Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Episode 9 Recap | Seven Minutes In Hell

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Listen to the podcast:

“Wait! You’re dead!”

As it turns out, one of Matt Murdock’s old enemies was only mostly dead, as evidenced in the latest episode of Marvel’s Daredevil season two, called “Seven Minutes in Hell.” Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Kevin Mahadeo (@kevmahadeo) talk about the seemingly supernatural twist in Daredevil’s pursuit of The Hand, and how that might impact things moving forward.

Of course, Josh and Kevin are equally caught up in the stories of Frank Castle and Wilson Fisk in this episode. The Punisher and Kingpin meet in prison, their interests mutually aligned, if only for a moment. Josh and Kevin talk about the Punisher’s epic prison brawl, Fisk’s return, and whether or not we’ll see Vincent D’Onofrio again this season. Plus, there’s movement on the Karen Page front, too.

A new Daredevil podcast will drop every week day for the remainder of the season, continuing tomorrow with episode ten, “The Man in the Box.”

  • Matt Racine

    best episode of the series so far!

  • TrentC

    Damn, what a great show. The fighting, action, even the dialogue are all beyond the norm. Only Banshee has extended fight scenes that come close to matching the intensity of Daredevil.

    Just finished all 13 eps. Going to wait until you gentlemen are finished recapping them all, then I’m going to go on a binge-podcast fest. Preemptive thank you!

  • Linus Wesley

    Superb episode. The “Blacksmith” code name doesn’t seem to be a reference to anyone who’s used it in the comics.

    William Forsythe is great. He was so good on Boardwalk Empire and he actually played Al Capone in the ’90s Untouchables series so he seems like a fitting guy for Wilson Fisk to dethrone.

    Love the Angel mention Kevin, that’s one of my all time favorite shows and I agree about the differences between that sort of anti-hero looking for redemption and the kind we’re supposed to just think are super cool for killing lots of people and not giving a crap about anyone or anything. I love what they’re doing with the Punisher on this show though, making him such a tragic, complex character.

    Ben Urich’s file that Karen looks at shows a bunch of newspaper articles about a 16-year-old Kevin Paxton Page dying in a car crash. Interesting considering the mention of her brother earlier in the season. I wonder if this is the same brother or if she might have had more than one. In the comics she doesn’t have any siblings but her dad’s name is Paxton Page.

    Dreamz, Chase Rice, Vince Sly, which random Survivor player is going to get mentioned next podcast?

  • Carol Gillis

    Man, this one blew me away. This season is absolutely fantastic!!!

    So many rewindable moments. Started for me with the Slo-Mo King Pin with new entourage walk down the prison hall way. Unreal.

  • Avery Gordon

    So…. Is there even the slightest possibility that this isn’t the best show on Tv right now?