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House of Cards Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: Chapter 29

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+Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and +Zach Brooks (@brooksza) continue 13 straight days of recapping House of Cards season 3.  Join us for our recap of the 3rd episode (Chapter 29) of Season 3 of the Netflix Original series House of Cards.

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  • hint

    I had no idea that Pussy Riot is something that many people in America have heard nothing about. I live in Eastern-Europe and you’d think they are kinda the 3rd biggest thing known about Russia after vodka and Putin nowadays. They been highest level of publicity for years with their political actions and esp when they were imprisoned, they got so big that even Putin couldn’t bury them. Nobody has heard any of their songs tho, it’s more about the msg I think.

    • Meb

      Most Americans are very familiar with Pussy Riot by now (their story like you said, not their music). I have no idea how Rob and Zach were so clueless :/

      • Daryl Allen

        Agreed, I was shocked that neither of them knew this one.

        • I listen to so many podcasts I just don’t have the ear bandwidth to also keep up with music!

          • Daryl Allen

            Understood. I actually have no idea what any of their music sounds like, but they were a big deal in the news around the time of the Sochi Olympics.

  • The closing music video was a poor choice. A real House of Cards’ “Bear and the Maiden Fair” moment which coincidentally aired for another “season 3 episode 3”.

  • Bael_The_Bard

    They did such a good job with Petrov untill Russians-vodka stereotype.

  • Jason Reed

    Don’t you guys think Frank should be a little more concerned about the Rachel problem? She is a big loose end out there and he doesn’t seem to be dedicating any actual resources on finding her.

  • Charles Bikle

    FYI, the protestors were protesting Petrov’s anti-gay stance (as shown in the beginning of the show) and it was PETROV that wanted Pussy Riot there (Frank says something about Petrov wanting them there as a photo-op to show him hangiong out with them.)

  • Charles Bikle

    Spacey kinda-sorta played a Bond-style villain

  • Charles Bikle

    AGAIN !

  • TarafromLI

    I would recommend the HBO documentary Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer. It came out a few years ago.