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Justified: Sounding | Season 6 Episode 5 Recap

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Are you “aplexed” by the latest episode of JUSTIFIED? Sit back and let us explain it to you.

Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) team together, Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens and Constable Bob Sweeney style, to talk about the latest episode of JUSTIFIED, called “Sounding.” In the episode, Ava Crowder finally takes matters into her own hands, forcing Raylan to call upon his old buddy Bob for help — and Bob isn’t the only familiar face to resurface, either.

While Raylan chases down Ava, Boyd chases down Ava’s uncle, a LOST figure in Harlan history, for help in the pursuit of Avery Markham’s money. Speaking of Markham, his goons are forced to take drastic measures when several land owners suddenly reject their advances, with horrible repercussions for at least one man.

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Justified returns with the 6th and final season Jan 20th on FX.[/caption]

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  • susan appleby

    I thought that Ty Walker was going to suggest to Avery that Katherine was involved in how Boyd or Raylan knows about the properties. But maybe you guys are right that he was going to say something about the need to just slow down now that Raylan and the federal marshmallows.

    It’s aplexing.

    I can understand why Walker doesn’t take out Markham and steal his money. He’s terrifying. He’s a generous employer who has bought their loyalty. He has a complex organization back in Colorado who would come after them.

    Loved seeing Constable Bob and Errol. Adding Limehouse into the story really makes this even more interesting..You know he will be curious about Bob going after Errol. ( Though it makes sense that Ava would disappear when Errol was in trouble, how did she get away, with no car.) But Limehouse doesn’t go looking for trouble.

    Raylan and Ava. His weakness is beautiful woman in distress and they have a history. There is also the fact he told Ava repeatedly that everything was fine, when it wasn’t fine. She was dead on in her reading of the situation. Wynn and Katherine did suspect her and they were after her. He was wrong about that! But he did come through for her.

    Great podcast as always guys.

    • Brendan Fitzpatrick

      I agree, it’s really unclear if Boyd is back to doing this for Boyd, or if he’s still working for Katherine/Wynn. I am truly Aplexed. However, I love the new character from Jeff Fahey. How cool is it that the Episode 1 thought in the recap, that mining has to come back in to play, HAS come back in to play….

      • susan appleby

        Really smart insight on your part. And they brought it up in the show in such an unexpected way. Great thinking.

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    I 100% AGREE with you guys that this season, and re-watching season 5 right before 6 started, gives me a much better appreciate for 5, than i had coming out of watching it as it aired. I like it a lot more now, and it means a lot more now. I think i’ll like 5 even MORE again, when i finally get our friend Zach Brooks caught up to it. It might happen by the end of this season.

  • susan appleby

    So I decided something about Boyd. His motivation in life is that he becomes obsessed with something and refuses to let it go until he is forced to do so. Examples are his white supremacy, his religion, his dream of being in society, his house with Ava.

    He has an obsession that he and Ava will live together as the king and queen of Harlan. He may have had that idea since he was a boy who wanted Ava when she was married to Bowman. He will take any risk to reach his obsession. But it makes him blind to threats. Just as he did when he blew up the truck knowing it would enlarge his father, way back in season 1.

    Boyd is such an intriguing character. We saw him kill Dewey in cold blood. But we still root for him. He’s a little like Tony Soprano in that way, though I find Boyd is much more charming and much less menacing than Tony (who I was never a real fan of. Speaking of upstate New YOrk….)