Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Episode 13 Recap | A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen

Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the podcast:

What is it to be a hero? Listen to this podcast, and you’ll know.

After two and a half weeks of battling ninjas and dodging Frank Castle’s bullets — or at least watching from a safe distance as fictional characters go through those struggles — Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) finally bring their Marvel’s Daredevil season two podcasts to a close, talking about the final episode of the run, “A Cold Day in Hell’s Kitchen.”

Did Daredevil stick the landing? Stick certainly did, but how about the other stories? Josh and Kevin weigh in on Elektra’s goodbye, Matt’s season-ending revelation, Karen Page’s storytelling abilities, the future of Foggy Nelson given his new job, the future of Frank Castle given his new costume, and more.

Is this the end of the Daredevil podcast? Certainly not forever, and perhaps not even for now. If Josh and Kevin receive enough feedback, they will record one more wrap-up podcast answering your questions and giving their final takes on the season and what to look forward to as Marvel’s Netflix Universe continues to expand. Leave those questions in the comments section below, or send them through our feedback form.

  • Linus Wesley

    First of all, hilarious reading of Karen’s article by Josh. I thought what she was saying sounded nice when watching the episode but this podcast definitely enlightened me.

    I totally agree that Elektra will be seen again in the Defenders and not Daredevil season 3, no matter which comes first. It just doesn’t feel like she could have a permanent home on this show. I’ve attached a picture I made for an article I wrote on the subject.

    Like Kevin, I also thought the Melvin Potter scene might be one of the best ones of the series; it was so much fun and I never thought they’d have Daredevil swinging around like Spider-Man with his billy clubs on the show.

    On Agents of SHIELD, Skye actually mentioned Micro in a season two episode as one of her hacker connections who is obsessed with crime scenes. It seems like you two aren’t very high on that show but I love Agents of SHIELD very much. I still haven’t gotten over the Man-Thing mention at the end of season one.

    Great podcasts! I’ll write some questions for the feedback show and hope that this year you’ll actually record one!

  • Edwin Johnson

    Totes agree on The Faculty.

  • Edwin Johnson

    Ugh, as someone who majored in journalism in college I too was Mlairing all over the place at her “article”. That was sooooo bad.