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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 4 Feedback | G’Day Melbourne

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The Leftovers 2017: Season 3 Episode 4 Feedback Show | G'Day Melbourne

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Put down that baby a stranger just handed you because Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) invite you to enjoy some delicious morning show demo pancakes and hotel cigs. Are you in? 
This week on an especially-upbeat feedback show, Josh and Antonio talk YOUR comments on: the machine, questions about infanticide, child sacrifice in general, and sanctified testicles. Thanks, The Leftovers. Your move, other shows.
Make sure to get your questions and comments for future episodes in through Twitter and through our feedback form. You can also meow EMAIL your thoughts and questions to [email protected]m.
Josh and Antonio will be back next week to discuss all the Matt madness in Episode 5!

  • Matthew Murphy

    Still can’t help but think they comment about ducks going down but coming back up from episode 3 was a metaphor for Kevo.

  • DanG

    I buying into the “Nora is pregnant” line of thinking a lot more. Not sure it’s the reason the scientists rejected her. But, certainly a lot of foreshadowing for pregnancy. Not just a “baby changing” sign in restroom – but baby/cranes/etc. wallpaper on the wall. “Holy balls” line would make sense. and Nora’s adamant response that “absolutely no way” she could be pregnant… all makes for another possible miracle…

    I keep going back the the Nun’s line to “future Nora” of “love is in the air”… can’t help but think there’s some major change/event and a new age of happiness in future. Maybe the Nun wasn’t referring to Kevin Sr. or Jr. but Kevin III?

  • Charles Bikle

    “The dogs are not what they seem…”

  • reddevil7

    thanks, always enjoy your podcasts

  • GeekFurious

    Why I think Nora was denied:

    They have someone come up to her with a baby to see what she would do. She takes the baby, which is a display of kindness for the mother, a stranger. Then, when the bus arrives, and her deepest desire (or mission, however you look at it) could be jeopardized, she does not abandon the child. She does not know the woman. She does not know the child. And her grander purpose could end right there. Yet she chooses the baby’s well being over her own needs. The potential is still there she will make the bus, but there is no guarantee.

    Her answer about killing the baby goes against everything she did in that test.