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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season One Finale Recap: The Beginning of the End


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LIVE on Wednesday, May 14th, Josh Wigler and Terri Schwartz recap of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s season finale: Beginning of the End.

Recap of the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Finale: The Beginning of the End

In the podcast, Josh and Terri discuss:

  • Their thoughts on the first season of “Agents of SHIELD,” and whether or not it ever fully recovered from a disappointing start
  • The HYDRA twist that turned SHIELD upside down, including the reveal that Agent Ward was working with the enemy
  • Coulson’s status as an Avenger, and the newly minted Director of SHIELD
  • What’s up with Coulson’s mysterious writing at the end of the episode?
  • Will Skye’s history as an 0-8-4, and her monstrous parents, become a major factor in season two?
  • FitzSimmons’ role in the finale, and how it was symbolic of how much “SHIELD” has improved since its early episodes
  • The use of Nick Fury in the finale, and whether or not he was even needed
  • The show’s borderline disastrous misuse of Deathlok, and whether we’ll see that character going forward
  • Why “Agents of SHIELD” is poised to have a much stronger second season, and how Marvel is about to dominate the TV screen for the 2014-2015 season

Finally, want more coverage of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Post Show Recaps?  Tell us in the comments and we’ll work on bringing it to you for season 2 of the ABC series in the Fall.

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  • Jeff

    Will they have the guts to keep Ward a villain?

    Read somewhere that in the comics Peggy Carter ends up hooking up with Trips grandfather. Hope we see some of that play out in the Carter series. He does keep mentioning his grandma…

    Anyone else think that blowing the hatch is a horrible plan?
    – Only one of them can escape
    – They are in the middle of the ocean
    – They get the bends
    How is that a good idea? They should have at least had a signal that somebody was up there.

    Finally, can we agree after the HYDRA reveal,Skye’s background is now the least interesting story on SHIELD?

    • Avery Gordon

      Blowing the hatch was a better plan than sitting there waiting to die from lack of oxygen.

  • Larry

    Hey guys, great podcast and as a fan of AOS I’d love to listen to a weekly podcast about it!

  • Linus Wesley

    This episode really felt like a season finale in all the right ways, like old-school Joss Whedon shows, and there are many comparisons to be made with those. Like you mentioned, Ward turning out to be HYDRA is very reminiscent of Angel losing his soul, as are the corresponding scenes of their friends dealing with the sadness, anger and feelings of betrayal as they’re accepting that their teammate is now the enemy.

    Speaking of Angel’s teammates, I kind of agree with Josh that we don’t need to see J August Richards a lot unless he gets the full Deathlok treatment. If they team up with him we want them to team up with Deathlok, not with Mike. As for Angel regular Amy Acker, do we agree that we want to see more of her as Coulson’s love interest?

    Fitz and Simmons really are the heart of the show, so it’ll be interesting to see how things will be between them next season. I have a feeling that the new season will pick up after some time has passed and Fitz is just getting back to the team (possibly with some secret about his health), where Simmons and Triplett will have to hide their blossoming romance from him.

    Like Josh, I’m all for Triplett becoming part of the main cast. With Coulson in charge of rebuilding SHIELD next season, it seems like a prime opportunity to look back at the original creation of SHIELD. With references and flashbacks they can get us excited and set us up for Agent Carter.

    • Kevin Wong

      “As for Angel regular Amy Acker, do we agree that we want to see more of her as Coulson’s love interest?”

      As long as she remains Root I’ve no issue with this.

  • Dan C

    Thanks for doing this. I loved the back half of the season, starting with the Sif episode. I haven’t read a single comic in my life but Marvel has gotten me invested in everything they’re doing right now.

  • Laura M

    Loved that you did an Agents of Shield podcast. Please do more next season!

  • Singtoast

    Great podcast guys! Good timing too as I just decided to catch up because I gave up on the series about 7 episodes ago but had been reading that it had turned around after the captain america movie.

    I’m optimistic about season 2 and hope you guys do more podcasts!

  • Tommy

    Are you guys going to cover X-Men? Loved the Captain America podcast.