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The Leftovers Season 3 Episode 7 Recap | The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)

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The Leftovers 2017: Season 3 Episode 7 Recap - The Most Powerful Man In The World (And His Identical Twin Brother)

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) went to great lengths to make sure you had this podcast about the penultimate episode of The Leftovers.
Biometrics aside, Josh and Antonio discuss how wonderfully The Leftovers does meta work, what the nuking of the International Assassin world means for the future of Kevin Garvey (or is it Harvey?), and what WE need for emotional closure from the finale.

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  • Matthew Murphy

    I can’t wait for Damon Lindleoff’s next show that’s only a season and a half remarkably mind blowing all the way through. Also I don’t think Lawrie is went through with the suicide. No sign of her in the afterlife really has me thinking she’s alive.

  • DanG

    Re: “no international hotel reference”, when alternate (special forces)-Dean (Michael Gaston) parachuted in to save Kevin (Harvey) on the beach – he did radio back “Kilo HOTEL is secure” (meaning K.H. is secure)… which was sort of a Hotel reference…

    Again. the fire alarm sound (this time in the bunker)… so, neat they slip that in to so many episodes.

    For those who remember The Prisoner TV show (Patrick McGoohan), the black and white Kevins had a lot of similarities.. very Meta.

  • TrentC

    I noticed the romance novel was bound in the same cover as Kevin’s Gospel. Deeper meaning or just world overlap?

    I find the entire Australian connection a fascinating puzzle, because we’ve yet to see anything concrete play out. We did hear a brief news report during season two, episode three about a man in Australia coming back from the dead who turned out to be David Burton. Beyond that we’ve had Kevin Senior and his drug trip, Chris Sunday and his non-song, David Burton now showing up three times in Kevin Junior’s alternate world, but no real action or event that supports the mystery.

    Flashforward older Nora looks to be living in a world of drought. Perhaps Kevin did have to stop it from raining, and in the process he inadvertently prevented it from ever raining again? I could see him hiding in the later years, with Nora changing her name and protecting his identity.

    Wacky theory of the day? There are huge timeshifts between worlds and when Kevin nukes the alternate-world, it causes the initial 2% departure to happen in the real world.

    Thanks as always Josh and Antonio. Love The Leftovers and you guys do the show a solid with your thorough (Justin?)…and interesting podcasts.

    • Andiamo

      Is it possible the Untitled Romance Novel becomes the Book of Nora?

      I don’t feel like the David Burton story is resolved. Why was he so important to Kevin’s story, especially since most of the important people in that world are people Kevin knows?

      I thought it was interesting Chris Sunday remembered Kevin Sr. Maybe he didn’t drink the water.

      • TrentC

        I’m not familiar with the Book of Nora. Judging by the last episode title, she may have a tiny role in the finale lol!

        I have the same thoughts about David Burton. He’s important enough to play a part three times in the alternate world, and have almost an entire episode dedicated to him in the real world a couple of weeks ago. I believe this was the writer’s intent to expose Burton as a major character going back to season two. As you mention, he plays a pivotal role in Kevin’s experiences in the alternate world.

        I thought Chris Sunday might make a funny quip about Kevin Senior rolling the wrong way off the roof and squashing him. I found it unique he goes from an Aboriginal elder who knows an old song, to the Prime Minister of Australia in the alternate world.

  • GeekFurious

    I predicted Kevin and Nora together at the end after episode 1. I’m sticking to it. And I think there was a hint at the Australian woman (I’m lazy and don’t feel like looking the name up) not being satisfied with his answer about her kids not knowing where their shoes were… and I think she will want answers and perhaps try to make Kevin go back somewhere he can’t. And that somehow makes him go into hiding with Nora.

    • Andiamo

      Something seems off about Grace and her story in general. How does she even know her husband departed? Why were the kids bodies all found in the same place? Why was she out shopping at 4:30am? Why couldn’t she get back until the next night? None of it seems right to me. But I can’t see them having a lot of time to devote to it, so maybe not.

      I got the same feeling after the exchange with Kevin. The shoe thing is such an obsession, I can’t see her letting it go. Also, how were they not more excited/amazed that Kevin came back to life?

