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Jonah Hill Hosting Recap | SNL 2016

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Rob Cesternino (@robcesternino) and  guest co-host Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) review episode 14 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live hosted by Jonas Hill on March 5, 2016 with musical guest Future!


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  • Laws

    You blindsided us with a surprise Mike Bloom appearance!

  • tarynpreston

    Do you think that it was intentional to pronounce the name of the city (Fond du Lac) wrong in the sketch about the Wisconsin news people? They kept saying Fond du “Lock” when it is actually prounounced Fond du “Lack”, like whack.

    Incidentally, the SNL sketch was mentioned on my local news (I am a couple of hours away from Fond du Lac).

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      Haha I bet this was NOT intentional. Unless the gag is the newscasters are outsiders, which I definitely did not think was the point.

      Rob nailed this one, it was (I think) supposed to be a send up of how low stakes and low quality a local news broadcast would be in a town like Fond du Lac. It’s not shocking that a room full of New Yorkers’ comedic ideas about this and loose and magnified interpretations of the accents also ended up resulting in a mispronunciation of the town’s name.

      If anything, newscasters are very much trained to have as flat a Midwestern accent as possible, and Fond Du Lac is exactly the kind of smaller market where people get their start. So this skit was already a little tweaked from the jump. I thought it was VERY funny regardless. Taran as the lottery number reader had me laughing out loud HARD.

  • Charles Bikle

    This is what we’ll see on next show’s “good nights”…

  • Antonio Mazzaro

    I really feel Mike is right and Rob is a little off on the Trump/SNL issues.

    It is unquestionable that Trump has only gotten worse since his SNL hosting gig last November. However, there were plenty of reasons for SNL to NOT have Trump host even in November, not the least of which was Trump being racist and constantly throwing red meat to the very audience SNL attempted to parody over the weekend. Remember, an in-audience Larry David provided one of the best moments of the Trump episode by poking fun at the bounty to call Trump a racist from the audience.

    Trump has gotten worse since then (the Muslim database/deportation comments came after this, the David Duke stuff came after this) but again it is unquestionable the very things SNL seeks to pillory Trump for now were present and active when SNL brought him on stage in November.

    I thought the parody this weekend was VERY funny, but I think SNL has absolutely no teeth on this issue right now. And while I agree with Rob that the cast (especially Che) has taken the opportunity to really bash Trump after the hosting gig, I just don’t think SNL has any ounce of high road and teeth on this issue.

    All that said, I also agree with Rob that there’s probably little regret. The Trump episode remains the highest-rated of the season–ahead of David, Fey/Amy, and previous ratings legend Melissa McCarthy.

  • Joaquin Sharpe Jr.

    Do you think it’s starting to become a coincidence that the first episode of March of the past two years this year included is gonna be terrible? Jim Parsons in 2014 was bad and so was Dakota Johnson last year!

  • Charles Bikle