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JUSTIFIED: Collateral | Season 6 Episode 12

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The JUSTIFIED podcast heads for the hills, as Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) recap the penultimate episode of the series, “Collateral.”

In today’s podcast, Josh and Antonio discuss the converging paths of Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, Ava Randolph and Avery Markham; like the aligning of the planets, if those planets carried guns and hated Wynn Duffy’s guts. As the final season of JUSTIFIED draws to a close, so many obstacles remain up in the air. Will any of these gunslingers leave Harlan alive? We’ll find out in one week.

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Justified returns with the 6th and final season Jan 20th on FX.[/caption]

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  • susan appleby

    Great podcast.

    Glad you are doing a live show next week.

    This episode had a number of moving pieces that don’t entirely make sense to me. The reversal of Boyd out of jail and Raylan in jail is a clever idea, but I don’t see where it’s leading for Raylan.

    Next week in one episode we have to deal with:
    The money v everyone
    Markham v Loretta
    Markham v Wynn
    Loretta v Boon
    Raylan v Boyd
    Raylan v Boon (and Jenny)
    Raylan v the marshals
    Ava v Markham
    Ava v Boyd
    Ava v Raylan
    Raylan v wife and baby with a heart defect
    Raylan v dirty cops

    Too many loose ends?

    Who do you think gets the money?

    PS. I certain Wynn used the same bracelet that Katherine stole.. ( Did he have her ring too? I didn’t notice. )He stole it from her body and hid it in the toothpaste at some point before the cops got to the Wynn mobile murder scene.

  • susan appleby

    Odds that Wynn is going to save Ava and take her away from Harlan in the dog grooming van?

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      I really like that theory, that Wynn helps Ava escape. That would be a nice ending. I think it’s about 100 percent certainty that Boyd would have to die, in order for that to happen though. If Wynn dies in the finale, I am going to riot. I’d say there’s better odds that she runs off with Wynn, than Raylan takes the money and quits the marshall’s service altogether. I think he quits, but it won’t have anything to do with the money. we already saw the Money thing happen back with Winona, I don’t think he’d go down that road again.

      • Brendan Fitzpatrick

        I think better odds, is that Wynn/Ava take some of the money, the rest gets left on Loretta’s doorstep. (there’s no way she dies right?)

      • susan appleby

        Hey Brendan. Thanks for the response. I completely blocked that episode with Winona stealing the money from my memory.

        I don’t think Boyd survives. Though it is a little annoying that he keeps surviving near death experiences. Annoying because it’s stretching credibility in a show that is fairly credible not because he survives.

  • Emily

    To answer your question from the podcast, yes the bracelet Wynn had was Catherine Hale’s. Also, he had her ring. He stole them off her body. Which is just like him to do, which is pretty funny.
    And, wait, you guys are actually debating whether or not Boyd is going to die? He is so not going to make it out of this alive. Haha, or at least I’m pretty sure he’s not. I’m sure it’ll be sad though.

    Plus, I like what was said and the Ava character. Good thoughts.
    Can you believe the series finale is tomorrow?!