LOST LIVES: Revisiting The Series Premiere, 10 Years Later


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We have to go back! It’s the ten year anniversary of the LOST series premiere! Join Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzario (@acmazzaro) and Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) as they revisit “Pilot, Part 1” and “Pilot, Part 2,” recapping the events of the episode and discussing its lasting impact on television culture, ten years after it aired.

Don’t forget to do your homework! Watch the LOST pilot before tuning in, and send your questions along in the comments section below or viapostshowrecaps.com/feedback.

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  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    In MINOR defense of Dave, as a hindsight 20/20…It’s intriguing if you think about Dave on the Island actually being the Man in Black/Smokey, and if he had convinced Hurley to kill himself, he would have wiped out not only one of the Candidates, but THE CANDIDATE who ends up being the new protector of the island…

    • Josh Wigler

      Interesting! I like it. Can Smokey take on Dave’s likeness if Dave isn’t real, though? Not sure if there’s past evidence for something like that. But it’s a cool thought, for sure.

      • Noah Groves

        I’ve always thought Dave was once a real person who died (maybe in the same accident that Hurley caused? maybe somewhere else) and was the first dead person that Hurely saw before the Charlies and the Ekos. Or…..maybe he was just an imaginary friend…

  • asebastian

    I love these podcasts! In the years since the series finale I’d forgotten how obsessed I was with this show, and at Josh Wigler’s prompting, I’ve begun a series rewatch, which I’ve never done before (It’s a nice distraction while waiting for more Game of Thrones Book Club…) and I’m so glad I did because I’ve been thinking about where the optimal point would be for the Jacob/Mother/MIB thread that comes too late in the series for the viewers to have any real emotional investment. Josh says the beginning of season 6, but having the whole series in my head now, I’ll argue this: What if the creators had decided to immediately answer Charlie’s profound question, “Guys, where are we?” with an immediate cut to the conversation that takes place between Jacob and the MIB at the opening of “The Incident?” Of course, the writers may not have known with whom they would ultimately decide to fill these roles, but it stands to reason that the narrative would have come full circle if this plot thread was one they established in the beginning rather than the end of the series- the power struggle between John/Jack would have taken a wholly different significance. If, by the end of the pilot of Lost, the viewers knew explicitly that the island was a place people “…come, fight, destroy, corrupt,” and that it’s being controlled by mystical forces in opposition, it sets the stakes very high for this part of the series. While I think the character-arc aspect of this show is phenomenal I was always a little disappointed in the way they used the setting to heighten the mystery without establishing the rules in the beginning. I don’t think it would have undermined the mysterious nature of the island, if anything, the viewer being in-the-know about the roles the characters were playing out would have made narrative devices like the hatch, or the black rock, the frozen wheel, etc. even more important-because we would have known they were, in fact, part of a plan. Just my thoughts, again, I love these podcasts. Keep it up. – Angie

  • dominic

    Josh….Is the first appearance of christian a representative of the island? What ventured interest would the MiB have for sending jack to the crash site and why would it be in christian form if only the home viewer would be able to recognize him. Does theisland use its own rrepresentatives as Jacob uses Richard? If so is the island acognitive entity with its own agenda? #bloodcoffee #wherearewe

  • asebastian

    Last night on the podcast you mentioned the “eye,” the writers use to establish POV in any given episode and this is one of my favorite themes about Lost, and one that I hope you’ll explore in a future Lost Lives podcast. Like so many other areas of this show, the “eye,” is a literary technique-if we were reading Lost rather than watching it, the chapter titles might resemble ASoIaF, Chapter one, “Jack,” etc. It’s one of the things that always compelled me to watch closely and to pay attention to each frame because there were always gifts-book titles being another device I appreciated and analyzed far, far too much. I wonder if you’ve considered doing a podcast that focuses on the Literariness of Lost? Cheers, good one last night!

  • Chris Brannigan

    Batman on LOST? Wasn’t Michael Keaton the original choice for Jack?

    During my rewatch of the pilot (and the whole series – on Season 6 now) recently, I felt like the writers always intended Locke to be evil, he told walt the secret, the orange peel smile to Kate etc. Lots of stuff in the first few episodes make him seem evil and then they seem to do away with that after a couple of episodes.