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Recap of the Netflix True Crime series “Making a Murderer”

Rob Cesternino is joined by Akiva Wienerkur and Alexander Chester to recap all 10 episodes of Netflix’ “Making a Murderer” and to discuss additional details about the case of Steven Avery.

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  • Ali B

    All ten episodes in an hour and 7 mins? I’m only on E4 but I could rant about the treatment of Brendan alone for a couple of hours!

  • Sarah Dilts

    Great podcast! I got through the show in two days. My thoughts on the case are pretty in line with Akiva. Steven is probably guilty although there was not enough evidence to convict beyond a reasonable doubt. Brenden is probably the bigger story and I hope this documentary brings new legislation regarding minors interrogated without a lawyer present.
    The biggest wtf moment for me was when Steven allowed his home to be searched and he talked to police without a lawyer present. Are you kidding me?! After 18 years you should know better.
    The infuriating part was listening to police testify and they didn’t show any remorse for falsely convicting Steven. Even if you really did your best and thought at the time he did it….come on look like you feel a little bad about it.
    I really hope you guys do another podcast on this show as there is so much to discuss.

    • Mary Sherman

      RIDICULOUS about Brenden’s conviction!
      INSANE that the fact that Steven was PROVEN INNOCENT and someone else proven guilty of the rape and these police/prosecutors still think he committed the rape. Criminal justice is not a religion. (ie not based on beliefs). For law enforcement to publicly say such nonsense is very scary. It dismays me tremendously.

  • Caitlin Ash

    Great podcast! I liked everyone’s differing opinions, and I hope you do another one because I feel like there is so much more you can go into and debate!

    Chester: you believe that Steven is innocent, I agree. Do you have a top suspect in mind? You don’t think the police killed Theresa, so what scenario do you think is the most possible? I lean toward the brother in law and Bobby Dassey.

    Rob: I couldn’t figure out which side of the fence you were on. Do you think Steven is guilty? Do not, who did it?

    • AC

      Alex here. I honestly don’t know who did it. The court wouldn’t allow the defense to introduce other possible suspects, and the show didn’t present them either. The only way I learned about the four Avery family suspects is from independent reading. As I mentioned on the pod Bobby Dassey and Scott Tadych are possibilities, but there’s no more evidence incrimination them than there is for Steve and Brendan.

      While I was watching the show I thought the ex-boyfriend and/or the roommate were suspicious, both because they fit the profile of usual suspects in crimes like this (family or close friends) and because they only information we received about them was suspicious (took several days to report Teresa as missing, deleted the voicemails, directed the women who found the car directly to it, etc.). But that doesn’t mean that either one of them is a murderer. It could’ve been them, or other Avery family members, or even Steven or Brendan (though not under the theories provided by the respective prosecutors). I don’t think we’ll ever truly know.

      • SurvivorZach

        II’d be interested to know how thoroughly (if at all) other members of the Avery family were investigated. The defence showed us that the ex wasn’t even asked for an alibi. Could there be tonnes of evidence to implicate Bobby & Scott that wasn’t found because no one was looking?

  • TrentC

    Haven’t listened to the podcast but I just binged all 10 episodes in one day.

    Quick thought – If Steven committed the second crime would he have really left the vehicle and the bones on his property considering his reputation and the past 20 years of his life? There’s a huge disconnect that goes beyond – Yes I can kill a person who had an appointment with me at my house and just leave every piece of evidence laying here for the next four or five days.

    I understand Steve Avery was not the most brilliant person on the planet, but committing a crime of that nature and then leaving an orgy of evidence literally feet from your own house is asinine.

    • Mary Sherman

      I have thought the same thing Trent, but I actually could imagine someone who is not gifted intellectually doing such. Defense of why leave the car there instead of crushing it? Well maybe he just did not think about it.
      And yet, I have doubts of his guilt. Need to spend time researching more online about what the show did not discuss in the evidentiary arena.
      The only way Steven ever gets out is if someone else is found guilty. Likely take a hot chick with alot of whiskey to pull out a confession from the next likely suspect. (bro in law and Bobby Dassey) For some reason, I think Dassey has moved away from the Avery property.??

      • TrentC

        Need to take a quick moment to thank Rob, Akiva and Alex for the discussion.

