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House of Cards Season 2 Episode 13 Finale Recap: Chapter 26


Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks recap the season 2 Finale of House of Cards, episode 13 as they review Chapter 26 of the Netflix original series.  In this episode we will recap the finale and take a look back at the second season of House of Cards.

In this podcast, we will discuss:

  • How believable was Frank Underwood in his interview on ’60 Minutes’?
  • Was it the right move for Walker to offer a pardon to Tusk?
  • How smart was it for Walker to retract the pardon on the way to Tusks hearing?
  • Why was Claire Underwood crying after talking to Trisha Walker?
  • Was there a significance to the Opera music in this episode?
  • Is Gavin being set up to be the villain of Season 3 of House of Cards?
  • Was it believable that Frank’s letter to the president would be as effective as it was
  • Was Remy ever really going to testify or was it trick to make Tusk give up the President?
  • Where does Remy end up next season?
  • Who has Frank Underwood tabbed for the Vice President?
  • Did Frank seem a little cavalier about whether or not the letter got burned in the fire?
  • Did President Walker seem like he 100% trusted Frank and forgot about all of the things he had said about Frank over the last 2 episodes?
  • Are we going to continue to follow Rachel’s storyline in Season 3 of House of Cards
  • What will President Underwood say about the death of his chief of staff, Doug Stamper?
  • What was the significance of Frank Underwood knocking on the desk?
  • Where will the story pick up in Season 3 of House of Cards?
  • What were the best and worst story lines of Season 2 of House of Cards?

We’ll continue to follow the House of Cards news.  Keep sending us your feedback and if we have enough questions to answer, we’ll come back with another House of Cards podcast before Season 3 comes back.

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  • ScottWC

    IMO, the significance of the TAP TAP is like the double tap of a gunshot. The second tap confirms the kill.

  • Tvaddic

    I beileve the end of the show is going to be Frank being reelected, and him saying something like, “They don’t know what they are in for” to the camera.

  • Phil The-Issues-Guy

    You were right Rob, Ford was never elected to any office. Nixons VP, (Agnue *sp*) was impeached and then Ford was named VP then Nixon resigned and ford was president. So same as Frank, never actually elected.

    • Thanks Phil!

    • Snazzy Bean

      Agnew wasn’t impeached. He was charged by the US Attorney in Maryland with bribery, fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion for when he was Gov of MD, then charged with bribery as the VP. He pleaded no contest to tax evasion with the condition that he resign as Veep. Then Nixon appointed House Leader Gerald Ford as VP.

  • NatalieKuchik

    I think the story about his dad was bullshit. Just because I watched season 1 last week, and all of season 2 this week so it is fresh. When he went home about that peach he told a bullshit story about his dad to those parents before revealing to the audience his dad was a quiet and boring man who died of a heart attack in his 40’s. If he was a quiet man I don’t see him causing terror.

    Rachel needs to go away. I love Gavin (and the actor, especially in It’s always sunny) so I am hoping he gets more air time. I also love Freddy but I guess he is done for the show?

    In the first episode of this season it was his birthday, and now in this last episode Claire said his birthday was a couple weeks away so this season took place over 1 year.
    The ending was amazing! I totally thought Frank was going to talk to the audience when he looked up, was not expecting the 2 taps.