LOST LIVES: A ‘Solitary’ Walkabout Through Season 1

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On this week’s LOST LIVES, Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) returns to his “Island” of sorts, visiting his old college campus in Syracuse, New York for a conversation with the first person he ever watched LOST with: his old roommate Peter Ashworth.

Josh and Pete talk about how life has changed in the ten years since LOST premiered. They also review Pete’s progress on his very first LOST rewatch, including an extensive deep-dive into every single episode of the show’s first season.

Plus, find out what the LOST LIVES gang has in store for the next two weeks of podcasting.

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  • hint

    Totally unrelated, but yesterday I listened some other podcast which went into little more detail on what it was roughly about to be a torturer under saddams regime and all that time I was thinking about our poor sayid 😛

    So this screencap just recalled me that, sry for going offtopic like that.

    PS: Btw having been a torturer under Saddam pretty much means that you are among the 0.0001% worst people ever born, guys made the very worst nazi atrocities look pretty uninspired, for decades.