Lost Lives: 15 Reasons To Love The Final Season

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Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) says LOST is his all-time favorite show, but he does not love the final season. Is he being too hard on the show’s ending?

That’s the takeaway from Coconut Pete Ashworth (@Burgundy_Orange), Josh’s close friend from college who has appeared on LOST LIVES twice in the past to talk about his first full rewatch since the series ended in 2010. Now, Pete’s watch has ended, and he has some words of wisdom on why season six doesn’t deserve a bad reputation — in fact, he has 15 reasons why LOST fans should give the final run of episodes another chance.

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  • kelsey_x

    Great show! Always love the lost lives casts.

  • AlexKuntz

    Great show as always! Pete is so great. I’d love to get a podcast with Josh’s college buddies reminiscing about their experience watching the show together as a group

    One of the things I liked about season 6 that wasn’t brought up was the intentional mirroring to season 1. This was done in some obvious ways, whether it was the ordering of the character’s flashsideways or the final scene of the show. But my favorite subtle way of doing this was through the music – Giacchino brought back some themes that we hadn’t heard since season 1.

    My favorite one is the intense version of the iconic raft theme as Ajira takes off.


    We also finally hear Locke’d Out Again for the first time since season 1 when Locke remembers.


    And lastly, although we heard it throughout the series, we get an unbelievably triumphant version of Credit Where Credit Is Due when Jack puts the cork back in. I always thought of this theme as the Oceanic 815 theme, and this joyous version says to me that their mission is finally complete.


    I could geek out about Giacchino forever, but I thought I’d share some of these small details that some people might have missed!

  • Charles Bikle
  • Charles Bikle

    I don’t know if I would have introduced the time travel/alternate reality angle, but since Lindelof did, I would have used that to kick the 6th season into high gear.

    Since Desmond was coexisting in both realities, that should have been the MacGuffin to organize the “Lostaways” of both realities into setting pieces into motion that would have left only one reality – the one where they didn’t crash and generally seem happier. Could have ended on a poignant note of none of them ever remembering the adventures on the island, but meeting each other again as friends. The whole thing about the “L.A. Reality” just being an afterlife VR game was stupid and very much a cop out – it made Farraday’s whole story arc completely pointless.