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How To Get Away With Murder | Most Shows Recapped Ep 19

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On this week’s Most Shows Recapped, Josh Wigler, Rob Cesternino, Antonio Mazzaro and a very special guest star come together to talk about How to Get Away With Murder, the ABC drama starring Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis as troubled (and troublemaking) attorney Annalise Keating. The crew also discusses a little bit of Scandal, not much at all about Grey’s Anatomy, and they pick the brain of their special guest’s television viewing habits. It’s the freakiest podcast of the week.

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  • susan appleby

    You guys, Colony is turning out to have surprises. Maybe another podcast about it

    Love your work as always. Really enjoy this podcast.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      I’ve been saving them, but I had a feeling this would happen (surprises)

  • Lance Davis

    How about an episode of Most Shows Recapped breaking down the new film released by Funny or Die, TRUMP: THE ART OF THE DEAL, starring Johnny Depp? That could be podcasting GOLD.

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      This has been suggested. I may look into it. Rob and Mike Bloom are the Trump experts in our podcast world from their Celeb Apprentice podcasts so maybe Mike would be a good guest.

      • Lance Davis

        Going “Full Bloom” on TRUMP: THE ART OF THE DEAL? I can dig it. Thanks man.