      • TrentC

        Some good questions there. I’m a little fuzzy on Grace as well. Can you remind me how she knew a person named Kevin who was a cop would become a prophet for the world after he dies? That’s a vision containing some pretty specific info. And how come she didn’t try the same thing on Kevin Senior? He must have obviously told her his name. Wasn’t Kevin Senior found on a homemade monument with a bunch of children’s shoes on it?

        I admit to not watching the recent episodes with my full attention. Rather than rewatch a specific episode, I’m going to watch from the beginning of the series to find the things I missed. Thanks.

        • Andiamo

          She knew about Kevin because when she found Kevin Sr. he was holding one page of the Book of Kevin that he had ripped out before he threw the Book away. I remember it saying something about how Kevin crossed over and spoke to the dead and brought them comfort before coming back to life (this was supposedly after he drowned, which we know never actually happened, but Matt’s embellishment is what caused her to drown AU Kevin.) It must’ve also mentioned him being a cop.

          After she brought Kevin Sr. to her house, he was asleep for a couple of weeks. During that time is when she gathered a posse and went out looking for “Kevin.” When Sr. woke up, and they had that conversation where she tells him the story about her family, that’s when he told her she had the wrong Kevin. We didn’t see it, but I’m sure that’s when he tells her that his son is the real Kevin she’s looking for.

          Grace found Kevin at the monument she made for her kids on the spot where there bodies were found. Were there shoes there? I don’t remember.

          No problem, I don’t mind doing the cliff notes for you 😉

          • TrentC

            Grace puts a lot of import into a complete stranger with a hand written page talking about a complete stranger lol!

            I assume Kevin fleshed out what he could after he woke up, but by then Grace had already hunted and killed poor Aussie Kevin, the town sheriff.

            The more I think about Grace, the more I agree with your take on her. She’s important and for all of the wrong reasons. Too much of her story and actions are strange.

            Thanks for helping with the chronology Andi.

          • TrentC

            I hope you know you’re poking holes in my photographic memory claim. I’ve spent years cultivating that reputation online.

            Now back to the main discussion at hand, the Serial podcast about Adnan. Riveting stuff isn’t it?

  • Anna

    As hilarious as the biometrics stuff was, the funniest moment for me was when Kevin snatched Patti’s glasses off her face. I literally had to pause the episode because I was laughing so hard. And then when both Kevins yelled “Fuck You” to her.

  • SaraMadridista

    Isnt whole point of Kevin not finding Laurie in this place he is going too because he doesnt know that she is dead, I mean every single person who made the hotel or whatever place he went too, he knew about their death. I mean even Patti’s husband Neal, I mean they lived in small town, he might have known about him anyway.

    I mean this episode actually made rethink that that was just his imagination, that’s why I loved this episode so much.

    Also we all need more kevins, two wasnt enough at all.

    • GeekFurious

      “Isnt whole point of Kevin not finding Laurie in this place he is going too because he doesnt know that she is dead”

      I don’t think that’s “the whole point,” but I do think it’s the reason. If he saw her, it would mean it was real and not just in his mind, which would validate it as another reality and actually answer something definitively which the show isn’t doing.

      • SaraMadridista

        But it felt it did in this one, having only people who Kevin knew for sure is dead gave us more inputs that this is his imagination.

        • Andiamo

          It seems like the majority of Kevin’s story there is created by Kevin, but they always throw something in to keep it ambiguous. The out of place thing this time was Chris Sunday. He remembered Kevin Sr., and told Kevin he had no song to stop the rains. It’s possible, but I doubt Kevin knew that piece of the story.

          • TrentC

            By religious do you mean the white Guilty Remnant outfit? Perhaps the white Presidential suit is the whole Guilty Remnant shebang when that category is considered?

            *shebang is a valid word, who knew…

          • Andiamo

            No, I mean the actual Priest/religious person outfit. The four outfits were Cop, Int’l Assassin, GR member, and Priest/religious person. First he was the Assassin, then the Cop, now in this episode he was the GR member (and Assassin again.) But never the Priest.

          • TrentC

            Thanks for the reminder. Usually my memory is stellar and impeccable. I have one of those whatdoyoucallit memories? Umm photogenic?… photosensitive?…photosynthesis??

