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HBO’s The Leftovers Episode 4 Recap LIVE

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Josh Wigler and Antonio Mazzaro recap episode 4 of HBO’s The Leftovers.

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  • Harriet Tubgirl

    Is it just me or is this show steadily getting better? I still don’t know about Tommy and the fetus incubator storyline, but I’m sold on the other conflicts.

  • Antonio Mazzaro

    Harriet Tubgirl (if that is your real name) I hope the podcast answered your question. I’d hate to have an abolitionist exhibitionist working against us!

  • Call_Me_Dorkblade

    I’ve given up on the show, but I’ll continue to listen to the podcast.

    • susan appleby

      I gave up before the end of episode one, but I listen to the podcast. These two are great at discussing and analyzing the show.

      The show is just way too depressing for me.

      • toast

        As someone who has moments of Depression, this show is brutal.
        I’m still watching, but damn, there better be some Redemption in these peoples lives sooner or later.

        I don’t know how they got the show made. “Well, the show is about people who feel abandoned by God, lost their connections to their families and society in general, and are generally miserable almost to the point of suicidal. The punters will love it.”

      • Call_Me_Dorkblade

        It’s not even the focus on depression for me.

        Without spoiling anything, after the first episode I read the wikipedia entry for the book. I didn’t like what I saw.

        I had heard on other sites that episode 3 was supposed to be the best of the first few episodes so I stuck around for that, but now I’m done.

  • Avery Gordon

    The Tommy storyline isn’t my favorite, but I’m not nearly as down on it as you 2 are. I am mildly interested in Tommy as character if only because he is a college age male like myself so I can relate to him on that front at least.

  • Antonio Mazzaro

    Avery, yeah, I think to make him broadly relatable they just need to show some more of his backstory. I do think in retrospect that you nailed it–he absolutely took that call as a sign from Holy Wayne.

  • Antonio Mazzaro

    CMD, they sent episode 5 out to critics in advance and most say it is a very good one. So, hopefully we can capture it for you. Thanks for not giving up on us in addition to the actual show!

  • susan appleby

    Among all the aspects of this show that make it unwatchable for me, the worst is that there isn’t even a voice that Josh or Antonio can imitate. A little of Sam from Game of Thrones or the President from 24 would up the entertainment level of the tv show immensely.

    • toast

      Christopher Eccelston’s non-Dr Who accent just keeps bugging me.

  • toast
  • Fedorable

    I know you guys aren’t the biggest fans of the tommy story, but something that I noticed that you guys didn’t discuss… While waiting at the bus stop, prior to getting the call on his yellow phone, tommy is approached by 2 women, who appear to be guilty remnants. They don’t say a word to him, just hand him a flier.

    My question is this: is the guilty remnants a national organization? Were these just two random people in all white that don’t talk? Am I the only one that noticed this ….?

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Ha, I knew we missed this when we first hit it so your instincts were right but I wasn’t gonna let it slide!

  • Rick Marshall

    B.J. and the A.C. = “Baby Jesus and the Anti-Christ”?

  • Every time I watch a new episode I typically become more and more confused as to what is actually going on. Thank god for this podcast and hearing both of your theories, it definitely clears some things up for me!

  • susan appleby

    Fyi: guys, we were totally ready to back you up in chat last night. I know Josh was at Comic-Con. Just wanted you to know your fans were there to cheer you on with your recap of this emotionally draining show.

  • James Griffin

    Finally catching up to the Leftovers and wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas, Josh and Antonio 🙂 .