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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 6 Recap | Certified

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The Leftovers 2017: Season 3 Episode 6  - Certified

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) are here to THERAPIZE you after this week’s somehow-more-traumatizing-than-usual, feels-smashing episode of The Leftovers. Truths are shared, camp bullies arc out into beautiful humans, and a cult podcast hit is back referenced. Because, The Leftovers. Stop if you’ve heard this one before.
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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    Still finding it really hard to talk about this episode. I have no feedback, other than my tweets Sunday night. I just can’t dwell on this episode without become a mental wreck. Thanks for breaking me Leftovers.

    • Andiamo

      This was a really tough episode for me too. Especially after such an absurdist theme all season, this was a hard fall back to reality.

      • DanG

        Amy Brenneman is a WONDERFUL actor-and I have loved her character for 3 years. But, taking a step back here..Laurie is the one who abandoned her family for a cult, Helped put fake Departed mannequins in people houses to terrify an entire community dealing with PTSD. Then changes her mind and screws-up a bunch of other people who are trying to leave a cult (leading to deaths). She’s a mediocre analyst who uses her skills to manipulate people for years and ends-up running a “Miss Cleo” scam from her upstairs bedroom (just to make her husband feel better?) – and in the end uses her skills as an analyst to essentially talk her ex-husband’s current squeeze into a suicide box. Then, drugs her father in-law, husband, step-son and some woman she just met, just so she can talk to Kevin for 3 minutes… I Love her… but, remind me again why she’s the “good guy”? Isn’t Laurie essentially mini-Meg or Almost-Patti? Does good “intent” justify bad deeds?

        • Charles Bikle

          Technically, she’s abandoned her family twice.

  • Charles Bikle

    With few exceptions, suicide is a cowardly & selfish act and that almost fits with Laurie’s character. I guess.

    If you had to rationalize her actions, one could argue that Laurie really did want to have the baby and having it “depart” left such a spiritual scar, that she couldn’t recover from and it eventually led her to this point. There’s no real world equivalent of the Departure for us to compare this to, so an act like suicide might make a little more sense in THAT world.

    • GeekFurious

      “With few exceptions, suicide is a cowardly & selfish act and that almost fits with Laurie’s character. I guess.”

      Probably the most ignorant thought about suicide possible. No, there’s no probably about it, this is THE MOST ignorant thought about suicide, period.

      RARELY does someone commit suicide for any reason other than long-term depression. Perhaps make an effort to learn about depression before speaking with such ridiculous confidence about something you clearly do not understand on even the tiniest level. Depression isn’t sadness. Depression isn’t being down for a little bit. Depression is a monster that TAKES YOU OVER. You are not yourself. You become something else… incapable of seeing a way out of a growing hole filling up with death.

      • Charles Bikle

        Oh please.

        Try to get over yourself.

      • Charles Bikle

        Also, I don’t share your beliefs on suicide and depression.

    • David Mayberry

      I would argue that the people who want them to stay because they love them, and they want them to continue living despite the fact that their loved one is suffering are the selfish ones, and there’s nothing cowardly about looking your own death in the face. Most people can’t imagine committing suicide because they go through life being so scared of their own death that they can’t imagine how someone could voluntarily walk away, but some people aren’t of this world.

      • TrentC

        And Laurie had a beatific look on her face right before she left. It was time for her character and Laurie felt it.

  • Charles Bikle

    From what we’ve been shown, most people seem are convinced that the Departure was some kind of spiritual event and that still makes me wonder if we’re just not seeing the theories of other people (mass UFO abductions, CIA funded experiment with LSD that went wrong, flat-Earth related, etc.) because everyone in the world of The Leftovers, just somehow “knows” that the Departure was spiritual in nature ?

  • DanG

    Glad I wasn’t the only person who realized that Laurie must be a big “Better Call Saul” fan (give me a dollar!)

    At what point did Kevin change from a Jesus character to Santa Claus?! I’m kind of mad everyone is giving him a list of stuff they want. (Dear Santa: Give me the lyrics of a song, give a message to my daughter, ask my children where they put their shoes)……

    JMO: Kind of creepy that the GR standing outside of Laurie’s office meant they probably had info. in their dossier about her loosing the baby (which made her a good target)..Which meant they knew about it— but Kevin never did. The concept of Laurie considering ending the pregnancy/then the Departure happened is very powerful. Rational-Laurie would say they are unrelated events. But, the Underlying-Cult joining-Certified Laurie can’t help but be broken and think the two are possibly be related.

    Loved the passing reference to Nora getting her IUD out… If you had any doubt she was going ‘in the box’ at that point .. but, also it still plays with the idea of pregnancy/immaculate birth (speaking of– the little picture of a boy behind Laurie in the kitchen when she’s about to dug the food – continues to play on the birth/death/re-birth theme too!)

    I know Laurie is supposed to be some sort of Google-master. But, why was she able to get the scientist’s secret address… not sure I followed that. But, I did love another “dogs-gone-wild” scene… Dog-pocalypse is coming!

    Nora seems 100% ready to get in box… but if so– then where is Future-Nora?!. I could see Matt getting in box — but, I thought it was someone who lost someone in the departure (not officially – but essentially). While technically Matt lost his neice/nephew – he’s always stood as someone who didn’t lose something at the departure..but afterwards.

    Totally agree that Laurie (inadvertently?) uses her skills – but often with very poor results.. Did she really leave Nora, Kevin, John in a good place??

  • Mano Tihin

    @roundhoward & @acmazzaro. – guys – are you gonna be doing New Twin Peaks postshow recaps?

    • tanja

      great question 🙂

    • Rubicon

      Was wondering that myself. They both love some cryptic shit.