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Ten years after the first airing of “Confidence Man,” Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) is once again joined by Coconut Pete Ashworth (@burgundy_orange) to talk about Pete’s favorite character — James “Sawyer” Ford. They also rewind the clock to discuss Charlie Pace and his first flashback episode, “The Moth.” They also talk about pizza, Harry Potter, their college roommate Norm, and other nonsense.

It’s a weird hour of podcasting about one of the weirdest shows in history. Join in the fun!

PLUS! Listen through to the end of this week’s podcast for details about next week’s very big and very fun show. Send your questions and comments along to postshowrecaps.com/feedback.

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  • Eric Corbridge

    Hey guys, fun show as usual. I have a question for Andrea next week. I’ll preface it by saying I hated Shannon/Sayid ending up together in the finale. But, to TRY and defend it “does Andrea (or anyone for that matter) think that a case can be made that if Nadia was supposed to end up with Sayid, she would have somehow been brought to the island? Unless I’m mistaken, everyone else that “moved on” with our group ended up on the island at some point, or at least close to it in Penny’s case. Since Nadia was never brought to the island and Shannon was, it made more sense for Sayid/Shannon to end up together.

    Granted I know the real reason is that they wanted to get Maggie Grace and Ian Somerhalder on the Finale with a purpose.

    BTW, I’m pretty sure Sawyer didn’t burn anything in Confidence Man. He closed his lighter and changed his mind.

    • GeekFurious

      I just did a full rewatch of the series and there were things that bothered me more than the first time I watched it (which, obviously, wasn’t a binge viewing like this time), and some things that bothered me less.

      One of the things that bothered me less was the Shannon/Sayid ending up together bit, because it made sense that they would “find each other” in that realm. Granted, it still bothers me that it was done in a way that suggests their love was THAT important that they’d need to find each other on a romantic level. Sure, they were lovers, but there is little in the series that suggests she was a great love for him… and I’m not sure she was capable of loving anyone more than herself.

      • Eric Corbridge

        I totally agree with you. I can only hope that when I reach my own sideways-world that I don’t have to “move on” with someone who I had just had a brief romance with. I’d be so bummed and plus it could take a while to find this person in the sideways world!

  • Tiffany

    Sawyer was my fave character. I’m forever annoyed that he and Kate didn’t end up together.

  • JewelChick

    I just finally watched this show, all six seasons. I never bought Sayid and Shannon as a couple, at any point. They were two single people stuck on an island, so they coupled. Maybe I viewed it that way because I saw no chemistry between them. Maybe it was just because I don’t think Maggie Grace is that great of an actress. I don’t know.

    That’s the same problem I had with Sawyer and Juliette — complete lack of chemistry. Again, two people thrown together due to circumstance, who decided to play house to make the best of it. Not exactly what I’d call soulmates. I always thought Kate and Sawyer had better chemistry. I’d have been happier to have seen them end up together.

    Finally, what was up with all the stupid Jacob crap? I don’t understand why that element was ever brought into the story to begin with. There wasn’t a need for an intermediary between Ben and the Island, at least not until they started to go down the road of revealing Ben’s origin story. I’d have been happier had the clash been one of Ben versus Widmore, rather than Jacob versus his evil fraternal twin. That was just dumb.

    Totally needless to kill off Locke the way they did. And why go to the trouble of having the characters speak only of “Jeremy,” — even Walt said it was Jeremy who visited him, and then when we saw the meeting, Walt called him John and that was it — why Jeremy?

    I wish the story had been that everyone had died in the crash, and the time on the island was Purgatory. No “sideways,” no time travel, no temple, no statue, and no dopey Jacob with magical powers and a pissed off brother with no name. Just great characters, each with their own compelling story. They still could have found a way to work it to the same final scene of Jack and Vincent.