Lost Lives | Exodus, 10 Years Later

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The thing is… we’re going to have to talk about taking the boy.

Just two days after celebrating the fifth anniversary of “The End,” Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) are back together to talk about “Exodus,” the season one finale of LOST. It’s the ten year anniversary of the three-part episode, and even if Josh and Mike don’t agree about “Tricia Tanaka is Dead,” they do agree on one thing: “Exodus” is the best episode of LOST, full stop.

Listen in as Mike lays out 23 of his personal highlights from the episode, and add your own in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  • Lisbon

    Guys… can you do a Wire-cast? That would be the most amazing thing.

    • Josh Wigler

      I think Mike might be able to help you out there.

  • Andrew

    This podcast and the one on Exodus were really great. I’m currently working on my re-watch of the whole series. I think it’ll be my 4th-5th time minimum that I’ve re-watched the whole series. I also did a re-watch of all the seasons when it was on air before the new one would start.

    I have some thoughts regarding LOST as a whole and some might not be accurate, some might be, and some might just be my interpretation of things/how I choose to interpret things.

    Excuse this post if it’s long winded…

    As a quote on quote Jack fanboy I’m both happy and sad with how his arc ended. Jack was someone that could never “stay down” (all the best cowboys have daddy issues) and desperately throughout his life wanted to feel like what he did mattered, that he had what it took to get the job done, and I think that finally happens when he becomes the island leader. I feel like even though he had finally bought into being a man of faith I feel as though his arc would have never been completed if he hadn’t made the ultimate sacrifice at the end. Dying to protect the people he had grown to love (Kate, Hurley etc) and saving the world.

    Hurley – Hurley was the moral compass of the group IMO throughout the series, and he was the perfect candidate looking back to become the protector of the island. It did shock me when it happened but looking back he was the one that tried to make people happy despite dealing with his own demons. The golf course, or the van are great examples of that. He was someone that consistently was in the background and saw the good and bad of Jacks leadership, or Ben’s leadership and of fake Locke’s (the MIB) leadership. He always tried to treat people fairly (like when he was assigned to figure out how to deal with the food in the hatch) and he was the one that always knew everyone by name and made an effort to become friends with them.

    Ben – I think Ben becoming a #2 is the perfect ending to his character. He knows the island better then anyone still alive (excluding Richard) and could be a great source of knowledge for Hurley. He would be able to guide Hurley and help him understand things he might not understand about the island. I think Ben not going into the church makes sense as you Josh talked about on the podcast. I think something that’s overlooked or maybe not talked about is Alex and what she meant to Ben. Alex meant EVERYTHING to Ben, the rules “changed” when SHE died, Ben as a character completely changed when she died. – I think Ben is stuck in that purgatory world because Alex is his world, and means everything to him and despite being a great #2, he still hasn’t accept what he did to her but he also can’t move on without her. I also wonder if a part of Ben’s guilt at the end is what he did to Rousseau. He took Alex away from her and then he was the reason she died. Food for thought I guess.

    I can talk about Lost all day and night but I guess my last topic will be the whispers. I wasn’t one of those people who listened to the whispers backwards when the show was on air to see what they said but after Ben revealed that he killed the Dharma initiative in season 3 my take on the whispers was the following:

    I thought the whispers were the spirits of those cruelly killed on the island, either by Ben, by the smoke monster or by those killed throughout the island history.

    Why would the whispers appear when the Smoke monster or the Others were around? I always figured because they were there as a warning, that danger was imminent. That they shouldn’t trust the others, that they should ignore the MIB, or to tell them to RUN away because they knew the MIB was approaching. I feel as though some of the whispers just had evil intent as well ( Shannon’s death being an example )

    I think Hurley and Ben wanted to bring Walt back to the island at the end because his role would be to assist Michael and those left behind to cross over to the other side. With the smoke monster dead, the spirits of the dead could finally move on but they would need someone who could see them, or communicate with them to guide them to the other side. Hurley can speak to the dead, sure, but his time will be spent running the island. Walt could take that role and in the process learn about the island history and also teach Hurley and Ben about the island. It would also allow him to become the next leader of the island if he wanted that role.

    I’ll stop there for now.

  • Meren Roberts

    I had a little giggle at the mallrats quote. Especially since it went right over Mike Bloom’s head.

  • Jeff Trotter

    I really liked the Sawyer/Jack moment where Sawyer was able to relate some of Christian’s final days and thoughts to Jack. Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t hear that one come up.

  • Melissa

    The extreme heat from the burning gunpowder cauterized the wound so the bleeding stopped. Hope this helps!