LOST Lives: The 108 Best Episodes, Part 1


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In a special multi-part podcast, the LOST Lives panel of Josh Wigler (@roundhoward), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro), AJ Mass (@ajmass) and Mike Bloom (@amikebloomtype) ranks the 108 best episodes of LOST! Part 1 begins with a quick discussion of the three worst episodes of LOST, followed by the 108th pick and onward. Check back in on Thursday at 3PM EST for the next part of the list.

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111. | Jo Garfein) [REDACTED]
110. | Jo Garfein) [REDACTED]
109. | Jo Garfein) “Born to Run” (Season 1)

108 | AJ Mass) “Stranger in a Strange Land” (Season 3)
107 | Josh Wigler) “Fire + Water” (Season 2)
106 | Mike Bloom) “Adrift” (Season 2)
105 | Antonio Mazzaro) “Whatever the Case May Be” (Season 1)

104 | Mazzaro) “What Kate Does” (Season 6)
103 | Bloom) “Dave” (Season 2)
102 | Wigler) “The Other Woman” (Season 4)
101 | Mass) “Par Avion” (Season 3)

100 | Mass) “Homecoming” (Season 1)
99 | Wigler) “Meet Kevin Johnson” (Season 4)
98 | Bloom) “Something Nice Back Home” (Season 4)
97 | Mazzaro) “The Glass Ballerina” (Season 3)

96 | Mazzaro) “Further Instructions” (Season 3)
95 | Bloom) “The Long Con” (Season 2)
94 | Wigler) “Every Man For Himself” (Season 3)
93 | Mass) “S.O.S.” (Season 2)

92 | Mass) “Eggtown” (Season 4)
91 | Wigler) “Ji Yeon” (Season 4)
90 | Bloom) “Special” (Season 1)
89 | Mazzaro) “The Hunting Party” (Season 2)

88 | Mazzaro) “Maternity Leave” (Season 2)
87 | Bloom) “…And Found” (Season 2)
86 | Wigler) “The Package” (Season 6)
85 | Mass) “Abandoned” (Season 2)

84 | Mass) “What Kate Did” (Season 2)
83 | Wigler) “Dr. Linus” (Season 6)
82 | Bloom) “The Greater Good” (Season 1)
81 | Mazzaro) “Lighthouse” (Season 6)

80 | Mazzaro) “Collision” (Season 2)
79 | Bloom) “Left Behind” (Season 3)
78 | Wigler) “Everybody Loves Hugo” (Season 6)
77 | Mass) “The Little Prince” (Season 5)

76 | Mass) “The Lie” (Season 5)
75 | Wigler) “Recon” (Season 6)
74 | Bloom) “Catch-22” (Season 3)
73 | Mazzaro) “The Whole Truth” (Season 2)

72 | Mazzaro) “Some Like it Hoth” (Season 5)
71 | Bloom) “Whatever Happened, Happened” (Season 5)
70 | Wigler) “…In Translation” (Season 1)
69 | Mass) “I Do” (Season 3)

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  • Bael_The_Bard

    Other woman always will be 108th place for me.

    • Josh Wigler

      It ain’t good.

      • Noah Groves

        Other Woman is by far my least favourite episode of Lost. Worse than Stranger in a Strange Land

  • Call_Me_Dorkblade

    Fun Fact: ‘Whatever the Case May Be’ was the first episode of LOST I ever saw as I caught it live on TV. At the time, ABC was running constant ads that said something to the effect of, “Critics agree, now is the perfect time to get LOST!” (I believe the critics were all reacting to ‘Walkabout’.)

    So the critics were all raving about ‘Walkabout’, the ABC advertising machine was in full effect because of ‘Walkabout’, and I finally give in and tune into ‘Whatever the Case May Be’.

    At the time, I thought the episode was a fine hour of television (compared to whatever else was on the air at the time), but the show didn’t really grab me.

    Fast forward roughly 3 years and the next time I would ever watch an episode of LOST would be in the middle of Season 4 after my brother kept on trying to get me into the show.

    ‘Whatever the Case May Be’ is the reason I wasn’t watching LOST week-to-week from the start, along with everyone else.

    (On the bright side, I did get to binge watch all of the first 3 seasons all in one go.)

    • Josh Wigler

      Yet another reason to loathe it! Curse you, Whatever The Case May Be!

  • Noah Groves

    I would agree with most of the decisions made here roughly. The one major exception being ‘Par Avion.’ It is by no means the greatest episode but it is severely underrated. The Kate/Locke/Sayid trek to get Jack gives us some more island mythology and generally feels like they are making an effort to get Jack back, rather than them leaving the camp and then cutting straight to the Barracks. The ending was obviously a great cliffhanger. The flashback was also strong and told us something new (although kind of obvious) compared to most S3 flashbacks. The main story also gives us the first bulk of the Charlie dying plotline. Plus Mikhail and Rousseau. It definitely belongs in this first batch but seemed so low down the totem pole. I also think Abandoned and Collision are two fairly underrated episodes that I would chuck higher and it is beyond me how The Moth didn’t end up here, a fairly good flashback with one of the worst island stories. Looking forward to the next batch!

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    In MINOR defense of Dave, as a hindsight 20/20…It’s intriguing if you think about Dave on the Island actually being the Man in Black/Smokey, and if he had convinced Hurley to kill himself, he would have wiped out not only one of the Candidates, but THE CANDIDATE who ends up being the new protector of the island…

  • Brendan Fitzpatrick

    I’m extremely pleased that no one picked “Trisha Tanaka is Dead” in the part one of this.

  • J2thK

    How can you all have so many Season 1 episodes so low? Any S1 episode is better than any first half S3 episode (except Flashes), and better than 25 other episodes. No way.

  • J2thK

    Ok, I can’t even watch anymore. Abandoned… then What Kate Did?? Seriously? For people who love Lost you dislike a heck of a lot of it.