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The LOST LIVES podcast returns for another massive countdown, and it’s all about character. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) is joined by AJ Mass (@ajmass), Antonio Mazzaro (@acmazzaro) and Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) to decide upon the 42 LOST characters they can’t live without — by drafting their own teams of ten, with a twist to decide the two leftovers.

Full Draft List by Pick

Pick 1.1 | AJ Mass) Benjamin Linus

Pick 1.2 | Antonio) James “Sawyer” Ford

Pick 1.3 | Jo Garfein) Juliet Burke

Pick 1.4 | Wigler) John Locke

Pick 2.1 | Wigler) Desmond Hume

Pick 2.2 | Jo Garfein) Hugo “Hurley” Reyes

Pick 2.3 | Antonio) Daniel Faraday

Pick 2.4 | AJ Mass) Sayid Jarrah

Pick 3.1 | AJ Mass) The Man in Black

Pick 3.2 | Antonio) Charlie Pace

Pick 3.3 | Jo Garfein) Jack Shephard

Pick 3.4 | Wigler) Penelope “Penny” Widmore

Pick 4.1 | Wigler) Richard Alpert

Pick 4.2 | Jo Garfein) Jacob

Pick 4.3 | Antonio) Jin­Soo Kwon

Pick 4.4 | AJ Mass) Martin Keamy

Pick 5.1 | AJ Mass) Charles Widmore

Pick 5.2 | Antonio) Mr. Eko

Pick 5.3 | Jo Garfein) Sun­Hwa Kwon

Pick 5.4 | Wigler) Kate Austen

Pick 6.1 | Wigler) Frank Lapidus

Pick 6.2 | Jo Garfein) Walt Lloyd

Pick 6.3 | Antonio) Michael Dawson

Pick 6.4 | AJ Mass) Eloise Hawking

Pick 7.1 | AJ Mass) Ethan Rom

Pick 7.2 | Antonio) Christian Shephard

Pick 7.3 | Jo Garfein) Claire Littleton

Pick 7.4 | Wigler) Vincent the Dog

Pick 8.1 | Wigler) Miles Straum

Pick 8.2 | Jo Garfein) Rose Nadler

Pick 8.3 | Antonio) Mr. Tom Friendly

Pick 8.4 | AJ Mass) Roger “Workman” Linus

Pick 9.1 | AJ Mass) Dr. Pierre Chang

Pick 9.2 | Antonio) Mikhail “Patchy” Bakunin

Pick 9.3 | Jo Garfein) Libby Smith

Pick 9.4 | Wigler) Danielle Rousseau

Pick 10.1 | Wigler) Dr. Leslie Arzt

Pick 10.2 | Jo Garfein) Ana­Lucia Cortez

Pick 10.3 | Antonio) Stuart Radzinsky

Pick 10.4 | AJ Mass) Shannon Rutherford

Pick 11.1 | New Smoke Monster) Hurley’s dad David (aka Cheech)

Pick 11.2 | New Island Protector) Aaron Littleton

Final Teams

Review each of the teams and vote for who drafted the best team.

AJ Mass’ Team:

Benjamin Linus, Sayid Jarrah, The Man in Black, Martin Keamy, Charles Widmore, Eloise

Hawking, Ethan Rom, Roger “Workman” Linus, Pierre Chang, Shannon Rutherford

Antonio Mazzaro’s Team:

James “Sawyer” Ford, Daniel Faraday, Charlie Pace, Jin­Soo Kwon, Mr. Eko, Michael

Dawson, Christian Shephard, Mr. Friendly, Mikhail Bakunin, Stuart Radzinsky

Jo Garfein’s Team:

Juliet Burke, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes, Jack Shephard, Jacob, Sun­Hwa Kwon, Walt Lloyd,

Claire Littleton, Rose Nadler, Libby Smith, Ana­Lucia Cortez

Josh Wigler’s Team:

John Locke, Desmond Hume, Penny Widmore, Richard Alpert, Kate Austen, Frank

Lapidus, Vincent the dog, Miles Straum, Danielle Rousseau, Dr. Leslie Arzt

The Panel’s Choice of Island Protector:

Aaron Littleton

The Panel’s Choice of Smoke Monster:

Hurley’s dad, David Reyes (a.k.a. Cheech)

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  • Robert Francis

    Something Antonio said when talking about ‘not Penny’s boat’ made me think of an idea for a possible future episode. Iconic Images of Lost, Eh?

  • Humberto Urrutia

    Great show guys! you have made me so nostalgic, since the lost lives started I have started a rewatch and now im on the middle of season 3! I am so glad I am doing it, Lost gets better the third time you watch it.
    This time I am going to go with Jo, I cant live with myself if I don’t side with Juliet!!
    Keep up the good work

  • susan appleby

    I vote for Antonio because I fell in love with Sawyers dimples and never got over him. A. J..next because Sayid….

    I admit I stopped watching after the 3rd season. I still don’t understand what happened and how it ended, but those guys were eye candy and decent actors for sure.

    So that’s how I’m picking my faves.

  • Noah Groves

    I almost went with Jo’s as I love the Ana Lucia love. Easily the most underrated character of the show.Josh’s loses points for Vincent but is overall the best.

    • Josh Wigler

      Not a dog person?

      • Noah Groves

        I love dogs I just feel that Vincent’s character and story wasn’t fleshed out enough. ‘Who’ was Vincent? #morevincentflashbacks ;-P

  • Difficult choice between Jo’s and Josh’s teams for me. While Jo has more of “iconic” characters for which the show wouldn’t be the same without most of them, I don’t particularly *like* the majority of these characters personally (save Juliet because she’s the BEST). Josh, on the other hand, has many more characters I consider favourites, but some that aren’t quite as integral to the show even though they’re great characters (Penny, Vincent, Arzt – though I love these guys still!).

    Really, really tough though because of my 4 ultimate favourite characters (who I think are in a tier of awesome all their own), you each have 1 – Sawyer, Ben, Desmond, and Juliet. Tier 2 would be Jin, Kate, Miles, Sun, Sayid, Rose & Bernard.

    Speaking of – What’s with the lack of Bernard love? That hurt my heart a little. 😉 At least you guys felt some remorse in not picking him.

    Wonderful listen, as always! I find myself looking forward to these podcasts so much each week. So glad the Lost love is still kicking! 🙂

  • Matthew Mottet

    How was “Cheech” picked, but not Charlotte!?!!!!!!???