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Mad Men Season 7 Premiere Recap: Time Zones


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Rob Cesternino and Jeremiah Panhorst from Mad Men Podcast recap the Season 7 Premiere of Mad Men: Time Zones.

In this edition Rob and Jeremiah discuss:

  • Should the reveal that Freddie Rumsem was actually delivering a pitch developed by Don Draper have been more quickly discovered by viewing audience?
  • In what direction do we think Season 7 and ultimately the conclusion of the series will go.  Will this be a happy ending for Don Draper or will it be a depressing ending for Don?
  • Why are Don Draper and Megan still married?  What business does Don still have to do in New York?
  • How has television changed in the era in which Mad Men has remained on the air?
  • What lies ahead for Roger Sterling this season on Mad Men?
  • Where will Peggy end up at the end of the series?
  • Can Don Draper ever be happy?
  • How has Ken Cosgrove changed for the worse?
  • Has Pete finally found happiness in California?

Show Links: – Home of Jeremiah Panhorst’s Mad Men Podcast

Children of ‘Men’ – The article by Grantland’s Andy Greenwald about how “Mad Men” airs in a “Game of Thrones” world

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  • fuggybootnling

    Yeah I definitely want to hear more – this is the only show you are recapping right now that I watch. Zombies and Dragons and who gets killed this week is just NOT my cup of tea.

  • Jason

    I’m really happy you guys covered Mad Men. I feel like it sort of got lost in the shuffle with GoT’s barn burner of an episode and all of the other Sunday night TV that’s on now. (Although the GoT, Mad Men, Cosmos run is pretty much as good as television gets) I think that the decision to break up the final season into two was ill-conceived from the beginning. If this was the last season, I feel like there would be a lot more hype. This is not the kind of show that people are going to binge watch on Netflix in time for the final season like they did with Breaking Bad. I feel binge watching this show is just a bad idea anyway, like drinking bottle after bottle of a fine wine. So I don’t know what AMC was thinking.

    Anyway, I thought it was a great premier. I don’t understand why Megan is so polarizing! I love the Megan! The poor girl has bad teeth, come on. I think it only adds to her charm. There are a bunch of fan theories that Megan is dead or will die shortly. I don’t know what show these people think they’re watching. Sorry for the rant! Thanks guys!

  • Brian Scally

    Guess I am in the minority of Mad Men viewers at 23 but would love a weekly Mad Men podcast. While I really like the show I agree it isn’t always something I rush to watch live. I think having the podcast would greatly increase my interest in the season so I am all for podcasts about Mad Men. Hopefully there is more interest.

  • Kenya

    I would definitely love a weekly Mad Men recap podcast for these last 14 episodes. Such a phenomenal show and it may be the last of its kind for awhile (referring to the article you mentioned). I listen to Jeremiah’s podcast along with a couple of others, but you’re my favorite podcaster (not just sucking kneecaps – I’m a rabid Survivor fan) and I’m hoping you can do for Mad Men what you did for the final episodes of Breaking Bad.

  • Emmi

    more MM recap, please. regarding Meghan and her teeth – Lauren Hutton was advised to fix her gap between her front teeth when she began modeling, she refused. She went on to become a successful model/actor and the gap became her trademark.

  • Linus Wesley

    I too would appreciate the weekly recaps. Also, really good article Rob linked to.

  • Snappy

    Sorry I’m late to the party….I love MAD MEN and would love MORE podcasts

    The end of the episode was full of shocks for me. I totally thought they were setting up for the woman on the flight to go home with Don or maybe joking the mile high club. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new Don. Then it turns out that Freddie was pitching Don’s ideas and thinking back I should have known by the way Peggy was so crazy about the idea. I really thought that Roger was make a change in his life when he was with Joan and his son for dinner. I thought that this season he would be trying to win Joan back but he has gone back to his old ways. I would like him to get back with Joan but I think she is so focused on her future and I don’t think she sees him in it.

  • belinda

    Late to the party as well – I’m still not used to this being a split ‘channel’ from rhap lol – but I would love more podcasts too! (however, I can see that being a bit too hectic for you since it’s on with Game of Thrones on the same day). But would love it, even if it’s done a few days later or something. I remember you having podcasted about Mad Men in the past and they were interesting and entertaining.