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House of Cards Chapter 41 & 42 Recap Podcast – Back to Back Episodes

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House of Cards Season 4 Premiere Recap with Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks covering Chapter 41 & 42


Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Zach Brooks (@BrooksZa)recap the Chapter 41 and 42 of the Netflix original series “House of Cards”.  Our recap of Chapter 41 was recorded BEFORE watching Chapter 42 and is completely free of spoilers from that episode.

Our Chapter 42 Recap starts at 39:00 

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  • Linus Wesley

    Great episodes and great podcast. When Lucas was breaking down crying after the failed meeting, I got the idea that what if the arc they are building for him is that he’s going to sink all the way to the bottom where he doesn’t see any hope and decides to just try to assassinate Frank. And as I’m typing this I realize that if Claire is the vice president when that happens she would become president. It might be a bit too crazy!

    Can’t wait to watch the rest of the season.

    • Linus Wesley

      Actually I can and will wait to watch the rest of the season.

  • Johnny De Silveira

    Great job guys, so glad it’s back.

    Just a couple of comments. The SOTU is held in the house of representatives and is a joint session of both the house and the U.S. Senate. So there are only so many seats. I can totally buy that Frank had to arrange for Celia to have a prime seat in the gallery since she’s the daughter of a long time congresswoman.

    Going forward, if it please everybody else, I’d love if you guys stayed at one episode a day. I could get ahead if you guys want to cover more but I like the pace we’re at and the suspense along the way.

  • Austin Thind

    I really like the format of combining the episodes. It’s really convenient to have two go up as once, instead of waiting for one each episode. I didn’t even watch 41 and 42 back to back and I still thought this works better. That being said i tend to watch 2 episodes at once and that format obviously really works in those instances as well

  • Amanda Quist

    I strongly prefer the original timing, even if the podcasts are shorter, but will listen regardless of how you continue.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    I also agree that Claire being Vice President is not that bad of a deal…..better than having her work against you, right? Especially when she knows basically every dirty little secret of his…..So the outrage from Frank was a little overly dramatic for me….it was like Claire just told him she’s gonna tell the entire world all his secrets and put him behind bars for life. It’s just smarter to accept the deal Frank~ >_<

    Plus after this episode, if Seth doesn't die by the end of the Season….I'll be pissed….How dare he suspect Meechum?!? xDDD He really sucks….shocked he didn't get fired on the spot for even mentioning it….even Doug was stunned (Did you guys see his face? Priceless…) Now that Doug's back and being as badass as ever…..why is Seth still there? He needs to go ASAP!!!

    The Lucas storyline is turning out better than expected…..really excited to see where it goes and how it will come to play for the rest of the Season….hopefully him becoming an assassin is the plan….that will for sure make thrilling TV!

    Great podcast as always guys…..looking forward to the next episode! I do personally prefer the one podcast a day format….but with so much going on at the same time right now….I'm surprised we're getting any at this point~ As long as they keep coming, I'll be following….

  • VeronicaMae

    If it’s easier to combine the episodes from a publishing standpoint I don’t see any issues, I just wish I knew that it wouldn’t actually be “combined” within the ep or I would have listened to the first half after watching Chapter 41, I don’t usually like listening to recaps after seeing more than that episode. Not a problem for the rest of the season though.