6 times and you don’t hear him complaining about it” and finally “you’re on your last life”

    I’m surprised Danny didn’t mention the scar over Jon’s heart since they seemed to make a statement on the show about how Jon took a Knife in the heart for his people

    • TrentC

      The Hound can drop an eff bomb like no one else. He had me rolling in this episode.

    • J-me not Hi-me

      I feel like they made a point of Dany noticing the scar, so she probably won’t ask again (since he clearly doesn’t want to talk about it), but she now knows it’s true that she’s not the only death-proof ruler.

    • sad7287

      She saw the scar, nothing really needs to be said. Sometimes less is more.

  • Mimi

    Q for feedback show


    Would you and Josh please discuss what daily life might be like beyond the Wall? What do the wights do all day? They aren’t the most evolved bunch, but I imagine they have the capability to engage in some sports to kill time.

    And the white walkers? Once they get done strategizing, what are they up to?

    • Officer Christine

      Apparently, they forge chains.

    • sad7287


  • SaraMadridista

    Sorry but with all dumbness happening this season in GOT, it would be a shame not to see Cersei on throne and SANSA being queen, I mean I cant believe she is only one who had common sense in this show not to go to King’s landing and meet Cersei, this is so dumb, I just cant.

    Where did white walkers get the chains from? wow how did their icey breakable body just managed to pull a FREAKING DRAGON from water, I mean feels like watching an action movie where the plot is like the last concern for the writers, best thing about GOT was the plot.

    Also, this Arya vs Sansa plot, how did Arya see her smile thru their dad death when she was screaming all lungs out, I love littlefinger, he is one of my favorite character in this series, but this is what happen when plot takes a second line to dragons and zombies.

  • Andiamo

    If the Night King can see everything Bran sees, and Bran can see everything, how could they ever possibly get the jump on him?

    Also, just because the dragon is now “undead”, does that mean it has to switch to breathing ice? If Stephen is right, and the wall will fall by the end of the season, it seems to me a fire breathing dragon would be the easiest way to make that happen.

    • TrentC

      Good to see you back Andi. Let’s start some internet rumors with one statement – Hey, did anyone notice how much the Night King looks like Bran? Almost as if they’re the same…


      • Andiamo

        Hey! I was hibernating this summer. (That’s how it works, right?)

        I have actually heard that theory, so you may be late to the rumor mill…Also that Bran is Bran the Builder; The old three eyed raven is Bran from the future; Bran whispered to the Mad King which made him Mad.

        Here’s a new one (but probably not), how about Bran knows everything because Bran is actually every person who’s ever lived, maybe aided by some of Arya’s faces, which is probably connected to the faces in the Weirwood trees. Fully supported by no actual facts, just like I like my theories. You’re welcome internet.


        • TrentC

          Wow, Bran theories abound! I could buy into the ideas from the first paragraph. When he becomes Every-Bran-body, I gotta say whoa.

          Even the idea that he knows all events past and future, puts him in the precarious spot of being Fate. Like literally being Bran Destiny.

          I’m one of the fans that thinks he has some of those abilities, but could not possibly be the All Knowerer…er….

          Bless poor Sansa, what is she thinking right now. Who wins in a game of Creepiest Sibling? Jon, who came back from the dead…Bran, who watched me and commented on getting violated on my wedding night…or cute little Arya, who has some imagined beef with me and has implied she only needs to cut off my face to become me.

          • Andiamo

            Yeah the ideas in the first paragraph are all other people’s theories that actually have some supporting evidence. The other one I just made up on the spot because I was bored, and I thought I’d add to the pile.

            But I do feel like the fact that the Night King is tapped into Bran’s mind somehow could definitely be a problem for them. Even in this battle I got the feeling it was a set up, and the Night King knew they were coming. Why would there have been a small party broken off from the main horde? Why would they have had the chains? Maybe the Night King walks around with those ice javelins all the time, but if you look at his crew on the hill, three of them had them. Three javelins, three dragons….coincidence? Maybe…

            Lol. I think Sansa gives the creepiest sibling award to Arya, but it’s really a toss up. She has to be thinking “I went through all this just to end up the Marilyn Munster at the Stark family reunion?” (Okay Sansa doesn’t have TV, but that’s what I was thinking.)

          • TrentC

            Marilyn Munster lol!~ Just how old are you anyway?

