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LOST Lives lives again! In honor of Post Show Recaps’ victory at the Podcast Awards, not to mention the fortuitous timing of 8.15.16, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) has relaunched the LOST podcast for a limited edition run, complete with guest interviews, random episode recaps, and other assorted weirdness one could only find on the island.

This week on LOST Lives Returns, Josh gets wrecked with Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType). Not literally, of course. They’re talking about Wrecked, the TBS comedy series that launched this summer. What does it have to do with LOST? Pretty much everything. Josh and Mike break down how the two shows intersect, plus, Mike takes us all on a tour through LOST’s relationship with comedy. Of course, before all of that, Josh grills Mike on his pitch for LOST 2, discussing the possibilities of Aaron Littleton’s life after the island, and more.

Following the chat with Mike, Josh and Emily Fox (@emelette) are back together for another random episode of LOST: “Enter 77,” season three’s solitary Sayid Jarrah episode. (Not “Solitary,” which is a different episode in a different season entirely.) Josh and Emily geek out over their love for Sayid, the saga of Mikhail’s numerous beatdowns, why the middle of season three might be the show’s most under-appreciated era, and more… including a quick trip to CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM territory.

Finally, the podcast ends with a preview for what’s to come next week when AJ Mass (@AJMass) returns to the podcast.

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The First Scene of Wrecked:

Behold, the Palestinian Chicken (NSFW):

Not Every Nook and Cranny:

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  • GeekFurious

    You should really finish WRECKED, Josh! NOW!

    And then I will finish… what I started… which is this podcast because it was 3am and I fell asleep around hour 2.

  • GeekFurious

    I have my own idea for “Lost 2.” And I’m just going to toss it in here since no one will read it.


    We open on an eye (shocker). Slowly pull back to reveal two eyes. They blink, slowly at first, then faster. Pull back more to reveal Hurley’s face. He is taking in quick short breaths. Pull back to reveal more… he is on his back, his torso pierced with a long spear. We pull back more to reveal a large pool of blood all around him. He is definitely going to die.

    We close in on Hurley as we hear footsteps speeding toward him. Someone is running. We cut to an angle close to the ground. We see Hurley’s face from the side and out of focus someone approaches quickly. We focus on the person… it is Ben.

    Hugo! Hugo!

    [speaking between labored breaths] Still… alive… dude.

    What happened? Oh my god, what… what do I do?

    He… got me… like he… promised.

    Hold on, Hugo! I will get help!

    [grabs BEN with his left hand] Dude! Listen… to me. No… time. You… get him. Before… it’s too late. He will burn… the world… to save–

    I know, boss. But–

    [fading] See you… on the other side.

    With that, Hurley stops breathing and his eyes go dead.

    CUT TO:
    An orgy between a group of The Departed and a whole heap of smokers dressed in white can be seen in the distance…

  • Rebecca34

    I just recently realized this podcast was back and I needed to come here and tell you how much I love all the LOST 2 fanfiction. Even that weird third one from AJ Mass.

  • Megan

    I want Lost Lives all the time!! Loving this coverage! Can’t wait for the next installment!