MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS | Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

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Marvel’s The Defenders Episode 1 & 2 Recap Podcast from August 21st, 2017

You feel that rumbling? That’s the sound of our first official DEFENDERS recap finding its way into your podcast feed!
Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Jim Gibbons (@TheJimGibbons) are here with their recap of the first two episodes of MARVEL’S THE DEFENDERS, called “The H Word” and “Mean Right Hook.” In the podcast, Josh and Jim vent their frustration with the first scene of the series, discuss the pace of the first two episodes, why they’re hopeful for the remainder of the event given how the second hours ends, and more.
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  • Beefcake

    Jim is a great addition to the Marvel podcasts. I really, really enjoyed the podcast. In fact, I enjoyed it WAY more than the crapfest of the actual show. I sure wish you guys had written this show instead of the Walmart-rejects they hired to write this atrocity.

    And thanks for the Pastor John callout!!!

  • Matt Racine

    enjoyed the podcast! wished i had enjoyed the first two episodes tho. was left disappointed. maybe i’m expecting too much….

  • Hornacek

    Oh man, these podcasts episodes are going to be rough to get through.

    Gibbons says the Michael Bay TMNT sequel was more fun than the Defenders’ first two episodes. Really? Really? If his views in the pre-season episodes didn’t automatically prove that his opinions were nonsensical, this clinches it. I seriously cannot take anything he says this in or any future episode seriously. TMNT?!?

    Gibbons was upset that Luke Cage got out of prison so quickly. He must not have been paying attention to the last episode of Luke Cage where Bobby Fish found Luke’s file – the one that Mariah and Shades told Luke would prove his innocence. Even though Luke was going back to prison at the end of that episode, Fish finding that file told the viewers that Luke’s innocence would be proven and he would be released. And Luke didn’t “just” get out of prison. He spent the time from the end of LC and all the time of IF in prison (months? A year?). Saying that he immediately got out of prison after entering prison is ridiculous. And asking “What was the point of him going to prison?” shows that someone wasn’t paying attention during the LC show about how Luke was running from his past and wanted to face the consequences for his actions. Actually, Gibbons seems more upset that his terrible prison break idea wasn’t used, which would have been stupid – why would Matt, Jessica and Danny all go to that prison? Just a dumb idea.

    Both Josh and Gibbons said that the Iron Fist show ruined the character of Madam Gao. I’m really starting to wonder if they actually watched that entire show, despite their constant complaining about it. Gao is very much a powerful villain in that show, even when she has been “captured” – she always appears to be in control and a threat.

    Based on their complaints about how the Defenders aren’t already together at the start of this show, they must have HATED The Avengers movie! In that film:
    – The movie stars with the heroes separated and involved in their own plots.
    – They do not get all together until the end of the first “act” (Thor doesn’t even appear onscreen until 1/3 of the movie is over).
    – Once they are all together, the heroes spend a lot of time talking (something Josh and Gibbons complain about these episodes).
    – The entire team does not fight a villain as a team until the third act.
    So based on all this I’m guessing their grades for The Avengers movie would be a low C or high D?

    How bad of a show would this have been if these 4 characters were already together and knew each other at the start of episode 1? Doesn’t it make for a better show if they all start in their separate plots which converge together where they meet, initially distrust each other, but eventually learn to join together to battle a common foe?

    Really not looking forward to the next podcast episodes …