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Louis CK Hosting SNL Review | May 16, 2015 Saturday Night Live Recap

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Rob Cesternino and Rich Tackenberg review the 40th season finale of Saturday Night Live hosted by Louis CK.

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  • Charles Bikle

    I liked the show too – unlike you guys however, I really, really like the idea of the “Kenan & Vanessa’s date night getting interrupted by one of Kenan’s weird & pushy acquaintances and Gemma” sketch getting repeated.

    I think at a certain point Vanessa should start to comment on the regularity of this by saying “Hey Gemma, we’ve already met 3 or 4 times before” or asking Kenan why he has so many weird, overbearing acquaintances ?

    • Good point. Creating continuity between sketches would definitely help!!!

  • Matt Curran

    Louis CK mild racism was great. I really liked the first Gemma sketch with the Rock but the 2nd one was too mad libs for me. I still would like to see it again if the Rock is hosting.

    • MCBAR

      Besides it being almost the same sketch Louis ck wasn’t the same type as the rock to take his place after I saw it I didn’t like the first one as much

    • Charles Bikle

      I still think they should just keep doing this sketch every 3rd show, with Vanessa getting progressively more annoyed with each encounter.

      Also, I think it’d be funny if the giant food order shows up much earlier in the sketch and Vanessa has to eat ribs or poi or whatever while doing her lines – and the food should always be a messy/awkward, non-date food like ribs, poi or sloppy joes.