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13 Days of House of Cards: Season 2, Episode 1 Recap


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Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks host HOUSE OF CARDS LIVE and discuss the premiere of Season 2 of the Netflix Original Series. Join in the fun as we talk about all the House Of Cards Season 2, Episode 1.


On this episode, Rob and Zach will discuss:

  • Just how shocking was the death of Zoe Barnes?
  • Did Frank intend to kill Zoe or was that a spur of the moment action?
  • Was this the greatest episode of House of Cards ever?
  • Whats next for Janine and Lucas?  Are they going to be dead soon too?
  • How low was it for Claire Underwood to threaten Jillian’s baby?
  • How much did we love the final scene of the show where Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) broke the fourth wall to talk to the audience?
  • What is going on this season with Doug and Rachel the hooker?
  • What is going to happen next with Frank’s choice for his successor?
  • Where do we think the story is headed in Season 2 of House of Cards.

Join us LIVE again on Saturday, February 15 when we will be back for our discussion of House of Cards Season 2, Episode 2 – Chapter 15 – at 7 pm ET /  4 pm PT.

Recapping the premiere of the Netflix Original Series House of Cards, Season 2, Episode 1

Frank Underwood is Back!

  • Hiattfyde

    I plan on going the full marathon with RHAP. Might have to invest in a sweet headband first.

  • David Allen

    No spoilers from me but binged five episodes today and then went back to hear your thoughts on episode one. Will be watching an episode of PSRecaps a day but after this runaway train premiere I couldn’t stop today’s binge.

    • Thanks for keeping it spoiler free!! Some people feel the need to run their mouth like Zoe Barnes.

  • Agrippas

    Thank you for the recap, I really enjoyed it.
    I was planning on watching two episodes per day, but now I decided to join the RHAP marathon (with one episode per day).
    And congratulations for the new website.

    • Thanks Agrippas! Much easier to digest one show a day.

  • Matthew Gregg

    Have only seen the first episode so far but going into S2 I’m looking forward most to Doug’s arch and how it plays out.
    BTW what other shows can we look to see you podcast additionally on? True Detectives?

    • I think we started the site too late in the season for True Detectives, but definitely for next season.

  • Jordan Pangelinan

    I’m going with a “delayed start” marathon, if you will. Watching the episodes followed immediately by the podcast the next day.

  • afca_oc

    Couldnt help myself watching it all in once, great recap, will try to watch them all

  • masbond84

    have finally just started on watching House of Cards Season 2. And yes, what an episode. I have got a hunch that Zoe Barnes will be killed this season cos I followed Emmy odds on GoldDerby and saw she was submitted as a guest actress. When I heard the hog killing description and saw Zoe at the train, I knew that it was going to happen. Even with that, to see the scene itself was still a very shocking thing. I’m going to watch an episode and alternate it with the podcast. But yes, can’t wait to see how it turns out. And a great podcast btw!