        To respond Mary I can’t envision a person, even with a limited IQ, leaving burned remains and the vehicle on hand so close to the entrance and the inhabited buildings on the property. Didn’t they say the lot was 40 acres? Wouldn’t it make sense for him to at least move it somewhere deeper into the lot? I believe they found it up on a nearby raised ridge judging by the picture in court. And it was poorly covered by various bits of refuse when other nearby vehicles were not. Things like that may point to the brother in law and Bobby being involved.

        Akiva mentioned some additional evidence outside of the documentary. Steven’s sweat on the hood latch? Simple explanation could have been he opened it to affect a repair. I’ve only watched the TV show so I have to do some additional reading as well.

        The most damning lack of evidence are as the podcast guys mentioned; the bedroom and the garage. If we’re to assume that Avery is so dull witted that he forgets or doesn’t see the importance of the bones and the vehicle, how could the same individual clean the described killing area(s) to the point where forensic techs can’t lift a trace of blood?

        The viewpoint portrayed by the film makers is that the defense was hampered, the police didn’t follow procedure and that the detectives coerced testimony. I was a bit like Rob in feeling that the test tube of blood was overlooked. Not the dodgy EDTA testing, the fact that the chain of evidence tape was broken and the test tube lid was punctured. In a case where blood was found inside a victim’s vehicle and the question of police tampering was raised, I found it odd they never addressed the question of the violated test tube more thoroughly. If they couldn’t find any traces of blood in his trailer or garage, then the killing venue has to be somehow connected with the vehicle.

        I’m getting a little verbose here, apologies. But there’s so much wrong with this case it boggles the mind. As above, if there’s no physical evidence of the victim having been in Avery’s trailer or garage, how can the prosecution entertain even a portion of Brendan’s story and charge him for his role in it?

  • Mary Sherman

    Here is one critical point, to me, regarding the EDTA labs done by the FBI. Only rarely used, so no great history on accuracy whatsoever. As a medicine and science person, I know:
    I truly hope that some great minds challenged the EDTA testing.

    • TrentC

      I didn’t want to think that the police killed a woman in the process of framing Avery. It’s apparent the film makers and the defense were pointing towards that outcome. Strangely, as the episodes went on, it seemed that the brother in law, Bobby Dassey, the ex boyfriend of Theresa, could have been involved as well.

      Crackpot theory – One of the people above killed Theresa and the police then manufactured evidence to have it point at Avery. That key with only his DNA and none from the owner of the vehicle? That would scream out to me if I was the investigator.

      Coupled with seven sweeps of his trailer and then the Manitowoc officer magically finds it on the floor after moving the bookcase? In a room where the victim was purported to have been tied down, throat cut, raped and possibly killed?? Good gravy that’s some thin evidence..

      • @Wharfrat1625

        Not sure how you felt the film makers, or more importantly the defense suggested any police were involved in the murder itself. There was no intention to suggest police murdered anyone in the defense’s arguments or the show’s presentation. They were claiming that the police wanted Stephen convicted for the case because they believed him the most likely to have committed the crime along with some individual officers more insidious motivations. The police’s wrong doing, according to the defense was in no way related to murder, it was in manipulating evidence to make Stephen’s guilt seem more probable. In choosing this course, they stopped following leads that might have led to stronger cases against alternate suspects as you are suggesting.

        • TrentC

          Yes I should have said it appeared the film makers and defense team were pointing our attention towards the police framing Steven. Or did the defense discuss the outlandish possibility of the police killing her at one point?

          You don’t think any part of the show’s presentation implied that the police may have committed the crime? I did. Thanks for the input.

          • @Wharfrat1625

            There was a point were I felt very much like Kratz and some of the officers in question implied that the defense was claiming the police were involved in the murder to make their story seem more outlandish and unbelievable. I never got the impression that the show itself was suggesting that though, and the defense gave me the impression that they thought the cops were breaking laws to try to convict what they thought was a guilty man.. Anyway, enjoy the podcast bud!

          • TrentC

            I read a few articles online pertaining to evidence that was left out from the series. Depending on your view, it paints a different picture of Steven and his family. I don’t feel that the ‘missing’ evidence really changes his innocence or guilt, but it does paint him and the family in a different light. One odd, uncomfortable example – Brendan and his Mom speak openly about the way Uncle Steve touches Brendan inappropriately when they wrestle. Does this make him a killer or a just a super creepy Uncle?

