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House of Cards | Season 5 Finale Recap | Chapter 65

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House of Cards 2017: Season 5 Finale Recap | Chapter 65

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House of Cards Chapter 65 Finale Recap with Rob Cesternino and Zach Brooks

Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and Zach Brooks (@brooksza) finally close the book on Season 5 of Netflix’s political drama ‘House of Cards’ with this recap podcast of Chapter 65.

Rob & Zach will be back (we assume) for Season 6! In the meantime, please check out all our other great content here on Post Show Recaps and leave us an iTunes rating at Until we meet again!

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  • Anna

    I also didn’t like the reveal that Frank had planned everything. I would like to see him have the rug pulled out from under him more. But overall, I liked the finale and the season. I thought it started strong, and I agree there were a couple episodes in the middle that were just okay, but the last few episodes were great. And as always, thanks for the podcasts!

  • dogdoc

    So appreciative of this podcast, guys. No one I know watches this so it is great to hear you discuss the episodes. I like even better that I did not watch then listen, I was spoiled prior to listening.
    Rob, I always knew you were sneaky, but you have an incredible intuition for what was happening. Wondering if you have a future in writing.
    Thanks much!!!

  • dogdoc

    btw, must be a S6 here, Claire is suddenly scared shitless by where she is and who she has surrounding her. She is realizing that she needs Frank for her confidence, I think. Would not bother me if he does kill her….just for fun, here.

  • homertownie

    Thanks for doing the season recap. I stopped watching “House of Cards” when the wife became VP — that is just beyond anything believable to me, especially during that election period. It was interesting to see how far they would continue that plot line so I enjoyed the podcast without watching the show.