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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Rich Tackenberg (@RichTack), straight from their turns cleaning the toilet pool, come together to recap the recently-wrapped first season of the new Fox comedy “The Last Man on Earth”.
Throughout the hour, Mike and Rich dive into a bunch of topics from the Will Forte-led project, including:
  • Which actors, contributors, or factors drew the two to the show in the first place?
  • How does the show handle its main character’s unlikable moments?
  • What are Rich and Mike’s opinions on how the season ended, and where would they like the second season to go?
and more. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to any of your sports ball friends!

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  • Craig

    Ahh Last Man on Earth. Fox’s foray into cable like comedy programing style. I found Last Man to be decent. Nothing special yet, but I think it could really grow into something. I felt the show began to sink a bit in the middle of it’s first season run, between making Phil (or are we formally referring to him as Tandy in the comments to not mix him up with the other Phil Miller?) a little too much of a jerk, and the addition of some plot lines that just seem way too far fetched to ever happen, *cough* cow *cough*, but the last episode really brought things back around. It’ll be interesting to see if they make this show kind of in a style like American Horror Story, where each season is really like a fresh start, with Phil and Carol traveling to a new place each season. I really hope they can get Jason Sudeikis for a good portion of the next season. I can see him and Phil as brothers. Commenting on the landscape, and possibly making a visit to the good people at the Vagisil factory.

  • Kathie

    Thanks for doing this, guys! I stopped watching after a few episodes, because I really couldn’t stand Carol. Now that I know she didn’t stay so completely insufferable, I’ll go back and watch at least some of the episodes. I don’t mind the spoilers.