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House of Cards Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Chapter 28

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+Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and +Zach Brooks (@brooksza) continue 13 straight days of recapping House of Cards season 3.  Join us for our recap of the 2nd episode (Chapter 28) of Season 3 of the Netflix Original series House of Cards.

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  • Amanda Quist

    I disagree with all of this conception talk. My read on the eggs is first that they symbolize new life. Frank and Claire both were attempting to breath life back into botched plans/obstacles. With the egg in Frank’s hand, he finds new political strategy with strong action items. Claire, likewise, loses a vote but forges on regardless. The black egg is uncanny for Claire—she sees it as unnatural, almost like Fear Factor’s 100 year old egg or perhaps as simply a “bad egg,” which is ironic since you could certainly make the case that Frank and Claire are both bad eggs. Finally, the cracked eggs at the end of the episode show the fragility of the new life, the plans and schemes they are creating.

  • Anna

    (Un)fortunately, I could not stay patient and I already binge-watched the whole season. But I will still listen to each podcast because I love to hear your thoughts!

  • Tom Oosterbroek

    Ohhhhh, How awesome that you are recapping the new HoC season.

    I already bingewatched it al in a day, but some afteraction stuff is always welcome.

    Rob, are you watching 12 monkeys perchance? It’s greaaaat stuff.

  • KB

    I thought Frank having the black egg meant he was a bad egg. WIth Claire I was thinking she is going to do something underhanded to get the UN job and the phrase “you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette” came to mind. Babies didn’t cross my mind at all I thought the only reason Claire went to the fertility doctor was to figure out how to screw her employee by withholding medication.