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Mad Men Final Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Severance

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Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) and Jeremiah Panhorst (@JPanhorst) shed their chinchilla fur coats to talk about the midseason premiere of Mad Men’s final season. The two talk about Ken Cosgrove’s spotlight moment, the possible respective romantic futures for Don and Peggy, and the chances of Joan getting a happy ending.
Mike and Jeremiah will return in five weeks’ time to recap the Mad Men series finale. Until then, grab some leftovers from your local diner and enjoy!
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  • MtlMike

    Great podcast guys, and looking forward to the end-of-series podcast coming up. I’d like to make a minor correction though… According to the sources I checked, this last half-season of Mad Men is actually 7 episodes long, so there are 6 episodes left. Mike, you mentioned a couple of times that there were 5 left.

    • Mike Bloom

      Sorry about that! I misread a promo that said “5 weeks UNTIL the series finale” to mean “5 weeks INCLUDING the series finale”. Either that or one of my eyes was temporarily shot out.

      • Anna

        No, I saw the same promo and thought the same thing.. I definitely believed that there were only 5 episodes left in the season for a moment

  • Russ W

    Nice job, Jeremiah, in time-stamping the episode. I did a google search on the Nixon speech during the episode to come up with same month. I loved Ken’s b-slap of Roger and Pete.