            I was left feeling that Steven was innocent of the murder. He’s claiming now that possibly his two brothers killed Teresa to frame him. The waters just keep getting muddier.

  • @Wharfrat1625

    Fantastic work here gentlemen. I appreciate the decision to present your opinions from alternative perspectives concerning Stephen’s actual guilt. I also dug the way you incorporated some of the current online discussions that have been stimulated from the show concerning Kratz’s statements and some of the evidence which was not presented in the show. I think you guys could well revisit this and discuss it in further depth. Perhaps even bring in some of the other RHAP usual suspects to offer their reactions & opinions about this as more news unfolds.
    On a lighter note, it was personally hysterical to me, after listening to the Seinfeld podcast for so long, to hear Chester pontificate so articulately about such a terribly serious matter. Really strong podcast guys.

  • Andrew

    Great podcast, it’s always great to hear ACTUAL LAWYERS like Alex talk about this case. I’d love to listen to another podcast where you Alex could analyze the case more from a legal POV.

  • S_Carl_Dixon

    Oh Lord….This is worse than watching a Horror Show!! T^T I really need to find something else to watch that can counteract this bleakness and utter devastation I’m feeling inside right now!!

    What’s even more horrifying is thinking about what I would have concluded if I was there in real time watching this whole trial unfold – the horror is that there’s a seriously high possibility I would have been the one condemning this man too – I would have been the one siding with the police officers and law enforcements, cos as the show pointed out it would be so much more terrifying believing the defense. It’s so much easier to point it all in one man’s direction and put it all on him – hoping once he is out of this world and put behind bars, we’d have one less evil to worry about.

  • Paul

    This podcast is really lacking some structure

  • Ali B

    Just for clarity – Brendan was convicted first right? As said on the podcast – with no evidence except a horribly coerced confession. But his conviction is then the key evidence for Steven’s conviction. B confessed, found guilty, and is therefore a witness to S committing murder. The prosecution wouldn’t put B on the stand at S’s trial. The defence were introducing all the evidence that suggests the prosecution’s case is flawed in the hope that it could introduce reasonable doubt but the key thing is Brendan’s confession and conviction. My guess is that there’s no chance Steven’s case is re-opened unless Brendan gets another trial. Which clearly should be done; Brendan’s trial was by far the greater smh.

  • Alisa

    I watched the Staircase after it was mentioned in this podcast. I was surprised to learn there was an RHAP connection – Brent Wolgamott is a witness!

    • S_Carl_Dixon

      I appreciated Brent’s humor and sincerity in the midst of all the grief and horror…he gave me a tiny glimpse of hope for humankind…otherwise that whole trial was just so hard to watch!! T_T Did you also watch the sequel The Staircase 2: Last Chance (2013) ?? Man….I couldn’t stop tearing up, I don’t know what’s going on with me….xDD….but still it’s 2016 now…and we’re still waiting for the trial?? Geez….That’s just another level of horror!! O.o

    • sunny

      I just got around to watching the Staircase and almost choked when I saw Brent lol! Had to come back here to see if anyone had mentioned it in the comments here. What an experience that must have been, he was so composed on the stand, very impressive.

  • Hi guys!! K first love the Seinfield podcast btw and you on there Akiva, so thanks for that! Also thanks for this podcast too, wow wow wow was that ever one of the best crime dramas I’ve ever seen (but I will be checking out Staircase so thanks for the suggestion). I hope they get new trials (although I’m not 130% convinced Stephen is not guilty) because the facts are the state did not prove Stephen killed her in the way the prosecution suggested. I also watched “the Jinx” after your suggestion and its so ironic how that jury played by the exact rules they were suppose to and had to find him not guilty because the state couldn’t prove it, but here the state couldn’t prove it and they still found him guilty!! Its such a travesty of justice right before all of our eyes and I’m embarrassed to live next door to Wisconsin. I don’t ever see him getting a new trial, I think even after this netflix craze he’ll still be seen as a dumb white trash guy who probably should be in jail anyways and eventually all the hype will go away. Brandon though, well… I’m praying for him and hoping….

  • SurvivorZach

    Would love to get a follow up podcast to focus on the evidence & trial. Would love to hear from Eliza as a CDA.

  • TrentC

    Since this podcast I’ve now watched all of Making a Murderer, The Staircase and The Jinx.

    &^%#!!! (Canadian for thank you)