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Justified: Noblesse Oblige | Season 6 Episode 3 Recap

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) just spent an entire night drinking the good bourbon and wearing cheerleader uniforms, and the result is this week’s JUSTIFIED podcast!

This week, Josh and Antonio are talking about episode three of season six, “Noblesse Oblige.” The episode sees Raylan Givens and Rachel Brooks looking into Boyd Crowder’s explosives supply, with Raylan making some unique threats and learning a thing or two about fatherhood along the way. In Boyd’s world, the little Crowder that could meets Avery Markham, the big bad wolf with a bad opinion of bourbon. As Boyd meets his new match, Ava makes some choices in her conflicting loyalties to Raylan and Boyd, but the jury remains out on where she truly lies.

And that’s not even mentioning Wynn Duffy’s thong.

Even if the smell of bourbon turns something inside you sour, you’re certain to love this week’s podcast. Send any questions, comments and shots our way on Twitter, in the comments below, or using the Post Show Recaps feedback form.

Justified returns with the 6th and final season Jan 20th on FX.[/caption]

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  • susan appleby

    Oh dear. I didn’t get to see this episode until tonight. from now on I will try to drag my Twitter out of mothballs for my questions.
    Love this episode.
    My question: parallels between Arlo taking the rap for Boyd a few seasons ago, and the guy who took the rap for his son with the Emulux. That was really chilling for me. Arlo actually set his son up for delivery into potential murder and torture. To see a father risk ruin and jail for his lawbreaking son, sort of broke my heart for Raylan and all he lacked from Arlo.

    My second question: don’t all these guys underestimate Ava? I wonder if you guys and the audience underestimate her too. She’s playing both sides ,and both guys, who she has complex history with, knowing that her life is balanced on the tightrope she’s walking. She’s had the guts to murder twice to save herself. I feel she is the key to the season and, remember, she has saved herself from death several times.

    I hope maybe you guys could please answer / consider these questions. But I will try to tweet next time.


    PS. I love these podcasts. You guys are so great. I’m so happy to share this show I love with the RHAP community.
    PPs. That means I’m a friend of the show too! There are a lot of us.

    • Josh Wigler

      Susan, you’re a GREAT friend of the show! Will tackle these as much as we can on the next pod. Particularly interested in that last theory.

      I’ll also just say, hope it’s clear that I love Ava Crowder, and that I think it’s entirely possible, if not probable, that she’s playing everyone. I just love that the show is managing to keep us from a clear answer, with a character we should know pretty well at this point. Really impressive writing.

      • susan appleby

        Thanks Josh. The acting is extremely strong too, as you guys said in the podcast.
        The problem with my theory about Ava getting pregnant is we don’t know how much time the season will last. I feel with all my knowledge of these characters that if Ava was pregnant, there is nothing Boyd wouldn’t do for her. I may be misjudging him, as we have seen murder his own relatives in cold blood. But I feel he would react to do anything to protect Ava and his child, much like Raylan did by setting up and passively allowing, Nicky Augustine’s murder.

        • Antonio Mazzaro

          Legal weed (or even hemp) is not yet legal in Kentucky, but it’s just the sort of thing to cause an outsider to tumble back into town. I think that’s a pretty solid observation Susan.

          • susan appleby

            Oh man, this episode and we get a final season that includes Lo-retta. I love that girl.

  • Harry Schaefer

    Great episode & great podcast! I had a couple of takeaways from the show tonight that may or may nor be relevant beyond this episode:

    – The barn where Boyd was taken; was it just me or did that look like it could have been the Bennett’s barn? Either they just use it as a convenient “barn” set or maybe Tigerhawk now owns the Bennett’s land?

    – As discussed on the podcast, there is more mining talk this season so far. I wonder if it is a coincidence that the Pizza Portal safe is below ground level?

    – On the previews for next weeks episode, I loved the callback to Raylan’s “60 second” speech from the Pilot. It’s funny that Raylan is so well known for that among the criminal community… 🙂

    On a side note, Choo Choo joins an elite list of TV characters that “like trains”

    – Choo Choo
    – Sheldon Cooper
    – George Michael Bluth (or is it jetpacks?)

    • Antonio Mazzaro

      It did sort of look like the Bennett’s barn. Will be interesting to see where this goes.

      Put yourself in a criminal’s shoes. If you know who Raylan Givins is you probably know he’s the guy who tells you he’s going to shoot you and then does.