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House of Cards Season 4 Feedback Show

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House of Cards Season 4 Feedback Show


Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Zach Brooks (@BrooksZa) answer your feedback questions from the Netflix original series “House of Cards” all about Season 4




  • Avery Gordon

    I’m with Zach on Cersei being more reprehensible. Cersei can be cruel just to be cruel (or for enjoyment), but Claire is only cruel to serve a purpose.

    • gabriel caswell

      Patti Hughes FTW

  • gabriel caswell

    PolicyPaul – Google FDR. Elected President 4 times.

  • gabriel caswell

    Also. In terms of female anti-heroes…don’t forget Patti Hughes (Danages…who is on par with Frank Underwood).

  • gabriel caswell

    Neve Campbell: safe deposit box-gate.

  • peter

    Im shipping doug and shmoopy conway, shes sick of her husband doug gets an upgrade from laura moretti. cant get enough of shmoopy stamper

  • Mary Sherman

    Just binged HOC and listening to podcasts. One HUGE suggestion for the final (?) season in 2017…..get a woman to join you two. And I mean like a grown up woman, like Sarah Freeman, or Jessica Leise or Amy from Bachcast. I think you two are great, but sense you have a problem with understanding Claire Underwood frequently. She seems to be under-discussed in terms of character, motivations, maliciousness and strengths/weaknesses. I think adding one of these women (esp first two) would greatly enhance the podcast. There is enough time for one of them to binge prior to final season!! Just saying..