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Jessica Chastain Hosting Saturday Night Live Recap | Jan 20 Recap

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Rich Tackenberg and Mike Bloom give their thoughts on this week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Jessica Chastain with musical guest Troye Sivan.
  • Matthew Murphy

    Way more preachy than funny. After 30-45 minutes, the Trump bashing tends to wear out its welcome, but I guess they had to make up for a last weeks show that made fun of everyone instead of just one side. Hope the show can try to focus more on comedy next week.

    • I basically feel that way about the whole of season 43 so far. It’s all extremely preachy and focused on making a point rather than actually being funny. And by focusing on making fun of Trump so much they’re losing what makes the show so unique. Now half the time I’m just seeing a political sketch or a digital short or an update joke that I’ve seen on a talk show or daily comedy news show earlier in the week, or on my Twitter feed tbh. I know SNL has always made fun of politicians, and I’m not American so I don’t have as much vested interest in it as others maybe, but the jokes are there for everyone already every time they watch or read the news. It’s tiring and lazy the amount they lean on it for comedy.

      • Matthew Murphy

        I agree.

  • Suzi!

    This week I laughed much more then usual.
    The cold open was much funnier than AB as Trump.
    What Even Matters Any More was too predictable for me, but done well. Of course we knew that nothing would matter.
    The musical guest seemed like he was trying to be the next Bieber with the hairdo. I took bathroom and kitchen breaks during his songs.
    I thought You Get Stormy was well-written if not all that funny.
    The princes were funny visually but not the material so much.
    Yeah the toothpick bit dragged on too long.
    Be back later to finish the podcast.

  • Kolohe

    What bugged me about the Mueller bit was something they did more than once in the runnup to Nov 2016. Where the comedy game was ‘oh Trump is finished now, and we’re laughing at his downfall’ – before it actually happened. (E.g. Lin-Manuel Miranda in his opening monologue)

    • Matthew Murphy

      That and the physical bit at the beginning when it was Obama’s doctor that actually cleared him. They seem to be making jokes on what they want to happen instead of reality.