            You bring up some good points about the Night King. I like the idea that he’s intelligent enough to pre-plan and may have had inside info. He’s survived thousands of years, so it makes complete sense he’s not just some Walking Dead reject wandering around the Tundra without a goal and means.

            Friend of mine in Denver posed a pretty good theory. Arya’s anger with Sansa is all a ruse to draw out someone else, likely Middlefinger. Bran gives Arya Chekhov’s dagger and maybe a little insider tip? Pssst, this skeevy dude who’s trying to get with our sister has been responsible for (laundry list of bad things) and feel free to use the pointy end on him, since it’s HIS dagger in the first place.

            I think we gotta face facts as fans. This thing can go 1000 different ways and we didn’t do so well with our Leftover predictions 🙂

            If they give me five seconds of backstory on the Titanic chains, I’ll forgive the writers for last week.

          • Andiamo

            I’m old enough to remember there was a “normal” Munster, but young enough to have to Google her first name before I wrote that. But still younger than you! (Probably not by much 😉

            I like your friend’s idea. I was also thinking that both Arya and Bran seem like they’re testing Sansa. I thought Bran told her about seeing her on her wedding night to remind her of Middlefinger’s (stealing that) betrayal, not just to be horrible and pervy. They may be creepier, but Sansa’s more opportunistic.

            I fully admit I know nothing, Jon Snow, but I’m okay with being wrong. It’s still fun. If the Leftovers had gone on another 5 seasons like it should have, we may have gotten around to being right-ish at some point :0

            I’m not getting that hung up on the details for some reason, but I would like some more info on a couple of things (I didn’t read the books, so I’m not sure if they’re explained.) What exactly did the Bran/Night King interaction means in terms of what the Night King is now able to see/do? Also, can the Night King reanimate a wight more than once? Because how can his army ever be defeated if he can just keep raising them?

          • TrentC

            Yes being wrong is half the fun, must remember that. And yes, The Leftovers deserved another five seasons for sure. I’m beginning to think that Game of Thrones may have needed a couple more seasons as well. Touching on what Josh said on the deep dive podcast, to me it feels like the velocity of the show has increased to a speed that may be too fast. I too was sitting back and not getting hung up the details until the recent episode. Something like the giant chains can really pull a person out of the moment, as it was part of a really cool, giant setpiece.

            I’ve read the books twice in a relatively short period of time. Unfortunately I don’t have many answers to the Bran/Night King relationship. On the show Bran looked ‘at’ the Night King, and the Night King saw him as well. So there’s a two way voyeuristic thingy going on for sure. The multiple reanimation scenario was never mentioned in the books. I would assume since dragonglass and Valyrian steel makes them pop, or shatter into pieces, and fire pretty much toasts them…maybe the Night King considers those workers as retired.

            I’m really interested in what happens to Jaime Lannister. He’s become one of my favorite characters and I keep getting the sense the writers may follow a certain prophecy that Cersei was told when she was a girl.

            If you’re a reader, get the books. Martin writes well and the books have the same gritty, yet fantastic feel to them as the TV show.

    • XmanIce

      I wonder that even though the dragon is now white dragon is it possible it would still recognize targarian blood as it’s true maker?

      • Andiamo

        I guess a lot of things are possible, but if that were true I think it would mean that the wights in general retain some part of their past selves. That would probably be a game changer.

        I’m also kind of expecting a scene where Daenerys has to give the final kill shot to her ice baby.

        • XmanIce

          Wow I didn’t think Daenerys may have to take out her ice dragon! I don’t think I can handle that!

  • Sylvia Aponte

    “You will never walk again, you will fly”… just when we think the white walkers have the upper hand, Bran will warg into the ice dragon and use it against them… ? Or maybe even mount it?

  • Kevin K. Clark

    Wouldn’t one hit by a massive,
    dragonglass javelin – forged by Gendry, of course, – shot at zombie dragon summarily end that threat? Just a hit, like the one Drogon suffered a few weeks ago.

  • XmanIce

    I do wish these podcast would stop harping on the timeline. It’s the most unimportant minute thing to rant about every week. Would you prefer if took several episodes or an entire season for the characters to get to any destination? No, so quit trying to make it a thing. At this point Rob and crew are just ranting about it to fill time. Filling time to fill time is much worse than ending early.
    This is my rant that resurrect every week.