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The LOST podcast continues this week as Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) leads a discussion his 16 takeaways from a complete series rewatch  and is once again joined by Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) of The Leftovers Live on Post Show Recaps.

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  • Mark

    It probably wont fit in to this podcast so much but some time in the future can we have everyones season power rankings. Would love to hear that!

  • EricD

    While I am intrigued by the idea of placing ‘Across the Sea’ earlier in the season, I don’t think 2nd is the best spot for it. There is some very intriguing and illuminating dialogue between Jacob and Richard about the island at the end of ‘Ab Aeterno,’ which, I think, would feel out of order if we saw ‘Across the Sea’ first. I think right after ‘Ab Aeterno’ would be a better spot to watch this episode, right after that conversation has piqued our interest. If I’m not mistaken, ‘Ab Aeterno’ also ends with a very menacing shot of Locke’s/MiB’s face, which would be a great lead-in to ‘Across the Sea.’

  • Tim

    Top 10 deaths, can’t wait for next week!
    10.Nikki/Paulo-They were freaking buried alive! How can that not be good.

    09.Artz-This was talked about for so long and is still fondly remebered. The best redshirt ever.

    08.Alex-Brutally murdered in front of her father right after her mother and boyfriend were killed.

    07.Jack-The parallels of the eye closing was great and the fact they didn’t keep him alive just because he is the lead also made it better. Great closing.

    06.Ana/Libby-The fact they were killed by one of the leading characters who is supposedly a good guy and that two characters were killed in one go made it perhaps the most shocking death.

    05.Jin/Sun-By far the most emotional death of the whole series.

    04.Locke-Just the whole fact that we knew he would die and we thought he killed himself only to learn it wasn’t quite true. Plus the flocke stuff made it all the more confusing and great.

    03.Juliet-Probably on par for most emotional with Jin/Sun. Best shot death and her dying to save everyone felt like it should be a cliche but it so wasnt.

    02.Boone-Very underrated death and not because it is the first one. It wasnt like they forgot about him one episode after and there were so many reprocutions from it. Plus the fact they spent the whole episode trying to save him only to fail made it all the more heartbreaking and great. The fact that the death of one of the least favourite characters of all time says something!

    01.Charlie-Do I need to say anymore?

    Honorable mentions:
    Man in Black (Both times)
    Roger Linus
    Gary Troup
    Shannon-Accidently killed by someone about to join the camp
    Anthony (sawyer)

    Dishonorable mentions:
    Eko-Rushed get Adewale out of it monster kill.
    Ilana-Artz copy cat
    Charlotte-So rushed and unmemorable.
    Sayid-Overshadowed by Jin/Sun
    Rosseau-Random death from major recurring character

    • Anna

      No Faraday??

  • Eric Corbridge

    Ok first, ever since you started doing this I was hoping you would decide to start to doing episode recaps. DOOOOO ITTTTTTT.

    Also, all the talk about Jack and Jacob being similar got me thinking. Since Jacob picked Jack to be the Candidate, can we safely say that Jack evolved as a character more than Jacob ever did? After all, Jack was on the one who realized Hurley was the best candidate in the end. Orrrr am I remembering how this unfolded incorrectly. It’s been a while. If I’m right though I think it is a pretty cool takeaway that I had never even considered before. Love this show and this podcast!

  • Eric Corbridge

    Top 10 Deaths in no particular order cuz I’m tired right now:

    Charlie, Jack, Boone, Eko, Locke, Alex, Faraday, Arzt, Juliet, Jin/Sun

  • Episode recaps: YES PLEASE. I could listen to you guys talk Lost for days on end.

    Josh, I love that you’re so moved by that final Kate & Aaron scene too. It’s such a heart breaking and underappreciated moment from Evangeline Lilly. I’ll be the first to admit I get my hatorade on when it comes to Kate, but that scene, she kills it.

    Now excuse me while I go prepare myself emotionally for the next podcast. Charlie! Juliet! Sun & Jin! I may rival Jack on the jears front with this one. 😉

  • Mandy Thomas

    I am embarrassed to say that I didn’t understand the finale of Lost and that’s why I started listening to this 4 year’s later lol. I would love an episode by episode podcast to hear your perspective while I rewatch. I definitely am giving it another chance. Also I always liked Kate and bawled while watching her scene with Aaron and you had me crying here at work talking about it. Now that I’m a mother I’m sure I’ll cry harder this time. Love your show!