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JUSTIFIED | Goodbye, Harlan County

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They say you’ll never leave Harlan alive, but hopefully you have better luck with the final episode of the JUSTIFIED podcast!

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) close the book on their coverage of JUSTIFIED, engaging in a wide-ranging discussion about the series finale, the final season, and the show’s place in the pantheon of great TV dramas. Josh and Antonio field questions from the listeners as they reflect on what made JUSTIFIED so special, and why they’re sad — but fulfilled — now that it’s all over.

As for what’s next? Well, let us know! Josh and Antonio will be covering THE LEFTOVERS when it returns for season two, but they’re wide open to suggestions for their next podcast series. Reach out to them on Twitter, in the comments below, or through our feedback form.

Thanks to everyone who listened along to the JUSTIFIED podcasts over the last several months. It’s time to say goodbye to Harlan County, but we’ll see you again in Upstate New York.

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    I might cry a little while listening to this. I’ll miss this. But the spirit of the show shall live on in the archives. I too thought it was incredibly fitting, that after Justified ended, they finally caught the Kentucky Bourbon thieves. . Thanks again guys, for a great season of shows. We’ll always have Johnny’s Bar…

    • susan appleby

      Thanks for watching and posting your comments this season. I teared up listening as well.

  • susan appleby

    Thank you Josh and Antonio so much for podcasting this show. I was ecstatic when you announced you were podcasting it because you are such great podcasters. Next to battlestar galactica (which ended badly) it is my all time favorite show.

    I am so glad that we could watch this show together. Television viewing adds so much to the experience. I am so happy with the way this show ended. I will quote my favorite line from Dr. Who “just this once, Rose, everybody lives.” Everyone living is a bold and honest creative choice.

    Thanks for a fantastic final podcast about this show and the characters I loved.

    Love you guys.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      I wholeheartedly agree with Josh, that this should be on a Mt “Wigmore” of shows. It’s certainly on “Mt. Fitzmore” as one of my top 5 shows.

    • Emily

      Yes, these days it seems like every drama has to have major characters, especially the lead, die in a soul suckingly depressing way. It’s a refreshing change of pace that Justified had everyone live and have a relatively happy ending. I think that might have solidified it as one of, if not my, all time favorite show(right behind The Twilight Zone, admittedly). You expect one thing, and it takes you in a completely different direction that’s even better than you thought. Really gonna miss this one. Along with this podcast, I didn’t even listen to PSRecaps before! And great comment, I don’t watch Dr.Who, but that quote is perfect.

      • susan appleby

        I won’t bother to explain this clip in too much detail, except it’s Christopher Ecclesten playing a doctor damaged and in despair from war and death. They are in WWII London where an alien first aid kind of ship has released nanotechnology that doesn’t know what humans are supposed to look like and has been doing weird things to people in hospital.
        Oh,and Captain Jack makes an appearance.
        It may not make much sense to you. But it is pretty glorious.

        • Emily

          Wow, ok, I honestly had no idea what your comment said or what was going on in this clip, and I still don’t really, but holy cow, that ending was worth it! You were right, it made no sense to me, but it was definitely glorious. And oh my god, the way he delivered that line I think just affected my soul in some way. Haha, I can see why you picked that, and yes, it perfectly describes the series finale of Justified. Bravo, Susan!

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Hey guys, , any chance of getting a short follow up pod down the road with Mike Bloom, now that he’s #BingingBillie-ing Justified to get his thoughts?

  • ryan webb

    ROME final season was really good but only lasted 2 seasons.

  • hint

    About best last seasons of TV series, for me The Shield is still be far the #1.
    Some other shows you mentioned like The Wire and Breaking Bad were great throughout, with spectacular final seasons as well, but they don’t get close to how the build-up and conclusion of last 2 seasons of The Shield got to me. Sopranos, Lost etc I personally cared a bit less about.

    Justified was a show I liked a lot as well, but tbh I think I kinda faded out of this show a bit over years. Maybe it’s just me getting older and watching it pretty casually week after week or what, but during this final season I didn’t feel as engaged as normally during my very favorite past TV series. I will still heavily recommend it to anyone though, had great watching it and listening to your weekly podcasts about it. Great job guys and thanks 🙂

    • Emily

      In my opinion, The Shield was the best final season/series finale of any show ever. Breaking Bad came close, but not fully on Shields level. However, I know this is a big statement, but I think that Justifieds final season was just as good as Shields. Ah, I can’t understand why you would not feel engaged during it, but everyone’s got their opinions, and I’ll respect yours. Maybe if you watch it again after a while, you’ll like it more? Haha, I seriously feel it was the perfect way to end it.