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Girl Meets World Series Premiere Review


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LIVE at 6 pm ET / 3 pm PT on Thursday, June 26th, Zach Brooks and Ryan Pappolla precap the premiere of Girl Meets World.

Zach Brooks (@brooksza) and Ryan Pappolla (@ryanpappolla) recap the series premiere of the new Disney Channel show and Boy Meets World-spinoff show Girl Meets World, currently streaming on and premiering Live Friday 6/27 at 9:45 PM Eastern.

In addition to discussing all the key plot points and developments for the Matthews family, Zach and Ryan discuss:

  • How many seasons will the show air?
  • Who would they like to see back?
  • Where is Mr. Feeny now?
  • What’s up with Cory’s nose?
  • Did they like the theme song?
  • What was their favorite joke in the episode?
  • Does the show touch on more adult issues than most Disney shows?
  • Would the show be better if it aired on another channel and was marketed at adults?
  • Who were their favorite and least favorite characters in the show?
  • Is Riley extremely strong?
  • Is Farkle Minkus’ child?
  • Was that the first day of school? Why do they have homework if it’s the first day?
  • Why did Farkle jump on Cory?
  • Is Farkle’s diorama the best project they’ve seen?
  • Is Topanga hot now?
  • Who do they expect to see in other episodes?
Girl Meets World Series Premiere Review[/caption]
  • Cory

    The pilot is available pretty much everywhere online. It’s okay; altogether kind of failed to impress me. The daughter’s friend steals the show. And it suffers from not having Feeny in the pilot.

  • David Allen

    I went to a taping where they showed us the pilot before the shooting a few months back. I’ll be interested to see it again especially since Wikipedia says Feeny physical appears (but I don’t remember seeing this!)

  • taylor

    Just two bros, bro-ing down about the Disney Channel.

  • Anna

    I’m 19, so I kind of missed the BMW era and I never really watched the show. After listening to the podcast, I’m guessing that each episode had some kind of lesson to it and that it dealt with serious topics (like 7th Heaven maybe? or Full House? I’m not sure what it compares to).

    That being said, I have seen a few Disney shows over the recent years and I can say that GMW is definitely different. From watching the pilot, I really got the sense that the show is struggling to be both a family drama and a Disney sitcom. The overuse of the word “world” and Cory’s life-lesson lectures were really out of place from what you usually see on Disney. If that’s what the show is aiming to be about, then it needs to find its balance between drama and comedy (because I did not think this pilot was funny at all aside from the little brother’s scene).

    The most recently successful Disney show has probably been Good Luck Charlie, which centered around a high school aged girl and her family. That show did a really great job of incorporating advice/life lessons with good comedy. It also appealed to a wider audience because the show focused on all of the different family members. If GMW can be anything like that, then I think it can do well.

    I do agree that what this show is trying to be is not something that should be on Disney. I think one of the reasons it’s on Disney and not on ABC family is because the two girls are so young (which is still strange because many Disney shows actually focus on high schoolers). I’m interested to see how “serious” this show tries to get, because that is something you barely see on Disney shows.

    I’ll stop my thoughts there. Sorry about the long post, I just found this podcast to be particularly interesting.