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JUSTIFIED: Alive Day | Season 6 Episode 6 Recap


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The choo-choo train has come to a stop, but we’re just getting started here on the JUSTIFIED podcast at Post Show Recaps!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) team together to talk about season six episode six, titled “Alive Day.” It’s an interesting title, because — SPOILER ALERT — it just so happens to be Choo Choo’s dead day. Josh and Antonio pour one out for the unexpected breakout character of season six, talking about where everything went wrong for the big lug.

“Alive Day” moves several other pieces into interesting spots on the board, including a new nemesis for Boyd, new cracks in Avery Markham’s delicate operation, and a big bombshell of bad news for Ava Crowder. But it’s not an entirely neat package, either; for the first time in a very long time, Josh and Antonio have a bone or two to pick with JUSTIFIED.

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Justified returns with the 6th and final season Jan 20th on FX.

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  • susan appleby

    So sad.Too many quick deaths.

    Since you guys mentioned the pilot, any chance the Florida bad guys from the pilot are involved here some way?

    • BHFan

      I’m afraid Art’s in danger, but I can’t decide from who. It may be Art gets involved if he thinks Raylan may be cutting some corners and try to help get him back in line to save him from himself, and gets caught in the crossfire. I think he’s already suspicious and why he was in his old office when Rachel came in. Rachel really is a bit player this season. I wish we had Art recovered and bk at his desk for last season. I miss him

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Maybe my love of Wynn has blinded me, I don’t want to believe he’s the mole…but. Yeah, your idea makes sense. if it’s not Avery, and it’s not Katherine, who else could it be? The man in the middle makes sense. But, Wynn’s name has come up in the office so much in past seasons, wouldn’t ADA Vasquez have said something? Like, “hey, I know that guy”. Or is this another possible, tiny writing room hole that we can overlook? I will miss Choo-Choo. I was really hoping he’d be around most of the season.
    I’m just as confused about the Zacharaih thing. Was he trying to kill Boyd and had a conflict of conscience when he fell? Or did he set Boyd up, for him to save his life so that Boyd would trust him, so he could stab him in the back later? this story just isn’t tracking right for me.

    • susan appleby

      I don’t see Wynn as a mole. I think he would run before he would cooperate. There are several other criminal forces we have seen on Justified. I’m still thinking it’s possibly Markham out of all the people we have seen.

      Zechariah isn’t confusing to me. I can’t imagine that he would set up a complex fall to gain Boyds trust. He doesn’t need Boyds trust, he hates Boyd. He intended for Boyd to die in an accident, and have his body left in the mine shaft never to be found. When that didn’t work, he had to save Boyd. Now it isn’t a story of Boyd failing through old rotted boards, it’s a story, with a witness, that has Zachariah as the cause of Boyds death. He doesn’t want to be in that position. If anything, Ava would know that he killed Boyd.
      It’s two completely different scenarios : one death is an accident from being in an old mine; the other death directly results from Zachariah. He wanted an accidental death that couldn’t ever be linked to him.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        And also, to your point about Wynn, I don’t think you get to work for a man like Theo Tonin, who iwas pretty smart, and saavy, if you’re a rat. I think if he had been a mole at any point, the organization he worked for, would be able to sniff that out, and make him very dead.

        • Brendan Fitzpatrick

          ps, I was never confused by this show when I would drink while watching it. Maybe I need to go back to that.

    • BHFan

      I don’t see Wynn as the mole either. It just doesn’t make sense, but I don’t know who the mole is at this point. Plenty of suspects, but to what end? It wouldn’t be pleasant either way to put yourself in that position. Maybe it’s been in hiding in plain sight all along, and we’ve yet to figure it out. Arlo wouldn’t surprise me

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    i really didn’t like the Limehouse thing. it felt kind of Shoehorned in, and again, second time this episode, I didn’t understand the point or what was in it for him to do this. His philosophy was always to stay out of this stuff, and not get involved unless he had to, not stick himself in the middle of a situation. So, this just felt weird.

    • susan appleby

      He warned Ava not to mess around with him. He can’t afford to be made a fool of, like Ava did to him. Plus, Errol knows what the story was, so Limehouse would lose respect if he did nothing.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        You’re right, does make sense given all of that. I guess I just don’t know what’s really in it for him to do it…Does he really think, given their history, that Boyd is going to reward him for this information?

        • susan appleby

          Not really. I think he hates Boyd and wants to hurt him, as well as punishing Ava. He is also letting Boyd know that he knows Boyd is up to something big and frightening to Ava.

  • BigJ8806

    What if Arlo was the snitch? Maybe when Avery said the line about never herd of any gibbons before was just foreshadowing and we find out that Arlo was like a pissed off underling that went rat back in the day, I know im stretching here but jsut a thought.