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JUSTIFIED | Season 1 In Review

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are back to discuss the first season of JUSTIFIED, the FX drama about U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and his gunslinging adventures through Harlan County.

In season one, Raylan returns home to Harlan and encounters several ghosts from his past, including career criminals like Boyd Crowder, a man Raylan worked with in the coal mines when they were teenagers; Arlo Givens, Raylan’s manipulative father; Ava Crowder, a shotgun-wielding, take-no-nonsense woman who crushed on Raylan back in her youth; and much more.

Josh and Antonio talk about all of these characters and several others, not to mention the show’s first season in its entirety, in their look back on season one. You have 24 hours to finish the podcast, or else.

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  • susan appleby

    You guys. Ava did have dreams. Her first husband was supposed to be a football star. He was probably her way out of the town and her best shot at success. But then he got hurt. She went to hairdressers school and had a job. I think she really loved him. Yes, she has a sad story, but she isn’t a sad or helpless character.

    Ava is a fantastic character and Winona looks like a wimp next to her.

    (I posted that before I heard you guys discuss my comments from last week. Thanks for that.)

    Tim is an interesting character. I think we get to know him more later.

    This show is so well done with many great characters and good actors.
    I hope more people follow this show because it’s fantastic.

    This season is so action packed that it is hard to summarize. But you do a great job.

  • susan appleby

    I watched the show and I can’t keep the characters straight. So a short summary of things at the beginning of the first series

    Raylan Givens: protagonist, dead shot with the U.S. Marshals, gets transferred back to his home state of Kentucky after shooting a hit man who worked for the Miami cartel, in broad daylight at a crowded upscale restaurant. He is a sharp shooter and would be Wyatt Earl if he lived in the old west.

    Back home in Kentucky:

    He works with:
    Art Mullen: his boss at the Kentucky office, used to teach firearms with Raylan.

    Tim Gutterson: former army ranger, sniper and also crack shot.

    Rachel Brooks: tough woman who was in line to take over when Art retires.

    People from his past:
    Winona – ex wife court reporter now remarried to a goofball named Gary, a real estate agent.

    Boyd Crowder – overall antagonist, from a criminal family, used to dig coal with Raglan and an expert with explosives. Army veteran. Loves Ava.

    Ava Crowder- widow of Boyds brother, who she shot to death at the dinner table after he had beaten her. Detests Boyd.

    Bo Crowder – Boyds father and Avas father in law. In jail. Thought to be planning to kill Ava in retribution for his sons death. Head of the white criminal enterprise in Harlan. (There is great racial segregation.)

    Arlo Givens- Raylans father. Doesn’t love Raylan. Out for himself always. Criminal and untrustworthy.

    Helen Givens – Raylan aunt who married his father after his mother died. Decent. Helped Raylan get out of Harlan.

    Miscellaneous law enforcement people

    Sheriff Hunter Mosley- local sheriff of Harlan

    Assistant US Attorney David Vasquez – local federal prosecutor

    Jude Mike Reardon – local colorful judge

    Boyds gang
    Dewey Crowe – idiot but hilarious
    Johnny Crowder – Boyds cousin
    Devil Lennox – hanger on

    Outside criminal element
    Winn Duffy – works with Dixie Mafia
    Wins driver and body guard – can’t remember his name