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The Halloween Sitcom Special | Most Shows Recapped Ep 6

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Listen to the podcast:

No tricks, this week’s Most Shows Recapped is all treats. Halloween treats!

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino), Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are taking a page from the sitcom universe — this week’s MSR is a Halloween episode!

The crew is excited to be talking about some of their favorite Halloween sitcom episodes. Antonio wants to make sure that in our quest for “Full Bars” (BOBS BURGERS), we’re all on the lookout for “Greg Pikitis” (PARKS AND RECREATION). Josh insists we answer the question “Who Got Dee Pregnant?” (IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) and thankfully the answer is not “And Then There Was Shawn” (BOY MEETS WORLD). Rob is keeping it simple, and just wants to discuss nothing more complicated than the “Epidemiology” (COMMUNITY) of “Trick or Treat” (CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM).

We’d love to hear what you think about these episodes, or what some of your favorites are. So please join the live show at 4 PM EST on October 30, or leave comments below!

  • Dave_Bakker

    Do you have any favorite Treehouse of Horrors (Simpsons) episodes?

    • Craig

      Yeah, you can’t do a Halloween sitcom cast without including ToH. My favourite would have to be the 5th ToH with “The Shining”, Homer time traveling, and the teachers killing and cooking the students of Springfield Elementary to save money on food.”No beer no tv make Homer something something.”

      When it comes to Community. I would have trouble picking between Epidemiology and Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps (season 3), but I think Epidemology may be the better choice because it is more well known.

      • Eart

        That’s my favorite ToH also.

        “Go crazy?”

        “DON’T MIND IF I DO!!!!”

      • Antonio Mazzaro

        you also can’t do ToH justice by just picking one. Thankfully, this isn’t the last Halloween ever…;-)

        • Craig

          Yeah, I’m just saying that one was the best one of a great bunch. Also, it’s the only ToH to be nominated in an Emmy category so it’s good as one example, if that’s how this podcast is assembled with one episode examples.

          • Antonio Mazzaro

            Every halloween I re-watch as many of the ToH as I can just for fun. I think Mike Bloom would make a great podcast partner one year around Halloween to talk about our favorites.

            The James Earl Jones Raven story was great because it changed the way I looked at The Simpsons. Bart as the Raven was funny, but the poem still shone through in that episode.

            More recently, I loved the Great Pumpkin parody, especially with how insane the Pumpkin goes when he sees carved pumpkins. How to cook humans/for humans/forty humans also a great classic joke with the nods to the Twilight Zone. So many great classic ToH stories and entire episodes. Of course I love the zany credits there too.

            Fun fact, I saw the Simpsons “Shinning” parody before I ever saw The Shining. It took years to be able to see The Shining on a level that didn’t make me laugh because of The Shinning.

          • Craig

            ToH is probably the best episode specials of any show ever. My favourite part of the Grand Pumpkin episode is when Nelson threatens to cut a pumpkin, but the GP doesn’t care because it’s a yellow pumpkin, and he’s a pumpkin racist. “Pumpkin segregation forever!”

            Some of my other favourites are the Dr. Seuss one from XXIV, Wiz Kids with the puking frog (The best non playable Tapped Out characters) from XII, and Clown Without Pity, in which the Krusty Doll tries to kill Homer.

            I’d like to say I have watched these all as they have aired, but The Simpsons premiered before I was born, so it’s only been just my entire life.

          • Mike Bloom

            “The Shinning” is heads above the rest in terms of quality. Though I also hold a soft place in my heart for ToH III (Season 4, which is my personal favorite season). I think “Clown Without Pity” and “Dial Z for Zombie” are exceptional.

            Also, if you guys haven’t yet, you NEED to watch the “Halloween of Horrors” episode, which was the first non-ToH Halloween episode that was done this season. I would call it one of the best episodes of the past ten years.

  • The Office always had really good Halloween eps. Ellie Kemper instead of bobbing for apples – dunking her head in the punch and eating the apples. John Krasinski every year putting in the bare minimum effort required but still ending up with the wittiest costume.

  • Amanda Quist

    I love this show, guys.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Thanks Amanda!

  • Craig

    Oh, one Halloween special I liked that probably a lot of people don’t remember is the Halloween episode from Two Guys and a Girl from season 3, in which they all end up switching bodies. One of the best in the series. I also like The Drew Carey Show season 7 Halloween episode where Lewis goes to the cheap doctor on Lake Erie.

  • Aaronupsidasium

    Technically The Community zombie episode came a few weeks before Walking Dead premiered on Halloween 2010.