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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hosting Recap | SNL 2016 LIVE

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Listen to the Podcast:


Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) and  Rich Tackenberg (@richtack) review episode 18 of the 41st season of Saturday Night Live with host Julia Louis-Dreyfus & musical guest Nick Jonas broadcast on April 16, 2016!

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  • Matt Racine

    bounce back show for SNL. really enjoyed Julia as host, as she can still bring laughs when the writing isn’t top notch

  • Ryan Alexander

    Are you guys going to post an audio version of this podcast? I’d love to listen to it but the Blab version doesn’t seem to want to load properly.

    • Charles Bikle

      Yeah, having the same problem.

    • Mike Bloom

      Sorry about that video error! Audio version should be up now.

  • Charles Bikle

    Just opened this page in a few other browsers, so it’s not a browser issue. At this point, I think the jury is in: BLAB is either a piece-of-shit program or you guys just don’t know how to use it properly; I’m inclined to believe it’s the former.

    • Mike Bloom

      Audio version should be up for your listening pleasure, Charles!

  • Mike Bloom

    Quick update for you guys: There seems to be a bug with Blab processing the podcast (I apparently have horrible luck with Blab whenever I guest on SNL). Luckily Rich and I recorded backup audio, so hopefully should be available in the next couple of days.

    So sorry about that, but I hope you enjoy what we offer this week!

    • Mike Bloom

      Update to the update: Audio version is currently up!

  • homertownie

    Julie was good, but the material was really bad this week. I don’t find these skits you excuse as “fun but not funny” to fun, and they certainly aren’t funny.

    The reason the crowd murmured on the Weekend Update joke about telling college women it is dangerous to drink too much at parties is because that violates a huge new PC rule on college campuses, and the crowd couldn’t figure out whether the joke was violating that rule or supporting the PC rule.

  • Efrt

    Annoying background noise whenever Rich speaks. Sounds like someone is vacuuming while he talks.

    Oh and outside of “God is a boob man,” this SNL episode sucked.