House of Cards

House of Cards Season 5 Premiere Recap | Chapter 53

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House of Cards 2017: Season 5 Premiere | Chapter 53

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House of Cards Season 5 Premiere Recap with Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks covering Chapter 53

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  • BeetlePimp

    After the climate and the Apprentice he ruined House of Cards too 🙁 Thanks Mr.President

    • dogdoc

      WOW, he sure is having an impact on your world. POWERFUL

  • Edwin Hernandez

    Wasnt that into this episode…

  • dogdoc

    OK, guys, just need you to know that in my little world of women, Conway ( Joel Kinnaman) is one of the HOTTEST actors out there! He was fantastic in The Killing and who cares about the Robot thing………….the hottest bad boy there is!

    Secondly, Rob, I am so appreciative of your staying Switzerland in politics, but I wish you would check yourself on the “for Trump or against Trump ” comment. Hope you can see that is reflective of a black/white viewpoint, which most of us do not have. …or at least those of us who stay informed and live in the politically informed and silently observant world. ( would you refer to another presidency as “pro-Obama or anti-Obama”? Probably not. You seem to be somewhat informed- surely you are above buying into an all or nothing mentality??)

    Great job you two…………..