            Just joshing, I need to rewatch this entire series again.

          • DanG

            Yes, it was more of a “minister’s” robe. Though, Kevin did share the elevator with someone wearing those same robes when returning to his room in International Assassin. The crying minister was never really explained.

            In this episode, when twin-brother Kevin was brought into the bunker with President Kevin and Patti, he was wearing a hood – just like the character Kevin passed in International Assassin as he was being escorted in to meet with (then) candidate Patti. I think we are supposed to notice these similarities, but not every thing will have a simple/neat answer.

          • TrentC

            Great callback on the hooded person in the International Assassin hotel scene with candidate Patti. Now you’ve got me wondering what that was all about. Since Kevin was already the assassin at that point, that couldn’t have been a version of him under the first hood getting a key put in, could it? Talk about the long game…as mentioned, I have to rewatch some of this show. One time viewings won’t cut it.

          • SaraMadridista

            But Kevin asked him if he is Sunday, when he spoke to him, which could be interpreted that he didnt know how he looks like, which makes sense, some part of stories can be told by Kevin snr, we dont know what conversation happened between them.
            I thought same too, which for me translates into Kevin never seeing himself as man of faith or religious person or that he believed book of kevin so much that he doesnt think of himself as person that can serves.

          • DanG

            Patti: “Boys, I think we can all agree that you BOTH wrote the SAME book.” Patti: “But, you chose me Kevin. You could have selected anyone as you Sect.of Defense But, you made me come back, and here I am.”

            Patti (at least at times) knows that this world is Kevin’s world. Not that it isn’t “real” or the things that happen here aren’t important. But, she seems to know that Kevin is the key (pun intended).

          • Andiamo

            Yes, I think Kevin is absolutely the key to his own experience in this world. I think he creates the vast majority of what he sees there. I’m just not totally convinced the whole world only exists in Kevin’s mind. Does it cease to exist when he’s not there? I’m not sure, for a few reasons.

            David Burton was described as having emerged from a cave, claiming he’d just been in a hotel; Virgil and the Pillar guy had a similar experience going somewhere to shake an adversary; Kevin Sr. relayed that he was on God’s Tongue; He didn’t know what Christopher Sunday looked like; The Spanish speaking woman in his first trip was on her own mission (Damon Lindeloff mentioned this as being important, and said Kevin doesn’t speak Spanish fluently.)

            So I think it’s a combination. I think maybe there is a dream space/after life type of place that others have been able to access as well, but Kevin’s experience there is almost entirely defined by Kevin’s mind. And if I’m right about some others being able to go there too, I would guess they’re probably also the center of their own narratives.

    • TrentC

      I had the same thought. It seems that if Kevin is aware of, or was involved in a death, that person shows up in the alternate world. If the death was ‘intimate’ to Kevin, it also seems that person plays a prominent role in the alt world.

      The fact that Kevin keeps returning from the alternate world says much in itself. Even if the whole thing is a fabrication inside his mind, the fact that he literally dies and returns plays into the man of faith side of things.

      • SaraMadridista

        But is he dead? first time he was brought “back” and still went to same place, when he wasnt dead actually, I just love this episode has made me believe this is his imagination without even me questioning what happened previously there, I still see how some people can see that it is not imagination, believe them too

        • TrentC

          I think the jury is out on the poisoning as well as his suffocation attempts. The point blank gunshot to his chest keeps being brought up though and while we didn’t see it, it appeared he healed miraculously according to John.

          And they never showed us how long he was held underwater in the tub. I assume Kevin Senior held him there until Junior stopped breathing…

          oh hell I don’t know, this show is never gonna tell us anyways 🙂

          • SaraMadridista

            that’s why I love it! it is not about details! However, it is shame, this show has no more episodes not to answer our questions, just to give us more, am fine with that

          • TrentC

            I’d like to see a three hour movie after this season wraps up.

  • 2thingsRinfinite

    How many times has Kevin committed suicide? The answer is a lot. A lot of times. He always asks to come back. And for reasons unknown he gets to come back. By the end of this episode he changes from a man that wants to die, into a man that wants to destroy his crutch, his afterlife, so he can live. Is this an underlying theme of this show?