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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 9 of the 42nd season of Saturday Night Live with host John Cena & musical guest Maren Morris, broadcast on December 10, 2016!

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  • Mike Hasher

    Seems like u guys didn’t like this episode as much kinda like last years middle December spot with Chris hemsworth did you guys catch Cecile’s character telling Che “do we have a Leslie Collin thing ” and where was Pete and sasheer so many places where she could have been but Cecile was instead

  • Mike Hasher

    Also will we see the rock do one lady the rock Obama sketch before his term ends or a possible hosting time with the first episode of the year plus it would put him in the five timers club?
    When will see any of bobbys characters on update

    • MCBAR

      Do you mean Dwayne Johnson


    Have the update characters and different sketches been affected from the lack of solid impressions/characters with the void of taran killam and jay pharaoh

  • Alex Curran

    Disappointed Rob and Rich didn’t mention the one and only Hilary joke that died, Jost had a nice recovery though.

  • sunny

    i had never seen dykes and fats before and i thought it was hilarious

  • ames

    Rich Tackenberg is the worst RHAP host of all time. Hates Leslie Jones and Michael Che which is awful because we need to support people of color on this show. His repeat “joke” saying “uhhhh boyyyy” was not funny the first time let alone over and over each week. How on earth can someone critique a comedy show when they think it’s clever to repeat a joke constantly like a child. We watch SNL because it’s fun and funny, and then he just rips on the whole show and how unfunny it is? Why would anyone want to listen to someone rip apart a show we enjoy watching? Ugh, he’s the worst. Clone Josh Wiggler and just have him co-host for the love of God.

  • Brian Hough

    how come i can’t see a link to the audio/video? how is everyone else seeing it?

    • TarafromLI

      Hi, Brian. I don’t see it either. So, I’m listening now on my iphone.

    • Eart

      Yeah, it’s broken. Rob doesn’t seem to care.

  • This week was actually my favourite of the season so far. It was a nicer change of pace and style to go back to almost completely goofy and cheesy. It comes across as everyone’s having a lot more fun when they aren’t constantly taking the sketches to cutting political or social commentary. Also, Aidy Bryant needs to be let loose and put in the spotlight more often.

  • Suzi!

    Where’s the video? Where’s the audio?